Hi Gang: We made a little video to briefly introduce you to Pete, who’s not just a great Photoshop instructor, but a real quality person as well.

I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Pete to our community, and make him feel at home. By the way—Matt Kloskowski is his boss, so a few prayers for Pete wouldn’t hurt either. ;-)

About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Welcome aboard Pete!

    … can’t believe I beat Ken lol

  2. Yes, at last a new face. The old ones was getting… well, you know… JK ;)

    Congrats Pete. Looking forward to see you do your stuff.

  3. Congratulations Pete!
    Enjoy the ride!

  4. Welcome and congrats! Hope to get to meet you at PSW Vegas.
    Knowing those guys, Scott and the gang, you’re going to have fun.

    Hope you present yourself in the Napp forum, great people there.

    Take care and all the best in your new job.

  5. Welcome Pete, I look forward to see your tutorials …

  6. Welcome Pete, look forward to your contribution and maybe improve on some of Scott’s jokes. You ‘re going to fit in just fine by the looks of it ! ;)
    NAPP just keeps on getting better !

  7. Welcome Pete! Looking forward to seeing your tuts! Have fun!

  8. Congratulations Pete and by the looks of it you will fit right in.
    The best of luck in your new journey

  9. Congrats Pete, looking forward to your contributions to the team.

    And yes, I’ll be praying for you too!

  10. Welcome Pete! Good luck on a smooth move down to NAPP HQ. Look forward to meeting you at Photoshop World.

  11. Welcome Pete. Just from that quick intro I can tell you are going to be a valuable asset to the NAPP & Kelby Training team! Looking forward to seeing your stuff!

    PS. Come on over to Australia and bring Scott and the guys too!

  12. Pete, congratulations again on your new position as a Photoshop Guy. Now get busy and learn those new Escalation maps so we can stop getting our butts kicked. Remember, it’s all about priorities.

  13. Congrats Pete.
    Looking forward to see you do your stuff.

  14. Best of luck, Pete! I hear that Kelby guy is ruthless — nothing like the fun-loving teddy bear he plays on TV. ;-)

    Trev J.

  15. Congratulations Pete! I’m writing here from the great city of Birmingham (B’ham to locals), and so proud that you’re representing our city well. Enjoy Tampa and Photoshop and can’t wait to see you on the tube!

  16. Welcome Pete! Thanks for joining this community : )

  17. So his nickname will be Pistol Pete? lol

  18. Congrats to Pete! We look forward to your classes! The Kelby “Group” rocks!

  19. Pete,

    Welcome aboard!

    – Kev

  20. Congrats Pete! I met Pete a couple of years ago at the Kelby Photo walk in Birmingham and got to spend some time that day hanging out with him. Super nice guy and funny! Now maybe you can talk Scott into bringing his Light it Shoot Retouch it tour to Birmingham so us Alabama folks can attend. All Canon shooters will be happy to know that Pete shoots with a Canon.

    • And all Nikon shooters here, will be happy to know we finally have an in-house Canon guy to pick on :)

      • Canon is better than Nikon
        Mac is better than PC
        Layers “with” Lightroom is better than “in” Lightroom
        Ford is better than Chevy
        Right handed is better than Left handed

        Is this how I get as many people as possible to be mad at me at once? :D
        I need to learn the ways of controversial blog posting, so I can be truly appreciated and despised at the same time:D

      • Canon AND Mac user – what a guy! I got my 27″ iMac from the Birmingham Apple Store. (Matt knows there are more Canon users than Nikon anyway). Would love to see some classes over this way too – Pensacola to Birmingham. Welcome Pete – looking forward to the tutorials and humor :-)

      • I was trying to be funny with my one thing is better than the other… and trying to pick hot topics that everyone has an opinion on… I am really not that uptight about any of those… except the right-handed thing… you left handers are weird! :D
        Now if I really wanted to stir some trouble, I would have said something about Auburn and Alabama! :D

  21. Does this mean Genesis is officially broken up now? Wait, what? Oh, it’s PETE Collins, not that famous British singer! Sorry, that’s what I first read when I saw the headline. :D

    Congrats on your new position, Pete. I’m sure you’ll have a fun ride, and I can’t wait to see you “live” on PSU TV, along with anything else they let you tackle. Glad to see that you were wearing a “Flash” shirt. Wearing a cool t-shirt on-air is a requirement for any Photoshop Guy, especially if you’re going to be working for Matt. All of his shirts are CAKB! 8)


