I’m Back From a Weekend in Denmark!

Hi Gang: By the time you read this, I’m already on my way back from an incredible weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmo, Sweden, hanging out and shooting photos with my good friend Terry White.

Terry, whose full time job is an Adobe Graphics Evangelist, was in the middle of an Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 roll-out tour, and he told me last month that during the tour he’d have a few days off in Copenhagen, and since I had always wanted to visit Copenhagen, on Thursday I hopped a night flight to meet him there, and spend the weekend just being a tourist, and taking lots of photos.

This trip was kind of a last-minute thing, so I didn’t have any time to research where to go or what to shoot, so I put a comment on my Facebook and Twitter accounts asking for ideas of where to shoot right before I left, and I got LOTS of great ideas. I went to as many suggested spots as I could in the 3 days I was there. Besides taking a boat tour, and a city tour by bus, we visited:

$#x2022; Marmorkirken (the marble-church)
$#x2022; Christiana Free Town
$#x2022; Saxo bank headquarters, in Hellerup, Denmark (an amazing building)
$#x2022; Malmo, Sweden (To see the Turning Torso building and the West side)
$#x2022; Tivoli Gardens (Absolutely charming!)
$#x2022; Nyhavn Harbor
$#x2022; The Opera House
$#x2022; Hamlet’s Castle (way cool)
$#x2022; and we walked, and drove, all over!!!!

Thanks to everyone who shared ideas. The trip to Malmo (mentioned by a number of people) was totally worth it. Also, thanks to Terry, who was an awesome host (we laughed non-stop for three solid days. He’s a blast to hang out with).

I plan on posting some images from the trip tomorrow (the HDR shot you see above is of the Knippelsbro bridge, which was right by our hotel. It was processed using Photoshop CS5’s HDR Pro), along with some stories from the trip, including hanging out with the other Adobe Evangelists (really great guys), Greg, Jason, and Paul.

Oh yeah, one last thing:
I took just one camera body, and just one lens, and I didn’t even take a camera bag or a tripod—I packed my gear right in my carry-on luggage. I absolutely loved traveling so light). See ya tomorrow!

  1. Cool. Looking forward to see pictures from my country :-).

    The bridge by the way is called ‘Knippelsbro’ or ‘Knippel’s Bridge’ and is very famous in Denmark. It dates back to around the year 1618.

  2. Wow, so many famous guys in Denmark this weekend :-) Terry White doing the CS5,5 show today , had to cancel this though :-(, Scott Kelby as The Tourist , Evander Holyfield boxing saturday , and Roger Waters performing The Wall, also saturday. I attended the show, I’ve never seen anything like this, EVER before, simply the best concert performance I’ve ever seen !!
    Hope to “see” you again in Denmark, Scott, perhaps, teaching ?

  3. Hi Scott
    Great to hear you visited our tiny country. Looking forward to seeing your – most likely – amazing shots (with our without tripod etc). But also looking forward to seeing you back, teaching or perhaps on a photowalk?
    Anyhow … you’re welcome :D

    Tak for dine inlaeg .. de er ret fede (translates into: Thanks for your posts … they’re pretty awesome) :)


  4. Hi Scott
    I’m looking very much forward to see more pictures from your trip to our Capitol City. I hope that you’ll one day come back to do a seminar or a workshop or something – and please bring your friends (Terry, McNally, Matt K, The Canadian and the rest of the gang)

  5. Totally missed that you we’re coming over here. I guess you spent most of the time around Turning Torso and the area over there. Some amazing photo-spots there. Glad you had a good time in Sweden (and Denmark)!

    If you have more time you should have rented a car and going farther inland in southern Sweden. Some amazing landscapes of the farmland there.

    1. This was strictly vacation—just for fun, and I was just there as a tourist. Now, if I could get my company to send me to foreign countries just to shoot, now that would be pretty darn sweet! :)

  6. Hey Scott,
    Has anyone told you that you are a blessed individual? :) I do feel, however, that if anyone deserves to be exalted, it’s you!
    See ya in Vegas (unless you do your tour in the Dallas area first) in September,

  7. Scott:

    Glad you had a chance to get a quick, fun vacation in this weekend! The perks of the job. 8)

    Even without seeing more than one picture so far, I can tell from your enthusiasm that you got a lot of great shots (and I bet not one ref got in your way!). I saw your Facebook and Twitter requests and I was amazed how many responses you received. I’m sure you would have had as many photo op suggestions no matter where you said you were going. You’ve got a great fan community here!

    Can’t wait to see those pictures! Please give us your thoughts on that new 28-300 lens, too.


  8. Great HDR photo of Knippelsbro :)

    Was quite the surprise seeing you attend the CS5 Tour in Copenhagen – I thought Terry White mentioned your name when he used the “Content aware” fill on the karate photo, and not so long afterwards, I saw you on the stairs leaving the Seminar :)

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to Denmark and was able to be a tourist for 3 days.
    I’ll look forward to your photos from the trip and I was told by my friend “The Earl of Gray” to say hi, if we stumbled into each other.

    Have a great flight back home sir :)

    Yours Sincerely

    Kim S. Brockie
    Pixel Nerd

    1. Bob:

      It stands for “Cool And Kick Butt”.

      You know, hockey is one sport that I don’t think Scott has shot! Maybe it’s too cold in those rinks for shorts and t-shirts!

      Go Bruins! :D


      1. John,

        Scott could always gear up like he did when the Packers beat the Bears (Sorry Scott, had to get that in ;)). He just wouldn’t need the protective gear since Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play hockey. :-D

        – Kev

      1. Kevin, you might be right, because…..

        Pete, when I was at PSW Orlando, I think Larry Becker mentioned that they only had about 6 people back at the office working. This does not bode well for you when PSW Vegas rolls around in September. Although Matt might need you to come along to carry his luggage…. ;)


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