Yesâ¦it’s come down to this…

You know if the Monday after the game I post a Demotivational Poster, I probably didn’t have a great shoot. I know that generally as the season progresses you’re supposed to get better and better,right? And I was really feeling like I was “in the zone” two weeks ago at the Falcons/Giants game at the Meadlowlands, but dang I just do not know what happened yesterday but I just had a real clunker!

It seemed like I was always in the wrong position, and I missed some stuff I definitely should have caught, and I was just generally to the point that I wanted to chuck my gear in the trash bin on my way out of the stadium. I didn’t, mind you. But I wanted to.

Now, don’t get me wrong â” I still had a blast
Any time I get to shoot with my buddies Mike Benford and Jimmy Cribb from the Falcons, I always have a great time, but at the same time I always want to do my very best when I’m shooting for a team or a news wire (or heck, even just for myself), so I was kicking myself all the way to the airport (by the way, I think one thing I did do was prove my undying love for Delta by leaving the game around 4pm and not arriving back home until after midnight. After flying USAir to Charlotte last week, I came running back to Delta screaming, “Please, please take me back! I’ll do a connection in Atlanta â” anything â” just don’t make me fly USAir again!”).

Above: In the fourth quarter I went up high to get some quick Fisheye and 16mm wide angle shots. 

Above: Raven’s QB Joe Flacco looking up at me and thinking “Hey, that photographer up there is using an 8mm fisheye.”

A Mini-Momentous Occasion

Two unusual things happened during this game:

(1) It was a Sunday during the football season and the Bucs did not lose (it was their ‘bye’ week).
(2) It was my first time shooting the Ravens, and until yesterday they were the only team in the NFL that I hadn’t shot yet, so I was psyched to now have shot all 32 teams (plus, it’s always a blast to shoot in a different stadium). Still about 12 NFL stadiums I haven’t shot in yet, My top most-wanted stadiums to shoot in are; Lambeau Field (Green Bay), Seattle, the 49ers new stadium and Foxborough.

I was back using my 1Dxs this week, since I had to send the 7D Mark IIs back, and I shot with the 200-400mm f/4 with the built-in 1.4 tele. On my 2nd body I used a 70-200mm, except when I went up top for those stadium shots.

Anyway, I’m on my flight back home right now (got to go with the family to Disney World on Saturday, so this was just an awesome weekend all the way around), but I’m back in the saddle and back in the office tomorrow.

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

Tomorrow: Something, I’m sure. Not quite sure what yet. I’m open to ideas. Maybe an Exposure Post on my Vols shoot if I can get it done in time (I’m about 75% done).
Wednesday: Dave Black is in town and we’re doing blind photo critiques on ‘The Grid.” Check my Facebook page later for a link. Of course, we’ll have a cool guest blogger on Wednesday as well.
Thursday: Brad will be giving any free stuff here on the blog. Probably stuff he’s not authorized to give away. We also release new classes every Thursday at, so they’ll be one or two for sure.
Friday: I’m keeping my fingers crossed about sharing some new technology on Friday, but it’s iPad related and believe it or not, I left my iPad in London (luckily, Dave Clayton found it in one of his bags — long story, changing trains, blah, blah), anyway Fed Ex has made me getting my own iPad require an act of Parliament, but hopefully I’ll have it in time for this cool new thing by Friday.

Hey, have you met Ajna?
She is our official “Dutchess of Social Media” and she’s awesome! If you’re not following her (she runs our KelbyOne twitter and Facebook page), ya know, you really oughta. She’s always posting behind the scenes photos, and running contests and giveaways and stuff, and she probably knows more about what’s actually happening tomorrow than I do (clearly), so give her a follow if you will.

That’s it for this “I’m at 33,000 feet” edition of my Monday blog, featuring a demotivational poster and a dash of selective color. This is the kind of stuff that just starts your Monday off with a sigh. I mean, a bang! I meant bang.


Faithful Delta Customer, Accidental Selective Color Guru, Mad at Fed Ex in the UK guy 



  1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that has these problems. I have a game or two every year that makes me wish I had stayed home. Selective color… next you’ll be rooting for the team your shooting for.

  2. I must have had twenty plays last Friday night where I couldn’t find the ball carrier. Short QB under center running the option, usually away from me. Bad juju. But my team came from 20 points down in the fourth quarter to end up with a 1-point win in the last 18 seconds and I got the game winner. So I’m not selling my gear just yet.