    • John, I was down in Tampa looking at schools and housing, etc…
      and Scott said “Hey, come by the studio and let’s shoot an intro video.”
      So of course my first thought was… I don’t have a cool t-shirt to wear. So I went to Wally World and that was the best one I could find… I wanted one in black, so I could be “Cool” like the rest of the gang…but Flash was calling me. I may have to start my own tshirt line just to keep up with these guys! :D

      Ps. Seeing myself on video like that is surreal and a bit scary. Good thing Scott got me drunk before we filmed it :D

  22. Welcome to the team Pete! Can’t wait to meet you at Photoshop World! Looking forward to seeing you in action. Did Scott knight you in a ceremony using Choppy Pointy? lol.

  23. Are you guys sure? Were there not other better qualified candidates? So, I guess Mr.Hobby Lobby will do… :)

    Congrats, Pete! Glad your leaving Alaba…I mean hate to see you go, pal!

    Seriously, awesome opportunity, Pete! I know you will do well! Don’t forget the small folks…especially the fat, small folks!


    • Cecil, I will never forget you and the time we spent in Mexico… Oh wait, that was someone else.

      Who are you again?

      Now if I can figure out why my Gravatar isn’t working…I would appear much more professional. That is why Scott hired me… for my professionalism. :D

      • Pete, I browsed through the comments…this is getting out of hand…and you haven’t even started yet!

        Scott, Matt, Corey, R.C, Dave, and the rest of Kelby Media…I am truley sorry. :)

  24. What kind of instrument is he playing? ;)

  25. Welcome to the family Pete! See you in Vegas and watch out for the green slime above the door, that RC is a trickster!!!

  26. Does this mean that we get to hear less of that Kelby guy? Good Luck Pete!

  27. Hi Pete, I hope you’ll have a good time at Kelby HQ!

    I’m sure Matt will be a benevolent overlord… right?

  28. Congratulations Pete, wish you all the best at Kelby Media!!

  29. Congrats Pete! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy….well, maybe it could but you got the job anyway. I’m proud to call you friend….hey, now I know someone famous.

  30. Congratulations Pete!!! Welcome aboard the Pirate ship! You’re gonna have a blast here..

    and speaking of blast, hurry up and drop that motion sensor will you? Feeling a lit exposed on this side of the house!


  31. Congrats Pete! A dream job for sure. Look forward to seeing your stuff.

  32. btw… I hope you play Black Ops.

    • He does. That’s how we met him. We actually have no idea if he’s good at Photoshop or not. All we know is that he’s awesome with an AK-47 with attached grenade launcher :)

      • That is a lie Matt, I never use that combo! If you would play with us more instead of being responsible and writing books, you would know I use the M-16 for its long distance range and a red dot sight with a custom recticle (I just like that word) that says “Matt is my Hero!” :D

        (I am already trying to suck up to Matt… He has a big ego and quite the task-master!) I mean look at his avatar up there… he is leaning against that wall saying… I am “The Matt Kloskowski!”… :D

      • I found the iron sights to be pretty good on the guns… and prefer to use my Noob tube under there. Though a red dot AND noob tube… *drool*

      • Man.. I’m going to have to get an x-box just to use it as a job searching tool… Can that be written of for taxes?

        Who knows how many job offers I’ve missed out on since the PS Network is still down!

  33. Welcome Pete! I know you will have fun!

  34. I can tell just from that brief introduction that Pete will fit in just nicely in Oldsmar :)

    Looking forward to learning from Pete. I am sure we’ll get to meet somewhere down the road :)

    BTW, was Call of Duty experience a requirement? lol

  35. Congrats Pete! Looks like you’re a great fit for the show. I’m sure we’ll all be impressed with your talents. :)

  36. Congrats, Pete! A dream job for many and you’re living it. Best of LUCK!

    PS-> All you guys must be playing Black Ops on XBox’s, because I am dying on this end not having the ability to get online with my PS3. UGH! ;-)


  37. Congratulations Pete! The real challenge will be if you can actually teach me something. I
    I’m kinda stubborn.

  38. Welcome aboard Pete and look forward to your contribution to the show(s).


  39. Welcome Pete.
    If the show is as fun to produce as it is to watch, it should be a hoot!

  40. Welcome aboard Pete! Just one disadvantage, I heard someone already took the Facebook page “the Photoshop guy”…No idea who did that though!

