It’s FREE Photoshop World Ticket Monday

I’m going to be giving away a FREE full-conference pass to next month’s Photoshop World Conference & Expo in Washington DC to some lucky commenter here today, but before you rush down and enter (just leave a comment here of any sort, and you’re entered), watch this short video (only 1 min: 31 seconds), to get psyched up for it. It pretty much shows you why you gotta be there (and why you should enter today to see if you win the free ticket!).

We’re going to have an all-time record-breaking attendance for our East Coast show, and you’re invited to be there when Joe McNally, Dave Black, Moose Peterson, Jeremy Cowart, Joel Grimes, Ben Willmore, Jay Maisel, along with many of the best known names in the business (like Bert Monroy, Vincent Versace, David Ziser, Calvin Hollywood, Gregory Heisler, and John Paul Caponigro) and of course “The Photoshop Guys” (Matt Kloskowski, RC Concepcion, Pete Collins, Dave Cross, Cory Barker, Cliff Mautner, and me),take the stage to teach you our very latest techniques.

PLUS: Learn directly from Adobe, as their own gurus will teaching sessions, including Terry White, Julieanne Kost, Russell Brown, and Photoshop Senior Product Manager Bryan Hughes.

If you’re planning on going (ya know, in case you don’t win the ticket), just remember: there’s only FIVE days left to save $100 on the Early Bird registration, so sign up now, and I’ll see you at the world’s largest Photoshop and photography event: The Photoshop World Conference & Expo, March 24-26, 2012 in Washington DC. Here’s the link with more details and how to sign up. !

  1. The training online is a great reference tool…would love to see a PDF that you download with some of the courses that write out the tips and preferences on Photoshop/Lightroom and some of the shooting stuff. The live show would be great some time…

  2. Scott, I can’t wait for Photoshop World!  I am hoping this will be my first one. :D  On that front I want to thank you a TON for giving DC a go this time as it makes at least attending the trade show doable even if I can’t manage the rest of it.  

  3. Scott, I was so bummed that Photoshop World East this year is in DC.  Not only is DC an amazing location, but by moving it from my hometown of Orlando, meant that the cost of going to the show more than doubled as I’d have to get a hotel, book airfare, etc.  So, I made the financial decision not to go, and it’s bumming me out.  I’ve already made the decision to go off the social network grid during the event because the posts from everyone will make me SO jealous.
    So, my fingers are now crossed until you pick a winner..  

  4.  I’m going to apply what I learned in The Secret to swing the random picker in my favour and destroy everyone else’s chances.  Positive thinking to the detriment of others!

  5. I’ve wanted to go to PSW now for a number of years but have not been able to as I have to bid my time off in March each year. So  a year or 2 ago I scheduled the labor day week,only to miss as it was schedule in October. So to win a trip to D.C. would work out great with the conference paid for would make it affordable and enjoyable. To learn form the folks i read about and learn from year round. I’d be forever grateful. But more importantly become  a better photographer, and photoshop/lightroom user to the benefit of not only me but my clients…

  6. Hey Scott, 

    Here is a little one to lighten your day … It was just before the Wacom era :-)

    When NASA first started sending up astronauts, they
    quickly discovered that ballpoint pens would not work in zero gravity. To
    combat the problem, NASA scientists spent a decade and $12 billion to develop a
    pen that writes in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, on almost any
    surface including glass and at temperatures ranging from below freezing to

    The Russians used a pencil.I’d love to come and see the tablet in action …Take CareMath

  7. Greetings from cold Poland, heard so much about PSW from Glyn and Calvin, while attending Calvinized in Germany and UK. Would love to join you in DC, this would be great.

  8. I don’t know how your team pulls off such a large event so successfully. Every Kelby event I have attended is superbly organized and a lot of fun for participants. Hope to be with you in Washington.