  3. Hi scott
    Just Saw your video on your review on the pre-production ex on the canon 7d mk2, big fan on your books. You compared it to canon 1dx. The price index is a little closer to an another canon full frame, canon 6d. My question is, how does it match up with low light autofocus compare to canon 6d?
    Best regard

  4. Thanks for the chuckle this morning, Scott. I always love the demotivational posters, and the one above was a beauty!
    I hope you get a chance to shoot in Gillette Stadium some day. It’s a great venue to see a game, but don’t go in the winter! ;-)

  5. Nice post Scott, hope you arrived home ok. I too had a tad disappointing shoot this weekend. Was in just the right spot to capture a winning try but un4tun8ly the setting Autumn sun wasn’t. Still, took a leaf out of your book and tried a few on field head and shoulders portraits. They don’t wear helmets but I was quite pleased with some of the results. Have a lovely week!

  6. You should have photoshopped a basketball into the photo and not say anything about it. See how many focused on the selective colour over the wrong ball in the shot…. :)

  7. Misdirection is too funny!! I got fooled bad last weekend at the Tennessee Vols game. I shot Pickett as he pushed through the pile into the end zone. Then I start to wonder . . . why is everyone still running? Then I realized they ran the QB keeper into MY corner of the end zone. That would have been a nice shot to have.

    1. I noticed that too, but I had to look a few times at it to make sure I wasn’t misspelling it in my head. How about a spell check feature for Photoshop CC?

  8. Hi Scott. I was recently in B&H and went to the famous Canon booth. I sprinted directly towards the Canon 1D X. All I can say is, wow! No words could explain the feeling of pressing that shutter on burst mode! My wife was next to me mentioned that one day soon, we need to get me one of those! I hope you are enjoying shooting with it, the novelty probably doesn’t wear off!

  9. Hi Scott I see you said back using my 1Dxs? this week. Do you have a early release that you can tell us about? I have the 1DX and just love the camera with my 300MM 2.8.
    i cant imagine much better out there. But can you fill us in on what you know?

  10. I’ve been videoing HS football this year as I have two large grandsons playing (both over 6′ and over 200# and both 15 years old) and I get lost on the ball too. I think Flacco is looking past you praying :)

  11. Ok, I know it has nothing to do with photography but what experience did you have with my esteemed employer (USAirways aka The New American)? Of course if you have an elite status on Delta it stands to reason you will get a nicer experience.

    1. I have half a million miles on USAir and will never use them.. Won’t ever be back..period. And all those were earned ON USAir.. Scott’s just ahead of the curve on this one.. and a better man for it.

  12. I’ve had days where everything I aim at is either already gone, or I was so far from hitting the mark, I can go through 4 downs staring at the ground under my knees. When I have those days, I try and make more out of the bench areas, jube shots, crowds, towels /sweat / joking players / angry coaches etc… If I end up with some winners there, the day doesn’t feel like a total washout. Sorry it took a header on your Scott.. There’s always next game.

    Yer a champ anyway buddy.. Chin up and all that !

  13. I am an amateur photographer who is still learning. I have taken a few good shots here and there (even a blind squirrel finds a nut once and a while). Anyway, I recently was asked to take some portrait shots of a large family. I felt like throwing my gear away after that, but didn’t. Thanks for the post, it’s reassuring that days like that happen to even pros such as yourself. Your website and blog have really helped me even though I’m still just touching the surface of photography. Cheers!


  14. hahahahaha on the selective color…Honestly…between you and me…LOL…I don’t think I could EVER tell where the ball is! hahahahahah I told you, I can’t get over the violent side of it, I’d be more like “uhhh”…”noooo”….I wouldn’t even know where to point or who to follow…all I can say is stay safe so THIS doesn’t happen:

    Have a great day!

  15. Sometimes we swing and miss my friend. But, personally, if there is one image captured that speaks to you or sparks a memory, I think it’s a win.


  16. I’ve watched Dave Black’s class and it was very helpful. The question I have is during halftime or after the game when you are trying to remember what #16 was doing, or what quarter it was in so you can put a description on the photo? I got home with my pics last week and went “what the heck touchdown or play was this? what quarter?

    Do you use a handheld recorder or the iphone to record notes? Is there time? (like after a shot look at the file and go “DSC1002 3rd quarter, 4th down snag by WR Johnson for 8 yards”

    I know photo mechanic can help label all the pics but it sure doesn’t help describe what happened in the play to make the caption more relevant to a wire or AP. :)

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