It’s Free-Stuff Friday (Well, if you’re into Lightroom it is!)

Hey Gang: I’ve been taking a few days off for the Holidays, so I’m in “lame blogging” mode, but I’m stepping in for a last-minute save with a few FREE tickets to Matt’s Lightroom 5 Live Training Tour coming up at the end of January and into March.

Just post a comment here, with the city you want to go to, and we’ll pick two winners in each city for a free ticket. Here’s the upcoming cities for Matt’s live tour:

  • Covington, Kentucky — January 31st
  • Richmond, Virginia — February 5th
  • Houston, Texas — February 17th
  • Los Angeles  — March 3rd

Here’s more info on the tour, along with class schedule for the day. Good luck everybody (and Happy Holidays!)


P.S. I’m shooting the Eagles/Cowboys game in Dallas on Sunday — I’ll share some of those shots next week.

  1. Good morning Photoshop Guys! I’d love to meet the great MattK in the rocket city (Houston, TX). it will be an honor to participate in his LR5 seminar! Thanks Scott…. Happy new 2014!!!

  2. I’d love to attend the seminar in Covington, KY (I need the help soon), but if there are too many attending that one- I could probably make any except the one in VA. Thanks!

  3. Matt K. in L.A. Dude I would love to attend this seminar. And depending on where we are for the location – we can roll out for the best food! Yes, this my attempt at a bribe (I know the streets of L.A. and you got the Black Belt – I’m just sayin’).

  4. Covington, Ky….What better place is there than Kentucky in January. I mean you have miserable weather, so what better way to beat the cold than to be inside a warm building learning Photoshop from the BEST [:-) . Heck, you can even give Matt some money to buy me a cup of coffee to take the chill off.

  5. I would love to go see Matt in Houston TX. I love all things photoshop and lightroom and Matt’s presets have been a life saver. Thanks for all you guys do.

  6. Oh man if I was invited to Richmond I definitely have the best excuse to visit the US and convincing my wife to follow the best Lightroom training would be easy! Already checking available flights from Amsterdam to the US ;-)

  7. Love for my first Lightroom seminar to be in Covington. Just starting Lightroom/Photoshop, but been in photography for a long time (reluctant to say how long :-) )

    1. I am a new subscriber to the lessons and I have learned a lot from Matt’s class on Lightroom. I would be able to attend the Covington class if chosen. Thank you.

  8. I would love to go to Los Angeles. Why? Because I am coming from Estonia to Los Angeles to run LA marathon and it would be great gift.

    P.S. I have all Scott’s books since nr 1 :-)

  9. I would love to attend the March 3rd tour in Los Angeles. I could make a mini-vacation out of it, visiting mom, dad and my brother after the Lightroom 5 Tour!

  10. ~ Would love to attend your seminar ( March 3rd ) in Los Angeles, CA, ~ Your ” The Digital Photography Book”, was the very first book I read when beginning my journey into photography. I learned more then I could have ever imagined and then some. It would be amazing to learn how to use Lightroom 5. ~ Best wishes for 2014. Thank you ~

  11. I’d like to go to the event in Covington, Kentucky. It would be great timing too, because I just upgraded from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5, by signing up for Adobe’s CC version. Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. I’d been a photographer for 40 years, and I still learn so many new things at every one of your seminars. PS World, on-line NAPP seminars, and road shows: it doesn’t matter what venue, Scott – you’re the best in the business.

    Looking forward to seeing you again in Richmond.

    Happy New Year to you, your family, and the whole NAPP staff !

    Col Dick Fox
    US Army, Retired

  13. I would love to see Matt when he comes to Houston! I was hoping to see him in San Antonio, but it seems that seminar was cancelled. :( Thanks for all the great tips! Happy New Year!

  14. After years of working only with Photoshop Elements (and enjoying your many articles!), I just got Lightroom. I’m really excited to start using it. Would love to come to the Richmond seminar.

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