  41. Pete!! remember who taught you all you know!! lol. proud of you bro.

  42. Looks like he’s going to fit in just nicely.

  43. Pete! Welcome to the jungle! 8-)

    Scott, sorry I have not been up to my regular first posts, having some health issues and the doctor suggested I start sleeping. (whats up with that?). I should be back in form soon.

    • Ken,

      Hope you have a speedy recovery, it’s amazing how much better we all feel when we get some sleep.


      • Yes! I’m still going through tests, but I just saw where Pete is a Canon shooter…won’t be sleeping now!

        Pete, I’m keeping an eye on you. High standards to keep as a PS Guy. Practice the pointy choppy thing! How about the sarcastic meow, haven’t heard that yet, do you know what CAKB means? Should have been on your job application. Are you a little twisted? If so, you will fit in fine! 8-)

      • CAKB
        Children Acting Kinda Badly?
        Choppy Alligators Killing Babies?
        Creative Acrobats Kicking Balloons?
        Carnivorous Aliens Knifing Butterflies?
        Chipmunk Are Keenly Bashful?
        Can’t Ask Kelby Bupkis?

      • “Can’t Ask Kelby Bupkis?”

        …. I just snarfed coffee out my nose.

      • Oh, you will fit right in!

      • Nancy, is snarfing coffee a French thing? :-)

      • It was probably French Roast :D

        OK, That was lame… I apologize for the obvious and easy reply… but hey it is Saturday and my brain likes to sleep in.

  44. Welcome, Pete! Since Scott didn’t put a link to your website in your intro, here it is for those who would like to see his work:


    • yeah, that is some of work, my real fancy/professional website petecollins.com has had technical issues and life has been a little hectic right now as you can imagine. It is either try to sell a house and move a family of six… or fix a website… wait a minute! Maybe I could get out of some of the work if I claim I am fixing my website… and then I can play Call of Duty! (C’mon guys you know that’s how you think too:D)

  45. Hey Pete! Glad to see the official intro, and thank you for the shout out! I know what Scott said about seeing your resume had to be accurate! If you need a hand with the move…don’t call me…I’ll probably be shooting some beautiful model, of course! ;-) Really, the NAPG is pulling for ya and very proud of ya! Want to go up to H’ville with me for a farewell on Tuesday?

  46. Pete, Welcome to Florida. It’s good that you’re not starting until June, so you have time to assemble the proper uniform for a Florida summer. You’ll notice that the reason there’s a counter for PSU TV is because people in Florida don’t wear pants. It’s too hot for that.

    Perhaps the most important decision you face will deal with footwear. Due to the immense heat & humidity, your toes must be free. The question is whether you’re going to adopt the slide-in or thong shoe. Bear in mind that you are not allowed to switch, so choose wisely.

  47. Hey was Pete a “plant” at the flash bus tour in Nashville? I’m pretty sure he was the heckler that got up on stage for one of the McNally lighting demonstrations…

  48. Pete welcome to the Photoshop team! I’m a little scared to see Matt’s ego now that he has his own minion.

    • I can see our first collaboration…
      The adventures of Overlord and Minion:D

      • O…M…G… I don’t think Scott thought about the huge boost to Matt’s ego now that he has someone to get his coffee in the morning, and massage his feet.

        Pete, this could get out of hand! :D

        Michelle, all I could picture was Despicable Me when you mentioned “minion”. Wonder if Pete has goggles to wear!


  49. Congrats Pete! Enjoy the new job, and we’ll all look forward to seeing what you have to share!

  50. PETE!! I miss you already! You are gonna so rock their world :-)
    And to think, I knew you when…..you were only a face in a random picture frame in Hobby Lobby.

    Gonna see you at the AL Jubilee in a few weeks? You know the weather will be spectacular since Will has moved to WA state!!

  51. Welcome Pete and congratulations for being another PS Guy! :)

  52. For once, the kids were speechless as they watched this clip! GREAT intro!!!! So proud!

  53. Welcome Pete. Can’t wait to see what you can do!

  54. Pete, you beauty! Congrats on the new gig. Looking forward to watching your classes.

  55. Welcome Pete!!! Looks like you fit into trouble well around there!

  56. you guys look like you have so much fun—Pete looks like he fits right in.—can’t wait to learn even more. Thanks Scott

  57. Congratulations, Pete. Look forward to seeing your work.

  58. Welcome Pete! Congratulations on the new position. :-)

  59. Hi Pete. Congratulations and welcome aboard. Looking forward to getting to know you.

  60. Sending Congratulations to Pete from the UK; which I hasten to add is going through the sunniest April and May on record…lol :) Ah geez, now I’ve said that I hope it holds out for later in the month otherwise Dave Clayton and I are soooo for it :)

    Seriously though, Congratulations to Pete on getting the job. The standards Kelby Training and the NAPP set are real high so clearly Pete, by getting the job ROCKS!!

