The new issue of “Light It” magazine (our magazine for hot-shoe and studio photography” is finally (finally!) out

Man, publishing a digital magazine should just not be this hard. First, our developer came out with a bug fix update, but because of a small technicality in the submission process, it got turned down (uggh), but now, at last, finally it’s out, along with the latest issue (the cover is shown above).

The bug fix addresses problems some users had with downloading back issues they had already purchased, and a bunch of other annoying stuff.

We still have a few more bugs we’re working on squashing, and our developer thinks they have now tracked down the subscription problem a small number of users are still suffering with, and we’ll be submitting an update to the App Store that should put that nasty problem to bed. Whew!!! It’s almost makes me miss print (nobody ever rejects your printed copies. Well, maybe the post office). ;-)

Anyway, it’s available now in the App store for $2.99.(That’s less than a Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal) :)

  1. I live in the Czech Republic and I wanted to buy an ipad just to be able to read this magazine. This is how much faith I have in every product with Scott’s name on it. Luckily I tried this app on two different ipad 2 models. The app downloads and instals but when I try to run it, it show a flash screen with kelby training logo and then crashes taking me back to the ipad home screen. I have looked all over the web but cant find a solution to it. I am really disappointed. 

      1. Mathieu, thanks for your reply. This is what I did. I went to app store – searched ‘light it’. The app showed up and I installed it. Didnt find any SEPARATE update. If I need to instal it separately after installing the app pls give me specific directions. Thank you.

  2. Scott,

    I’ve purchased every issue and just downloaded the latest issue. Still having the problem that if I go to view past issues, I am asked if I want to purchase it. Since I already paid for it, how do I get so I can view the previous issues I paid for?


    1.  If you bought the issue if you buy it again it will pop up a box saying you already bought it and it will start downloading.  Apple keeps track of the in app purchases you bought.

  3. Getting to read a digital magazine shouldn’t be this hard either.  Light It was one of the reasons I first became interested in finally getting an iPad, so I waited patiently for the new iPad to come out and bought it.  After some initial hiccups, I was able to download Light It and it really looks great!  However, there is still that nagging issue with subscriptions, even with the latest update.  It would be nice if someone could tell me how to get a refund for the subscription I paid for already so I can try again.

    1. Hi Mark: Thank goodness, and I’m so glad to hear it. We still have some people that for whatever reason, it still doesn’t work, but we think we’ve got that licked and a fix for them will be coming very soon, but in the meantime I’m thrilled to hear this fixed your problem. Thanks so much for your patience with all this. 

  4. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Scott insists on making this available ONLY as a digital download, and only available on the iPad. Frankly, having it as a printed magazine which I can read in bed or anywhere else, that needs no batteries or app to “power it”… is still the way to go in my books. (excuse the pun!)

    Maybe you can compile several of these digital issues into a special book, as a sequel to your excellent “Light It! Shoot it! Retouch it!” book I already own. I lay bets it would be an instant best seller!  I for one would pre-order it today if I knew you were going to put it on paper.

    Frederic in Montréal

      1.  I bet the costs to the end user are close to the same.  If I pay you $10 for a magazine and you in turn use $7.99 to print and mail it to me then you still have made the same amount of money.  With this I have to first buy an iPad and then the magazine.  In then every 4 years or so I’ll have to buy a new one since Apple will think of creative ways of making the old one obsolete.  Plus with a printed magazine if I drop it or lose it somewhere it is not nearly as expensive to replace.

        Now I’m not opposed to electronic magazines per say I just prefer the paper versions and I don’t think very many people are accounting for the true costs for the end user.

  5. Oh man.  You have been one of my key educators and I miss the Layers mag.  Don’t have an iPad (on wishlist) and am bummed I can’t read this.  You are at total fault.  You get us addicted then we are dependent on you for more!!  Thx for all of your hard work, but could you have your team work a bit harder and produce a downloadable PDF?  Purdy please?  (Texan for We would appreciate it!)

      1. Can’t blame a girl for tryin’   (looking up directions to the Apple store now)

  6. With this issue the subscription problem remains. So far I’ve subscribed in March & also had to pay single issue price for March & this one, so the sub bug still exists. I finally cancelled my subscription, and that took hours just getting to Apple to take care of it.

