Hey gang, Brad here with some exciting news!

Next month Scott Kelby will be bringing his Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live! Tour to Cologne and Amsterdam! We’ll be in Cologne (Köln), DE on August 10, then Amsterdam, NL on August 12. I have a feeling that Calvin Hollywood and Frank Doorhof might possibly be around too… :)

Head on over to KelbyTrainingLive.com to get all the info and sign up! Don’t forget NAPP members get a 20 discount, so it’s only 79 if you’re a member!

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  1. Ouch… a little too far for me!
    Hey Scott, have you ever thought of getting a little closer to Switzerland for a show? I’ll provide you free chocolate and cheese during your stay :) Appealing isn’t it? Chocolate, cheese, chocolate, cheese… like an echo in the back of your head now!

    Enjoy your stay in Europe by the way.

    Nick the Swiss

  2. It’s 2:30 am in US and Brad is Still at his Desk.

    Good Luck Man :), I wish I could be in Cologne ……

    Best Wishes

    – Ali

  3. I just signed up. I am happy to be in Cologne in August.

  4. I just returned from this seminar in Toronto yesterday. This is an outstanding day of photography, photoshop, and Scott’s dry humor. You do not want to miss it.

  5. The event of the year in my book!
    Can’t wait for 10th of August for the seminar and to get my books signed!

    Greetings from Romania, Scott!

  6. Awsome seminar in Toronto guys. we drove 5 hours to be a part of it and had a great time. You guys Rock. Can’t wait till the next one

    P.S. Happy Birthday Scott.

  7. Looking forward to see you in Cologne!

  8. I hope you are planning on a workshop in Madrid some time soon…. I’ll be the first to sign up :)

  9. Brad, those frequent flyer miles will be piling up! 8)


  10. Ya, ya, Europe is great and all, but Memphis is where its at.

  11. Good to see you’re coming over to The Netherlands and Germany again!

  12. Just wondering if Scott will be joining Google+? I don’t presume he needs an invite with all his followers but if so email

  13. Best News I heard the last weeks! See you in cologne. You’re booked :-)

  14. Scott excellent seminar in Toronto- loads of content and tons of laughs.

    Happy Birthday !

    More visits to Canada!

  15. Lucky them… what about us Down Under… pretty please..

  16. Hi Scott, as Nicolas mentioned, coming to Switzerland could be great, more people could come because is more central than the two cities you are visiting in northern Europe.

  17. Hey scott!

    Are you going to Norway by any chance? I would LOVE to be on your seminars, but i cant go to amsterdam or germany :(

  18. Hi Scott,
    Would really have liked to come and see you in Amsterdam on the 12th of august. Unfortunately, I have to be in the hospital with my wife. Hopefully we will have one (or more) reason(s) to whip out the camera a bit more some months later… Anyway, would have loved to meet you. Will be there next time for sure!
    Best regards and happy belated birthday.
    ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

  19. and then you could come to the Uk…… ;)

  20. Would love to attend this one in the UK. Last year the UK session was great.

  21. Just when you are coming to Germany – where I live – I’ll be in the states visiting family! Enjoy the old country while you are here!

  22. it’s a pitty, cologne is so far away, any chance you come to Munich one day?

    would be great :)

  23. Und hier könnt Ihr Eintrittskarten für Scotts Workshop in Köln gewinnen:-)

  24. Scott’s Book-Signing In Cologne!
    Und auch die Signierstunde mit Scott in Köln solltet ihr nicht verpassen!

    Information: http://blog.addison-wesley.de/archives/13639

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