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Team, it’s #TravelTuesday again which means that I, Dave Williams, am here as always. Today I write from Croatia where I’m slowly exploring the rural inland parts of the country whilst taking a little time to decompress, which is important for all of us. It won’t be long until the pace picks back up again – I just need to organise my mind, my plans, and get used to the sun again!

Today I want to highlight a change that us iPhone users should be aware of. Some time ago I wrote about how to shoot using ‘Live Photo’ mode and subsequently convert the photo to a long exposure, which works particularly well on fast moving water. With the update to iOS 15 the process has changed, so here’s what you need to know: –

Rather than swiping up to find the Live Photo effect, including Live, Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure, we now find them on the top left of the image in the form of a drop down.

I’ve noticed that the process of creating the long exposure now takes slightly longer than it previously did, so be patient when creating a long exposure image using Live Photo mode. There’s also the addition of the EXIF data in an easy-to-read format when we swipe up, along with the location of the photo: –

This technique is a great way to shoot differently on our iPhone, and it can be summed up like this: –

  • Switch on Live Photo mode
  • Compose your scene
  • Hold the iPhone still for a few seconds
  • Press the shutter button
  • Hold the iPhone still for another few seconds
  • Hit the button to convert the Live Photo to Long Exposure!

This method takes our images to another level, with ease.

And with that, I’ll catch you all next week

Much love

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