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Corey Barker's Photoshop Down & Dirty Master FX Seminar Tour
Come spend the day with Corey Barker, the award-winning designer, illustrator and also best-selling author of the book "Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks, Volume 2" as he brings concepts, images and ideas from his book to life in this one-day live training seminar.

Join him as he ventures to take your Photoshop skills to the next level and beyond by teaching you how to master the eye-popping techniques used by designers, artists, and photographers all over the world. You will never look at Photoshop the same way again! Don't miss your chance to spend an entire day learning from one of the best Photoshop instructors. You'll be amazed at what you can learn in just one day. Guaranteed!

Catch Corey in New Orleans on October 3, and leave a comment here for your chance to win a free ticket!

Wacom Tablets for Photographers with Wes Maggio
Looking to get the most out of your Wacom pen tablet, or just wondering what benefits a tablet can bring to your photography workflow? Then join Wes Maggio, Senior Evangelist for Creative Products at Wacom, for an in-depth look at how a pen tablet can help you bring out the best in your images and do it more efficiently than any other input device. A pen tablet provides a level of control that is just not possible to obtain with a mouse or trackpad. In this class Wes carefully explains the principles behind pen input and pressure sensitivity, then walks you through a series of practical photographic examples that demonstrates the strengths of a tablet workflow. Along the way you will learn how to customize the settings to fit your needs, how to take advantage of multi-touch input and functions, how to use a tablet in a dual-display environment, and what to consider when choosing the right tablet for your workflow.

Leave a comment for your chance to watch this class for free!

Motion Graphics in Photoshop CC with Corey Barker
This class with Corey Barker gets you up and running with creating motion graphics and video clips entirely in Photoshop using the newly enhanced timeline panel and keyframe based animation. Learn quick and easy tricks to getting high-end broadcast style motion graphics and animations including animating in 3D!

Leave a comment for your chance to watch this class for free!

KelbyOne Live
Want to spend a day with Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, Matt Kloskowski, or Ben Willmore? Check out these seminar tours!

Shoot Like A Pro with Scott Kelby
Sept 26 - Houston, TX (Tomorrow!)
Oct 1 - Orlando, FL
Oct 10 - Westminster, London, UK
Oct 17 - Charlotte, NC
Dec 1 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The Power of One Flash with Joe McNally
Sept 24 - Cleveland, OH
Nov 6 - Washington, DC
Dec 9 - San Diego, CA

The Lightroom LIVE Tour with Matt Kloskowski
Sept 29 - Livonia, MI
Oct 22 - Colorado Springs, CO
Nov 4 - Philadelphia, PA
Dec 5 - San Antonio, TX

Photoshop for Photographers with RC Concepcion
Oct 20 - Chicago, IL
Nov 7 - Los Angeles, CA

The Photoshop Creativity Tour with Ben Willmore
Sept 22 - Arlington, TX
Oct 7 - Raleigh, NC
Nov 10 - Toronto, ON
Dec 12 - Phoenix, AZ

You can check out the full schedule for seminars through the end of the year. Leave a comment for your chance to win a ticket to one of these events!

David Ziser Clearance Sale
David Ziser is having his FIRST EVER MASSIVE CLEARANCE SALE at the Digital Resource Center! Everything must go and is priced at 50 – 80% OFF! Books, DVDs, bundles, and more are available for the lowest prices they’ve ever set, so head on over and grab what you can before it’s all gone.

Last Week’s Winners
Shoot Like A Pro Seminar Ticket
– marco miliani

KelbyOne Live Ticket
– Chris Mc

If you're one of the lucky winners, we'll be in touch soon. Have a great Thursday!

  1. Looking forward to learning from Scott in Orlando on Oct 1st. I recently bought a Wacom and, as always, having an expert take you through how to use it just accelerated your learning curve so I would love to see Wes’ presentation.

  2. Would love a chance to win tickets to Shoot Like A Pro with Scott Kelby – Oct 17 – Charlotte, NC or The Power of One Flash with Joe McNally – Nov 6 – Washington, DC. I live near the halfway point between both locations so I can easily make it to either. Thanks again for the opportunity.

  3. I’d love to get a free copy of the Wacom tablet video. I just purchased a small tablet and I can see the potential of this tool. I’d like to really learn more.

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