It’s a Tuesday News Thing


Howdy folks. Here’s what’s going on:

  • Let’s start with some photographic inspiration, from photographer Joe Felzman. This guy has some very cool stuff. Start your Tuesday off right by clicking here.
  • I just got the 2008 spring/fall catalog of classes from the Santa Fe Workshops, (the cover is shown above) and since it’s just a listing of their upcoming classes, I guess I wasn’t expecting to see so much incredible photography, but…it’s filled with incredible photography! It’s a beautifully designed catalog that makes such great use of photography that I had to sit there with it for a few minutes, and just let the images soak in (here’s a link to download a PDF version of the catalog). While I was looking through all the classes, I thought to myself, “If I could take just one class at Santa Fe, which one would it be?” Without a doubt, it would be Karen Kuehen’s “Mastering the Portrait” class coming up this June. She is just flat out incredible!!!
  • My wife is an absolutely incredible cook, and I’ve been trying to convince her to create her own cookbook. Since I’ve been really getting into food photography lately, I’m bugging her about it a little more than usual (in fact, I’ve taken to making her sit down and dictate the recipe to me right after she makes one of her incredible dishes). Anyway, I came across this site called “” that lets you create your own custom cookbooks, using their templates (or even their recipes, if you like). They even let you upload your own food photos to accompanying your recipes, but at this point, what’s keeping me from using them is that you can’t upload your own cover photo, or the full page section opener photos (you have to choose from their stock photo collection). If and when they let you upload your own cover shot, and section openers—I’m in—big time! It’s still worth checking out just to see what can be done (and it’s affordable enough that you could create a custom cookbook as a gift). Here’s the link to Tastebook’s site.
  • I mentioned a few weeks back that Joe McNally was doing a special session and book signing at B&H Photo’s Event Space at the New York City store. Well, not only did Joe pack the place—-he broke the Event Space attendance record! Way to go big Joe! In other “Joe News,” did a review of Joe’s book, “The Moment It Clicks” and here’s the link to it. Also, make sure you catch Popular Photography’s feature story on “The Moment It Clicks,” complete with excerpts from the book (here’s the link). Lastly, if you haven’t added Joe’s new blog to your daily routine, ya oughta (here’s that link).
  • This is the last week to save $100 by registering early for the Photoshop World Conference & Expo (early bird registration ends Friday, Feb. 29th, 2008). One of the classes I’m teaching in Orlando this year combines, and updates, two of my most-requested sessions from previous Photoshop World’s; my “Lost Art of Typography” and “Designing With Type.” This class is really aimed at photographers who want any type they add to their images to improve the image, to support it, and not take away or distract from it. These classes have really struck a chord with my students over the years, so I’ve updated and tweaked it, and I hope I’ll see you in my session. Click here for more info on Photoshop World.
  • Adobe’s Lightroom Evangelist George Jardine has just posted two episodes of his Lightroom Podcast, including one where he interviews famous photographer Gregory Heisler. You’ve got to check these out (here’s the link).
  • Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas for “alternative news sources” based on my “Depressing News” post from last week. I’m now checking out (I’m amazed at how little we cover world news in the US), along with (which has a very customizable site, with hardly any sensational personal tragedy junk), along with, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and (which is very cool), along with a few other great news sites that are now on my watch list (thanks to you).
  • My thanks to the Pro Photography Roundtable–on last week’s show, one of their five “Picks of the Week” was Vol. 2 of my book, “The Digital Photography Book.” Many thanks guys!

That’s it for Tuesday. I’m doing a couple of studio shoots today, and then shooting my son’s basketball playoffs tonight. Go Hawks! :-)

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