Hey Gang: I’ve been taking a few days off for the Holidays, so I’m in “lame blogging” mode, but I’m stepping in for a last-minute save with a few FREE tickets to Matt’s Lightroom 5 Live Training Tour coming up at the end of January and into March.

Just post a comment here, with the city you want to go to, and we’ll pick two winners in each city for a free ticket. Here’s the upcoming cities for Matt’s live tour:

  • Covington, Kentucky — January 31st
  • Richmond, Virginia — February 5th
  • Houston, Texas — February 17th
  • Los Angeles  — March 3rd

Here’s more info on the tour, along with class schedule for the day. Good luck everybody (and Happy Holidays!)


P.S. I’m shooting the Eagles/Cowboys game in Dallas on Sunday — I’ll share some of those shots next week.

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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. I would love to see Matt in Richmond!

  2. MattK in Richmond..

  3. I would love to attend the Covington, Ky event!!

  4. …Matt… Richmond… Lightroom… magic could happen!

    Thanks for doing awesome things like this…

  5. Lovely view of Cincinnati and Ohio river from Covington, KY.

  6. I’d love to get to the Richmond VA seminar. I’m thinking that’s as close to DC as Matt will get in 2014.

  7. You should have come to San Diego – but LA will do.

  8. Good morning Photoshop Guys! I’d love to meet the great MattK in the rocket city (Houston, TX). it will be an honor to participate in his LR5 seminar! Thanks Scott…. Happy new 2014!!!

  9. Would love to see Matt’s tour in Houston on Feb. 17th!

  10. I would love to catch up with Matt in Houston, Texas!

  11. It would be fantastic to see Matt in Richmond, VA. Hope you all have had a great holiday season and a fantastic New Year.

  12. Matt K in Richmond, thx Scott

  13. I’d love to attend the seminar in Covington, KY (I need the help soon), but if there are too many attending that one- I could probably make any except the one in VA. Thanks!

  14. Matt & Scott are the best! – Would love tix to Covington!

  15. I’m an hour south of Covington, and would love to attend!

  16. Hi Scott! I’d love to attend in Houston, Feb 17th. Thanks!

  17. Road trip time from Chicago

  18. Whether I win or not, I WILL be at the Richmond, VA stop. Wouldn’t miss it for anything!

  19. I would love to attend the Richmond VA!!!!

  20. Haha – they are all far from home. I could use the education and a getaway – any will do! For the record, I’ll go with Los Angeles.

  21. I plan on attending in Covington, Kentucky on January 31st, but it would be more fun if it were free

  22. I would LOVE to see Matt in Los Angeles.

  23. Los Angeles on 2/17 – Go Eagles

  24. Would LOVE to go to Houston! It would be a great opportunity! :)

  25. I would love to attend the Richmond, Virginia seminar!

  26. Scott, I would love to attend Matt’s Lightroom 5 class in Los Angeles on March 3rd.

  27. I would love to see Matt in Richmond.

  28. I’ll be rockin’ the house-ski with Matt Kloskowski in Richmond, VA!

  29. This would be great!! I would be willing to attend any of the locations, but LA is the closest to me

  30. I would love to see Matt in Richmond

  31. I would love to attend Matt’s seminar in Covington, Kentucky!

  32. Would love to attend the Houston training! Thanks Scott.

  33. Would really enjoy going to the one here in Houston

  34. So over the holidays I entered every contest known to man, lol, ok a little exaggerated
    there but I did enter a few. Hope this one is the winner. March 3, Los Angeles.

  35. Matt K. in L.A. Dude I would love to attend this seminar. And depending on where we are for the location – we can roll out for the best food! Yes, this my attempt at a bribe (I know the streets of L.A. and you got the Black Belt – I’m just sayin’).

  36. One for Houston, please.

  37. YES! I would love to see Matt…in TEXAS!!!!

  38. If I can be so lucky as to get Richmond, VA…

  39. I’d love to see Matt in Covington, KY

  40. i’d love to go and see Matt in Richmond, Va Please

  41. Covington, Ky….What better place is there than Kentucky in January. I mean you have miserable weather, so what better way to beat the cold than to be inside a warm building learning Photoshop from the BEST [:-) . Heck, you can even give Matt some money to buy me a cup of coffee to take the chill off.