    Looking forward to catching some new tutorials and watching the team grow over the coming months.

    All the best to you,

  61. And all this time, I was sure that Pete was lying to us! That’s the first honest thing he’s ever told me. Guys, don’t cut him any slack whatsoever. Always try to stay at least two steps ahead of him. Pete, can’t wait to see you on a regular basis!!

  62. Pete, I think they will be stealing you for some KelbyTV voice overs too…..Make a second contract!!!

  63. Dave Cross was not mentioned as a Photoshop Guy…mistake or did I miss something?

  64. Looks like a great choice for the new photoshop guy. Although it looks like he is going to have to purchase a few black shirts to really fit in.

  65. Welcome Pete! Can’t wait to see you on psuTV!

  66. Welcome aboard Pete. If you ever find yourself short on what topics to cover, let me know. I have plenty of “how do you do that” questions :)

  67. I think they cloned Corey!!!!! Was that done with the cloning tool? Just kidding…..Welcome Pete.

  68. Hi Pete :) ………

    Welcome Man …. Best Wishes for you …..

    Waiting for your Tutorials :) …..

    – Ali

  69. Pete,
    Many congrats on your appointment as the newest recruit to the ‘PS Guys’ gang :-)

  70. Welcome Pete! Looking forward to usurping your knowlege.

  71. Ah…. Pete Schmeet – How do I change the brush to automatically fix my photos while I’m doing other projects? :)

  72. Congrats again IPete we are gonna miss you around the NAPG best of luck!!!

  73. Welcome and good luck Pete. Look forward to see what you have to offer. It looks like you’ll fit in with the other cut ups there. :)

  74. Is Dave Cross gone? What happened???

  75. But hey, welcome aboard Peter!

  76. Welcome Pete and the best of luck!

  77. Looking forward to getting to know you Pete. Congratulations!

  78. Poor guy. I wonder if they told him who his boss would be. But nice to have a new Photoshop Guy.

  79. Congratulations Pete, welcome to the gang. Apart from the quality of your information and entertainment which will no doubt be great – they wouldn’t have hired you otherwise – watching the others cope with T-shirts that aren’t black will be fun in itself. I’m looking forward it all. I hope you are as well.
    Cheers CH

  80. I think your next acquisition ought to be a “Photoshop Gal”

  81. Pete….welcome, and congrats….will you now become a Gator fan now that you are living and working in Florida??

    I too was wondering what happened to Dave Cross? Is he still a Photoshop guy? Or will he secretly be Matt’s new boss now that Matt is a boss?

  82. Dave is still around… I have not killed him, nor replaced him. I think I would have to become a Canadian citizen before any real Machiavellian antics took place…and that IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! (Becoming a Canadian citizen that is… murdering and usurping power is still optional :D)

  83. Can’t wait until I see your totorials

  84. So if Corey is the Photoshop laddie, what will Pete’s nickname be? :-)

  85. Congratulations Pete! I’m really looking forward to learning from you.

  86. welcome, Pete- lookin forward.

    p.s. to NAPP– when will there be a “Photoshop Gal?”

  87. Sorry, Pete…wou won’t fit in until you buy a BLACK shirt!
    R. Watherwax

  88. Looking forward to seeing the new kid on the block. What a dream job, working with the best of the best. See you at PSW Vegas 2011

  89. Pete,

    So happy to see you landed the job, outstanding! Welcome to Florida and I’m certainly looking foward to seeing you on track soon at Daytona, Sebring & Miami-Homestead.

    Give a shout when you can. JRH

  90. Hey – does this mean Kelby is not going to be involved in PS, nada mas?

  91. Greetings to Pete from Kelowna, BC Canada…..I’m the guy who was wearing the Canada Flag shirt during the taping of Photoshop User TV and the Grid @ PS World in Orlando.
    The new Kelby Training App really rocks too. Just makes my iPad totally indispensable,

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