Trailblazers: A new series on Powerful Women of Photography

This is something we’re really proud, and very excited about  â” our own Mia McCormick had the vision and talent to create a brand new series all about inspiring female photographers â” woman who are blazing new trails in our industry and changing the way females are preceived in our industry.

Mia (an award-winning journalist and instructor herself), just did such a amazing job with this series, and the women you’ll meet, and the stories they tell, will just absolutely captivate you from start to finish. If you’re a KelbyOne subscriber, make sure you watch any interview in this series, and I know from there you’ll want to watch them all â” they are just that good.

We have thousands of technique lessons on KelbyOne, and I know how important those are. This year, we’re producing more than ever have in our history, but we also feel very strongly that there’s more to learning photography than just how to use your camera and where to put the light.

Why not let this weekend be one where take a short break from the techniques and get lost in being inspired, learning the business side of photography, gaining important insights, and being swept away by amazing images, courageous people and wonderful artists.

Hope you all have a safe, fun weekend (and if you’re in Houston, Texas for my seminar here today, I hope you’ll come up and say â” its always a treat to meet people in person who read my blog.

All my best,



  1. I have liked the series Mia has produced and enjoyed the pieces.

    Scott. I have a question.

    It’s been a long time since I first heard the name Kelby and linked it up with Photography and Training. This week on The Grid, you announced that new expansion in the office for video production and broadcasts… Kelby is certainly moving ahead. What’s YOUR entire story? Exactly how and why did you do the things you have done to make Kelby and yourself as large as it is?

    Between you and the silent brains behind the Kelby outfit (that is known in the inner circles as Kalebra) you’ve touched so many people. Near 60 books, 1000’s of hours live training, 100,000’s of miles flown, largest social photography event the world has..

    I want to hear the entire thing… from start to finish.

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