  9. This event looks fantastic! I love photography and everything about it. However if I was chosen to win I would most likly be passing the prize off to a good friend of mine who is an amazing photographer and would benefit so much more from the weekend then I would. Love Learning all the cool tips you got Scott. Keep up the good work! :D

  10. My company sent me to Orlando in 2000 and to Boston in 2007. Money for travel has been cut, so no Photoshop World fro me unless I pay my self and money is a bit tight. I would love to be able to go to DC. Photoshop World is absolutely incredible!!

  11. I was in Boston in 07 just for the vendors and had a blast at just that. I can’t imagine how great it would be for the entire educational experience. 

  12. OMG i would love to go to PSW D.C. omg i cant imaging how much networking i can do or all the instructors i can learn from. omg i would love to take a class with joe mcnally,david zizer or even a light it shoot it retouch it class with you. that would be awesome! i hope i win :D

  13. Hi Scott! I love all that you and your team has done to help make photo enthusiasts into photographers. I’ve learned a lot from you and your team and would grow tremendously by getting an opportunity to go to Photoshop World! Thanks

  14. I already have my tix to PSW (I wouldn’t miss it) but I would love to win the pass for my old high school buddy. He’s an avid photographer who just relocated to Viriginia and his wife is stationed over in the Middle East in the Navy serving our country. He’d love to go but can’t swing it, and this would be a great gift,

  15. Hi Scott. Thanks for the opportunity to attend PSW this year.  I would really love to go since its in my own backyard, but I can’t afford it. Things are just really tight right now and I couldn’t justify the pleasure of being able to learn and grow as a photographer against my families other needs.

  16. Scott
    I’m a mid-life crisis guy trying to transition from part time to full time
    shooter. I lived in the DC Metro area for 20 years and now that I have moved to
    Ohio you guys are coming to DC ;o( if I win a free pass I will gladly spend the
    week with my In-Laws (for free) so that I can do PSD…. Pick Me

  17. Scott you should pick me for two reasons. 1) I promise showing up I will get actually what I promise 2) That I will provide a full write up / photo mog for your blog making it 1 less entry you need to make in a week. I think everyone would like to see a write up from a picked visitor instead of a seasoned photographer. Just a thought love the blog.

  18. I work for Louisiana State University running Photographic Services and also run a photo business off campus. We have had drastic cuts over the past few years knocking my travel budget. My last PSW was several years back in Boston. I was the VV Excellence Award recipient that year and would love to go again for the latest and greatest training. I teach 9 classes a  year and often model my teaching style after the PSW instructors. Y’all are hands down the best of the best. Any opportunities would be more than appreciated.

  19. Scott, I have been dreaming about going every year for the last 3 years. It’s just something thst falls off of the “I can afford that” list every year. A free pass would be the greatest thing ever.

  20. Scott – I would love to win the free pass to Photoshop World!!! This would be my first time there, so what better way to get there :) Would really enjoy being able to meet all the people who’s blogs and books I read and training videos I watch ALL the time.

    Please pick me :)

  21. I work across the street from the convention center and was beyond excited when I heard PSW was coming to DC. I also found out we had a baby coming in April and had to choose between diapers and PSW. Diapers and food for the the baby won.

    I am just hoping you guys come back to DC soon.

  22. Who would not want to attend the premier photo show in the World? Following along on the web after the fact is fun but doesn’t pump up the adrenaline like being there in person! Blogs, Facebook posts, tweets, all extra ways to remind us that we are missing a chance to be with “the gang”. Oh, please let me go!

  23. Hi Scott, I’d love to win the pass!  We’ve been wanting to go and make it a family trip to show my 13 year old son Washington D.C. (where I grew up, I now live in San Diego), but we can’t afford it.  This would definitely make it more possible!

  24. I absolutely love Photoshop World.  I remember the last one we went to was in Boston and my husband and I saw you at PF Changs having dinner.  My husband went over to you and asked you to walk over and talk to me because I was a little shy.  It was great!  Photoshop World helped me get over my shyness and now I’m starting up a photography business of my own.  Thanks for all the inspiration.  I’d love to win the pass and be able to go to PSW again this year.  Thanks for everything you do!

