I’m Calling in Sick (cough, cough)

I had hoped to have some meaningful, substantive post for this morning, but when I got home last light, I realized a cold was coming on, so instead of writing that awesome post I hit the sack early thinking a good night’s sleep would knock it out. Sadly, that was not the case so I’m kind of laying low today for the most part.

Hoping to be better for tomorrow’s episode of “The Grid” because Dave Black is here, and we’re doing Blind Critiques, so my fingers are crossed but long story short, blah, blah, blah, I don’t have that good blog post for today like I had hoped.

Here’s hoping your Tuesday is a germ-free, non-congested, clear sinus kind of day! :)


Cough, Cough, Inc.


  1. There’s several people here at my job that are sick, as well. They’ve come down with a case of “World Series Fever”. From what I’ve been told, the only cure for it is the Giants winning the whole thing.

      1. LOL I feel your depression, Scott! You know, I am about a month older than you…. I do envy your hair, though.


      1. Hockey, college hoops, shot my first UFC matches that was interesting. I was the Pats victory parade today but I have been left out.

  2. Hope you feel better and don’t worry, I have tomorrow covered for you… That photo you used today works perfectly with what I wrote about… a little foreshadowing :)

  3. Just wanted to say missed your blog today, and I prayed that you will get well soon! I agree with Mr. Hess on the foreshadowing comment, that was really cool…everything was already taken care of for you!

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