Hi Gang: By the time you read this, I’m already on my way back from an incredible weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmo, Sweden, hanging out and shooting photos with my good friend Terry White.

Terry, whose full time job is an Adobe Graphics Evangelist, was in the middle of an Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 roll-out tour, and he told me last month that during the tour he’d have a few days off in Copenhagen, and since I had always wanted to visit Copenhagen, on Thursday I hopped a night flight to meet him there, and spend the weekend just being a tourist, and taking lots of photos.

This trip was kind of a last-minute thing, so I didn’t have any time to research where to go or what to shoot, so I put a comment on my Facebook and Twitter accounts asking for ideas of where to shoot right before I left, and I got LOTS of great ideas. I went to as many suggested spots as I could in the 3 days I was there. Besides taking a boat tour, and a city tour by bus, we visited:

$#x2022; Marmorkirken (the marble-church)
$#x2022; Christiana Free Town
$#x2022; Saxo bank headquarters, in Hellerup, Denmark (an amazing building)
$#x2022; Malmo, Sweden (To see the Turning Torso building and the West side)
$#x2022; Tivoli Gardens (Absolutely charming!)
$#x2022; Nyhavn Harbor
$#x2022; The Opera House
$#x2022; Hamlet’s Castle (way cool)
$#x2022; and we walked, and drove, all over!!!!

Thanks to everyone who shared ideas. The trip to Malmo (mentioned by a number of people) was totally worth it. Also, thanks to Terry, who was an awesome host (we laughed non-stop for three solid days. He’s a blast to hang out with).

I plan on posting some images from the trip tomorrow (the HDR shot you see above is of the Knippelsbro bridge, which was right by our hotel. It was processed using Photoshop CS5’s HDR Pro), along with some stories from the trip, including hanging out with the other Adobe Evangelists (really great guys), Greg, Jason, and Paul.

Oh yeah, one last thing:
I took just one camera body, and just one lens, and I didn’t even take a camera bag or a tripod—I packed my gear right in my carry-on luggage. I absolutely loved traveling so light). See ya tomorrow!

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