I’m on my way to France to film “A Day With Jay Maisel in Paris” for Kelby Training Online

Even though I just got back from London, I am not complaining about taking this trip!

Besides filming what will be another amazing, eye-opening, inspiring day of learning with Jay, I’ll be taping two online classes myself while I’m there:

(1) One on Shooting Travel Photography, and…

(2) One called Photoshop for Travel Photographers (based in part on my Photoshop World session of the same name, but a much expanded, and updated version).

I am as excited about these two classes as I was for my “Crush the Composition” online class because I’m teaching travel photography in a very different way than I have ever seen it taught before (and Paris is a perfect city for it!).

The wifey and some friends are coming along (ya know, for moral support), and of course our in-house video crew will be there along with “The Brad” (you can spot us easily — we’ll all be wearing black berets). :)

I’ll be posting some updates this weekend over on my Google+ page (link), so I’ll hope you’ll stop in there once or twice.

 Je serai de retour bient´t mes amis. Au revoir. Au revoir!

  1. What you wrote in French means “I will be at the back” but that’s a nice try Scott :)
    Should have been “Je serai de retour bientôt mes amis. Au revoir “.
    Anyway, enjoy your trip !

  2. Have a great trip, Scott.  I can’t wait to see your new classes on Kelby Training.  Crush the Composition is one of my favorites!  And I bet the new Day with Jay Maisel class will be just as intriguing as the first two.

    I really don’t know how you handle all of the jet lag you must have……. London, Paris, the West Coast, all in a month!

    Safe travels!


  3. I cannot begin to put into words how much the last DVD set with Jay Maisel has helped me in really narrowing my “vision” of what my photography is about.  I can not wait to see what this trip produces.

  4. Ah but is there a Byron Burger there I ask? Come to think of it…what would I know…heck I didn’t even know there was one in Oxford :/

    Have a great trip Scott and going by what you said, these classes are going to be killer!

  5. hey, I could even share a crepe with Scott & Jay (and your crew of cameras and camcorders) in The Luxembourg Garden, which was really a great moment… now expecting to see some of the pictures soon !

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