  25. You can’t go if you don’t win. Or enter. Or something. Wait. That’s not right… But my chances of going are MUCH higher if I won the pass,,, SO PLEASE enter me in the drawing

  26. I would think its a waste to get the D800e because it is not going to be a substitute for a higher end MF Format system like Phase One. Good sharp glass, the best Nikon offers, will create tack sharp photos. That little bit extra you will get from the D300e is not worth the headache. Better to save up for an MF system when seeking a system with no AA filter imo.

  27. Lucky commenter? Does that mean that it is being picked randomly and no matter what I say here, you are going to randomly draw a winner any way so I can just blurt off some rubish?

  28. I have wanted to go to PSW for a couple of years, but it has always been too far away. Even if I could afford the pass to the conference the hotel and airfare have been too difficult for by budget. Being 40 mins from DC I am really excited about this event being so close.

  29. I have met most of your staff, except for you! But I have parked in your space in front of the main building and photographed my car there, so we need to meet, and getting a free ticket would be one way to do that. So if you pick me I will gladly come to D.C.

  30. This free ticket give-away is a great idea and I hope a lucky student, that would have a hard time coming up with the money to go, wins – good luck to everyone.

  31. Hi Scott this is such a great and generous gesture. Thank you! I have never been to Photoshop World and I would love to be part of this incredible event but it is not in my budget this year. Convincing the boss didn’t work out and it is unfortunate because Photoshop World will be happening relatively close to me than before.
    It is funny because I had the honor to talk to Bryan O’Neil Hughes briefly at the free photoshop sneak peek preview this weekend in NYC and he asked me if I will be attending. So it was kind of sad to tell him that I am not. Good luck to everybody and I am sure the winner will have a blast there :).

  32. Scott, I hate to play this card, but remember how I saved your life once? Well now in return, I am asking for a ticket to Photoshop World. Okay, maybe I haven’t saved your life, but if you give me a ticket, and you are ever in danger, and I happen to be nearby, and I have had a good night’s sleep, and I am in a good mood, and I have had something to eat, then I would do my best to save you.

  33. My wife’s work is sending her to Photoshop World.  I would love to go but my employer hasn’t got the education money for the year decided yet, so I guess I will just have to live it through her experience.

  34. I’ve already booked my ticket to Photoshop World but would love to win the pass. I promise to spend the money I’d save right in the vendor mall. It wouldn’t even leave the convention center. :)

  35. I am a member of NAPP and I follow you on the web. I do not live in the area. I don’t know of any burger places to go to. My wife is not going. I would save your life but we all know I will probably never be in that position. But with all that said I would still love to go. Great opportunity to just learn more about photography.

  36. I’m member of  NAPP and Kelby Training, have all your books and DVD’s, have every book and DVD every Kelby presenter has published in the past two years.   YOU OWE ME !!!!!    :-)

  37. It’s been 10 years. since I’ve seen you live.  We’ve both gotten older, but better.  Still photoshoping and still a babe at photography.  I need a boost!  Only you can help!

  38. I started in Version 1, but don’t remember much about it. By Version 2, Photoshop was already indispensable. I remember thinking the splash screens were so cool because they used such clean collage techniques. Of all the graphics tools ever made, this is the one that made it into the vernacular. Everybody knows what Photoshop is.

  39. Scott, you should pick me. I’m not going to try to guilt you into it or anything like that. All I’m gonna say is I’m new to the industry and could definatly use the experience, pointers and networking opportunities that would come with an opportunity like this. 

  40. Sign me up for Kalebra’s iPhone photography session!

    If I win this pass, I can actually submit for leave for technical training from work and go and that includes a free flight! That would mean an all around win for me because I’m military serving in Europe and I miss out on a lot of the stateside training!