  42. I’m dying to see Matt in Covington, Kentucky! Just got LR5 not too long ago.

  43. I would love to go see Matt in Houston TX. I love all things photoshop and lightroom and Matt’s presets have been a life saver. Thanks for all you guys do.

  44. It would be great to see Matt in Covington on Jan 31.
    John 786143

  45. More Richmond requests than I thought! Add me to the list!

  46. Look forward to seeing Matt in Los Angeles again. Enjoy his instruction style.

  47. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the workshop in Los Angeles!

  48. I would love to go to Los Angeles! I’ve not had the opportunity to attend one of your seminars, is I hope to soon!

  49. I’m an Aperture user but this would be a great intro to Lightroom. And Matt rocks. Richmond.

  50. Ready to see Matt in Covington Kentucky! I’ve attended I’ve a month ago in San Diego & last year in ATL! Love you guys!

  51. Hello Scott Kelby, I’d be honored to go to the LightRoom 5 Seminar in Los Angeles. Thanks in advance. :)

  52. Houston, I am your winner. Thanks.

  53. Love to see Matt in Los Angeles.

  54. Learning more about Lightroom 5 from Matt in Richmond would be awesome!

  55. It would be great to see Matt in Houston, TX!

  56. Houston for the win!

  57. Would love to see Matt rockin the houski in Houston!

  58. Love to be in Covington.

  59. Richmond, VA would be awesome!

  60. I’d love to attend the one in Covington! I’m just starting out in Lightroom and could use all the training I can get. :)

  61. I’d love to go to the Houston, Texas — February 17th

  62. I would be interested in the Covington tour! Me, me, me please!!!!!

  63. Hope to see you in Richmond!

  64. Would love to attend the Houston program. Pick me please. Happy New Year.

  65. I would love the opportunity to attend the Houston Seminar!

  66. I’m near Covington – Would love to go to Matt’s workshop!

  67. Would love to see Matt in Houston!

  68. Attending the Covington session, what could be better; learning Lightroom from the best in the business and spending a day in beautiful Covington, KY!

  69. Los Angeles please!!

  70. Oh man if I was invited to Richmond I definitely have the best excuse to visit the US and convincing my wife to follow the best Lightroom training would be easy! Already checking available flights from Amsterdam to the US ;-)

  71. I am just starting out and could use the instruction! Los Angeles would be the closest to me. Happy New Year!

  72. Haven’t seen Matt (live) since Vegas. Want to congratulate him in Los Angeles on passing his 2nd degree black belt test.

  73. Would love to see Matt in Richmond.

  74. I would love to attend the Covington, KY tour stop…Matt is an awesome teacher, keeps everything on simple terms…

  75. Covington! Sounds great!

  76. Cowboys/Eagles, Need an assistant? I’m so jealous Have a good time Scott!

  77. I don’t normally drive to Richmond…but when I do, it’s for Lightroom 5 training.

  78. In the immortal words of Horace Greeley: “On to Richmond!”

  79. Just purchased Lightroom 5 for Christmas. Could definitely use some instruction in Los Angeles!!! Thank you for the chance!!

  80. Would love to attend Matt’s seminar in Richmond, VA.

  81. Would love to see Matt in Houston TX.

  82. Packing my overnight bag to go to Richmond

  83. Love for my first Lightroom seminar to be in Covington. Just starting Lightroom/Photoshop, but been in photography for a long time (reluctant to say how long :-) )

  84. Be awesome to get training from Matt in LA. From Canada but just happen to be in LA the previous week. And would stay over for this.

  85. I would love to go to Covington to listen to Matt January 31st.

  86. Would love to attend in Richmond. I need to streamline my workflow in Lightroom!

  87. LightRoom is really a great piece of software.
    Covington KY is right across the Ohio River for me.

  88. Houston!!! :D

  89. I’d love to attend the class in Covington, KY. I’ve got lots of photos to get organized and spruced up, I need a definite routine to follow.

  90. I would love to go to Los Angeles. Why? Because I am coming from Estonia to Los Angeles to run LA marathon and it would be great gift.