  7. Kindle download maybe? Prefer the cheaper Google based pad to the Ipad (price), but guess it’s my loss missing out on a great  provider of learning.

  8. I’ve been buying individual issues from the beginning. Ever since the mag switched to Newstand I am unable to download issues. I have now paid for both March and May issues. The wheel spins but the issues never download. On the odd occasion when a download actually does start it spins for 5-6 hours and never downloads more than 5% of the file. To top it all off, I have to keep the app open in order for the download to remain active. For whatever reason, it won’t download in the background like any other app download.

    Love your magazine but the problems getting it make it far too difficult to continue purchasing or subscribing. Kelby Training has to do better.

    1. I think the newsstand has bugs, not just the app because it worked fine before it migrated.  I’m having the same issues.  I’m hoping the newest fix will work for my ipad 3.  

  9. Hi Scott, I bought 4 issues of your Light It Magazine, when I updated my newstand app recently, it prompted me to rebuy all the issues I have bought? What must I do now?

    1. Like I said in the post above; there is still an issue with the subscription for some users, and we think we have it fixed and are uploading a free fix to the App Store right away. We still have to wait for Apple to approve it, but help is on the way. So sorry for the problem you’re experiencing. It just happens to a small number of users, but when it happens to you, it’s really a pain, so believe me, I understand, I’m sorry, and hopefully this will be behind us very soon. Thanks so much for your patience. 

  10. My husband was kind enough to buy the subscription on his iPad but as I begin to read, at page 36 it shuts down and returns to the iPad main screen.  Is this just his iPad or a sometimes glich?

  11. I wish I had good news too because I feel for you and the developers under fire. However, I’ll add to the mix of feedback and reviews. Since I bought the latest iPad, I have yet to successfully download an issue. If it helps, I did not buy any individual issues, I’m not a subscriber but have been trying to download the free Aug 2011 sample. I get to the download screen but the progress bar never starts.  I’m located in atlantic canada and I’ve tried on two different service providers. I can’t tell for sure what version I have installed but the app store says I’m up to date with 1.2.1 released Apr 26th.

  12. Scott,

    I am a subscriber and I am not able to download the new issue but that is no problem.  I can wait as you get the problem fixed (which I’m sure your group is working hard on doing) and download it then.  I can only imagine the difficulties in making these apps work.  It actually made me revisit the old issues and look at them again and see some things I missed the first few times I looked at them.  Keep up the good work

  13. There is no way to view previous issue covers? The thumbnails are not readable. Or at least the Textual contents of past issues? If I’m looking for something specifically before I buy, how can I do this?

  14. I have purchased the latest Light it magazine, the app says its installed on my iPad3 but for some reason I’m not able to read or find it. I have always been a fan of Scott Kelby’s books and instruction videos, but this event is not tipical of Kelby Media. NAPP member Jim Mayo

  15. Scott I have been a fan of yours for years now and a member of you training site.I bought light it magazine for 1 year,spent $20.00 and it won’t download.I’m reading about lots of frustrated people with same problem.Whats going on Scott. Please fix or refund. Thanks Jerry

  16. Is there an ETA or at least a decision for the teased android version? I am asking because it was mentioned a few months back and the website states “There is a possibility that Light It will be available for the Android
    tablet market but that programming is not available yet. The earliest
    that would be available is 2012.”. I would really love to get my hands on “light it” on my Galaxy Note!

  17. After downloading this issue on my new iPad I was struck by the appearance of the text in the magazine : very coarse !  And this is on a retina screen.  I also have the Engadget Distro magazine and the Wired magazine on my iPad and the text in both these magazines has that very fine and crisp appearance that you would expect on a retina screen.  However the text in Light It is really coarse and this both in portrait and landscape modus.  Only when you zoom in will the coarse appearance disappear and then you have that silky smooth crisp text.  But zooming in means that you only see a small part of the page … Why can’t we have those fine crisp text in the Light It magazine ?  Both Engadget Distro and Wired show this is possible.

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