  41. Scott, I would love to go the photoshop world. I know the list is long but just think how I will be a better person after experiencing photoshop world.  Tripping over my tongue of all the cool things that all the venders have. Oh I can see it now playing with all the toys. Going to all the workshops getting all the tips of the day. Well this my be only a dream. I dream of every year to go.

  42. I’m excited… now I need to cash in some air miles and plan some extra time to visit family… it’s been > 7 years since I’ve been able to get to the east coast.


  43. Scott, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, pleaseeeeeeee.

    I live in the DC area and if I am selected would most definitely attend.


  44. I’ve been to a Photoshop World several years ago and it was a great experience. I would really enjoy the opportunity to go again – there are so many creative people in one place it’s impossible not to come away with some great ideas.

  45. Scott, I live in the DC area and would love to attend the conference.  I have CS5 on my computer but have never really used it (I use Lightroom).  Wouldn’t it be great to slide me a free pass to the conference so that I can finally learn all the cool things you can do with CS5?    I’ll even join NAPP if I win.   :-)

  46. I would be honored I you chose me. This would be a life changing experience to be amongst some of the greatest photogography instructors to learn what they have to share. N addition, it would inspire me to continue to what I love in my sparetime which is photography.

  47. A random series of words that would hopefully be picked by a random program or that would be Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  Some many great people, content, instructors and the list goes on.  Maybe even get to see the Big Electric Cat

  48. Wow, seems like there are lot of suck ups and sob stories trying to pull your heartstrings to get that free conference pass. Unlike me who will just hope that in the goodness of your heart you pick me for the free conference pass (can I get hotel and airfare covered too :-) ). Of course if I don’t get the PSW pass, hopefully you’ll throw in a consolation prize to a second person of that D800e–just a thought! 

  49. would love to go to DC for Photoshop, my son, a Marine is also stationed in DC and I could get amazing education and visit my son as well :) Had tried to do this on my own, but just not in the cards right now!

  50. Thank you so much (Scott & the Kelby Media Group) for the chance to win conference pass…You guys truly rock!  I have always wanted to attend Photoshop World but could never attend in Vegas or Florida, but now I would love the chance to win and attend in DC which is practically my hometown.  I know that I would learn so much and it would open up so many doors and opportunities for future training/learning from Kelby Media.  Thanks again and I truly hope that I get picked to attend.

  51. For this I would actually get a passport and cross the border. 

    Good luck choosing.  Remember Indiana Jones and choose wisely.  Which means me in case you are unsure.


  52. It would be great to see our Daughter in DC who lives within a couple of blocks from the Convention Center. She works in social media and photo editing at NPR nearby, with her BFA from RIT in Photojournalism last May. I would love to go to PSW, but all my money went for tuition to Rochester instead  (a great investment). How about a ticket for a Dad to visit and stay with his daughter for a first time at Photoshop World DC? I will get the low down on all of the trendy places to eat, like Bus Boys & Poets or Ben’s Chili Bowl. 

  53. Scott,

    I’m a CPA by trade and one of those people that use the right and left side of the brain. I need an excuse to take a few days off during tax season. These 65-70 hour weeks can get to you and I need a break.

  54. Scott, can’t wait for Photshop World. I’ve been reading about this show and following your blog for the last 2 years while I was stationed in Germany. I lucked out getting assigned to Wash DC the same year you decide to move it here. Thanks.

  55. I REALLY want to go to Photoshop World but dont think I am going to have the money so this would be an amazing blessing! Not to mention I live in Fairfax VA so its right in my back yard!

  56. I would love to go. I’m still learning, and it’d be fantastic to get a chance to pick up some tips from the best photographers that are out there. Corny, but true.

  57. I’d love to go.  I’m retired, and re-learning how much I love photography (since that stint in 1966 as the yearbook photographer).   I’ve learned so much from your books, and your blog.  I can only imagine how much there would be to learn at this event.