    P.S. I have all Scott’s books since nr 1 :-)

  91. I would love to attend in Houston, TX. Thank you!

  92. I would love to attend the March 3rd tour in Los Angeles. I could make a mini-vacation out of it, visiting mom, dad and my brother after the Lightroom 5 Tour!

  93. Pick ME !!😊Love to go to Los Angeles and learn more of your great tricks of the trade #lovelightroom #lovescottkelby 😉

  94. Love Lightroom and would so appreciate winning a ticket to Matt’s seminar in Los Angeles.

  95. I will happily drive to Richmond to learn in person from Matt! I watch many of the videos but live would be soo much more fun. And go Eagles.

  96. Matt always does an awesome job with his seminars. I have done previous Lightroom seminars with him and they are well worth the time and money.

  97. ~ Would love to attend your seminar ( March 3rd ) in Los Angeles, CA, ~ Your ” The Digital Photography Book”, was the very first book I read when beginning my journey into photography. I learned more then I could have ever imagined and then some. It would be amazing to learn how to use Lightroom 5. ~ Best wishes for 2014. Thank you ~

  98. Love to get tickets to Richmond, VA! That would be so cool! I love your training!

  99. I would like to see Matt in Covington January 31. Last saw him in an elevator in the Mandalay Bay.

  100. Houston, TX pretty please?! Absolutely love killertips! Definitely my go to site.. Would be awesome to learn live!

  101. Would love to see Matt in Houston. Love Kelby Training Love Matt

  102. Love your Lightroom and Photoshop books and would like to attend at Covington, KY

  103. I am looking forward to being in Richmond!

  104. I would love to go to Houston

  105. I would love to go to Richmond

  106. I would love to see Matt in Richmond, VA!

  107. I looking forward to seeing you guys in Los Angeles. Hope to win a ticket to the event

  108. I would love to go in Covington, Kentucky.

  109. I’d like to go to the event in Covington, Kentucky. It would be great timing too, because I just upgraded from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5, by signing up for Adobe’s CC version. Thank you for the opportunity!

  110. Covington Kentucky

  111. I’d been a photographer for 40 years, and I still learn so many new things at every one of your seminars. PS World, on-line NAPP seminars, and road shows: it doesn’t matter what venue, Scott – you’re the best in the business.

    Looking forward to seeing you again in Richmond.

    Happy New Year to you, your family, and the whole NAPP staff !

    Col Dick Fox
    US Army, Retired

  112. I would love to see Matt when he comes to Houston! I was hoping to see him in San Antonio, but it seems that seminar was cancelled. :( Thanks for all the great tips! Happy New Year!

  113. After years of working only with Photoshop Elements (and enjoying your many articles!), I just got Lightroom. I’m really excited to start using it. Would love to come to the Richmond seminar.

  114. Would love to attend Los Angeles on 3/3,

  115. I sure wouldn’t mind heading south to Richmond.

  116. Hoping to attend the workshop in Covington :)

  117. Would love to see Matt in Los Angeles!

  118. I want to be in Richmond Va. with Matt. What a great opportunity for LR enthusiasts. Put my name in the running :)

  119. Love to go to LR in Richmond.

  120. I would like the Richmond event

  121. Los Angeles Please….would be nice.

  122. Richmond, VA would be great!!

  123. I would love to go to the Houston location! Matt Rocks!!!

  124. I would like to attend in Richmond, VA.

  125. It would be nice/fun to see Matt again…in Richmond, VA

  126. LA’s the place on March 3rd…

  127. Covington, KY. Matt is a great teacher and Kelby training/materials are quality!

  128. I would love a reason to visit the city of Covington, KY!

  129. I’d like to be a part in Los Angeles, CA

  130. I’d love to go to Covington.

  131. Would love to participate in Houston, TX Happy New Year !

  132. Thank you for the giveaway. I would love to see Matt live in LA!

  133. I’d love to see Matt in Los Angeles

  134. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be at the Los Angeles Event

  135. I would love to attend in Los Angeles!

  136. Would love to see Matt in Covington, Kentucky — January 31st

  137. Covington would be lovely.

  138. Hello,, I would love to drive down to Richmond to see Matt!! Thanks

  139. Richmond, Virginia

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