Moose Peterson Shares His Favorite Nikon D3 Settings


If you’re a Nikon D3 owner (you lucky $*#&@), then you’ll want to take a quick trip over to Moose Peterson’s Nikon D3 microsite to catch his new video clips where he explains some of the most important D3 settings, and shares his own personal settings (and why he uses them). Really great stuff, and if you own a D3, this is a must-see for sure. Here’s the link (and kudos to Moose making this resource available).

In some semi-related news: one of the absolute coolest, most fun, and most enlightening things I got to do in 2007, was to be a part of two of Moose’s “Digital Landscape Workshop Series” on location workshops. Moose has put together a really unique learning environment for photographers, and if you’re into landscape photography, this is literally the cream of the crop, taught by the best in the world (including Moose himself, Joe McNally, and Laurie Excell). Their workshops always sell out in advance (in fact, I had to call in some favors to get a close friend into an already sold-out workshop later this year), so if you’re thinking you might want to attend; I’d sign up right this minute (if not sooner). Here’s the link.

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