  58. It’s all about the ROI? Let’s be honest why would you want to worry about someone maybe saving your life, you pick me I will save your life no problem just call ahead. I guess what others have forgotten was you are the Chuck Norris of Photography. Only you can save yourself when in trouble. You choose me and you will receive a ROI that far surpasses other commenteers (yeah I made that word up). 1) The appreciation of young photography/designer from rural america, 2) a photo shopped image of you as the  Chuck Norris of photography (I feel some work should occur in exchange for a pass),3) A full blog entry that follows the experience of attending such a event. Picture a day in the life of a conference attendee. 

  59. Is it too late to leave another comment? I’m already ticketed to attend but would love to bring my daughter!
    If the giveaway is still open sign me up for a chance to win.
    Thank you. Jan Gemeinhardt  

  60.  I live within driving distance of the event. I would love the opportunity to go. If chosen I would definately use the opportunity to learn and bring back tips to my fellow photography club memebers. Thanks

  61. read your books and keep them as bibles. Working on lightroom 3 at the moment. Lecture on intra-oral photography and try to incorporate your ideas on portraiture. hope to be included

  62. Dear Scott, I am not more deserving of a free ticket than anyone is, so if you considered me, I would feel so grateful. After many, many, years of working in jobs that didn’t seem to fit, I, quite by accident, discovered my passion in photography. I lost my job as a management consultant / presentation designer last June, when our small company was impacted by the economy and shut down. Sadly, for our family, this came only a couple of months after moving into a bigger home so our children would be closer to the the Christian school they attended. We made a tough decision to pull them out of their school, and begin homeschooling. At the same time, I took a chance, and started a photography business, knowing that my skills, although good, lacked a great deal of knowledge to truly be called a Professional! However, I didn’t let that stop me. I joined Kelby Training along with other online resources, connected with other photographers in my area for training, and started my journey of self teaching. I am proficient enough to fake it till I make it, but my goal is to make it because I am completely authentic. I have been giving away all of my time and talent, paying my dues, and trying out different genre’s of our industry, in order to discover the photographer that I know lives inside of me. Just today, I finally realized my direction and my purpose within photography. I own the CS4 master collection (bought a few years ago) and am purchasing Lightroom. There are ton’s of training videos and forums and tutorials on these applications, I realize, and I take full advantage of, however there is nothing like being in a classroom with those whom have been where you wish to go. Our financial situation a year ago would have allowed me to attend the conference and take along another with no problem, but today that is no longer true. So for me, the only way I could attend would be through a gift offering, such as what you are awarding. As I said before, there is no reason that is greater to choose me over anyone of the other 300+ people whom have posted comments, as I am sure we are all in need.  Should you choose me, I would feel so blessed and honored, for I would know that it was because I had been given God’s favor.  Thank you for your time, your offer, the life experiences you share with us all, and for being the kind of person who keeps paying it forward. One day I hope to travel the road you have already journeyed! 

    Laura Annapolis, MD 
    Purgioia Images (pronounced Pur -joy-ia,  meaning Pure Joy)

  63. Scott Kelby,

    I don’t know if the contest is still going on, but I would like to try and win a free Photoshop World ticket!

    My name is Ana Santos and I am an undergraduate at American University in Washington, DC. I was Photo Editor for my student newspaper, and I am an intern at National Geographic. When I graduate, I want to pursue a career in photojournalism and eventually have my work published in the National Geographic Magazine. I know these are lofty goals, but I have the talent, drive, and courage to pursue what I want.

    As of now, I signed up for the free Bonus Photography & Photoshop Training Classes, but I would really like to be a part of the entire expo. With my tight college student budget, I really can’t afford to spend $250 (student rate and NAAP membership) for one weekend, even though I fully believe the skills I would learn would help me immensely.

    Please consider me for this contest! I appreciate this opportunity!


    Ana Santos

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