It’s “Update Your Portfolio” Monday

OK, we’ve had “Backup Tuesday” and now it’s time for “Update Your Portfolio Monday” â” a reminder that it’s time to shake the dust off that portfolio â” see if you have newer, better shots that need to be added. Take a look at the sequence (order) of your images and see if they need changing, see if anything needs to come out, and just make sure everything’s up-to-date.

So far, I’ve only had enough time to update my Sports Photography Portfolio (here’s the link). I actually added a new category for College Football, and updated my NFL port, and made a change or two to my GameDay Detail port, too. Tonight I’m going to update my regular port (hosted by smugmug â” you can use the link at the top right of my blog here).

Hey, if you update your blog today as part of “Update Your Port Monday” leave me a link here, and let me know what you did to update it. If you don’t have an online port, what are ya waitin’ for?

Here’s wishing you an updated kinda Monday!



      1. Thanks Scott. That’s was taken in the Notre Dame in Paris.

        Hopefully I’ll get some of them critiqued on The Grid one day. It would be great to get some detailed feedback on where I need to improve.

  1. Whoops! Sorry, totally didn’t mean to post a huge picture of myself. I thought I was uploading an avatar. As an administrator, feel free to delete that picture from the post. Or if it makes your day that’s cool too haha Sorry Scott

      1. Hey Trev: Looks great! Lots of really nicely done work there, and I think the layout of your port is really interesting, too! Love the headline at the top — very nicely done all the away around. You are one talented guy! :)

  2. Having done this kind of work professionally some years ago, I consider it one of the most difficult tasks with a camera! You’re doing it very well indeed! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Okay, I’ve got to know. How did you hide yourself in the reflection of the Bears Helmet? Oh, it’s a beautiful shot by the way! I have to say after seeing your portfolio, I’m going to try my hand at sports photography. I think that I’ll try to get a pass for the next Arkansas Home Game. Wish me luck!


    Technically, I didn’t update in on Monday – I did last week, though. Good timing, Scott!

    This was a seriously major revamp for me. I got a new layout – something simpler and all around easier to work with than the last one. And I definitely changed the focus. I remember the last time I worked on my portfolio I didn’t trust my gut at all – I overthought every image and every order. This time around I wanted to really prioritize the images I love because that’s what I want to get hired to do: make images that I love.

    All in all this is the happiest I’ve ever been with my portfolio.

  5. Hi Scott, thanks for taking time to chat with me at PSW (we discussed the hockey workshop)! Looking at your work continually makes me realize how much more I need to grow as a sports photographer. I took some time today to update my sports portfolio along with a few other sports-related sub-galleries.

    And yes, I do realize I still need to add a profile pic on my site. =)

    1. Hey Darren: You have a really great port!! Lots of great images, and I love the layout of your portfolio — it has a lot of impact. Loved the shot of the Sutter QB in that golden light — really nice stuff all the way through. Very impressed! :)

      1. Thanks Scott, I really appreciate you taking the time to take a look! Been trying to take advantage of the golden light during a football game… only took me three years to get that shot! LOL

  6. Hi Scott, thanks for the reminder, I removed few and add some new ones :) hope you like it.

    Let me know if there is some image that I should really get rid of ;) I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

    ps. the one that I would remove from yours is flying Aaron Rodgers, though it’s cool, somehow it didn’t fit for me with the rest ;)


    1. Hey Peter. You’ve got a lot of really great stuff there — really nice! My one comment would be there’s just WAY too much stuff there. I’m not seeing your best work — I’m seeing pretty much ALL your work. Get it down to your best 24 images (or pick two or three categories with 24 in each), and it will make a big difference in how people perceive your work. One more thing: that image of Aaron Rodgers you mentioned is probably my most published shot. If anyone does a story on me, that’s one they always choose to show from my port in the magazine (see image attached where their photo editor choose it as the two-page spread that opened the story). ;-)

      1. Hi Scott, I got you. The portfolio is only in slideshow, the link is to archive. But the test on you (sorry for that :)) ) show, that it actually is confusing. Get rid of my archive and use the best in few categories is the way to move forward I guess. :) Thanks I appreciate the feedback.

        The Aaron shot, now that is interesting! I knew there is something special. When I scrolled through the photos, from the visual point of view (I was scrolling on my phone with small screen), this one strike me. And I was like, why is it there, looked like ordinary shot. Somehow I felt it doesn’t fit. Maybe it is the thing that on the other photos you have a lot of faces very close and then I came upon a one with the QB’s back and the face of the defender is too far.

        But important is that editors love it !!! Why do you think they like it so much? Is it the special moment? Like, I know you don’t see flying QB very often ;) Kind of interesting.

    1. Hey Eric. Seriously awesome work!!! Plus, I love the layout, which favors your portrait-orientated shots. I am really impressed! OK, want to make your port way better, and have people think more of you as a photographer? Cull it down to just your best 24 shots, and only show those. You will be amazed at what that will do for you. Keep up the great work! :)

      1. Thank you Scott! I really appreciate the complement! Your work inspires me constantly!
        Yes I will do that and bring it down to my best 24. Thank you for that great advice!

  7. Just got my website up & going last week…. It’s still very much a work in process, but I did finish my portfolio yesterday. Feel free to have a look… it’s all hockey right now. Scott, you may recognize some of the photos… I was one of your selections on your last “Blind Critique” version of The Grid. Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks so very much!

    1. HI Candace — OK, you’ve got a lot of great hockey shots in there, surrounded by some kind of boring hockey shots. You just need an editor that can get you down from 47 to just the very best 24 hockey shots. Also, start off with your single strongest image, and then follow it up with some really great ones, and end with some really great ones — that makes a big difference because people make snap judgements when it comes to photography — the first image hits them or it doesn’t. So, cull it down to just 24 of your best (and you have 24 really solid shots), and you’ll be in good shape. Hope that helps. :)

  8. It’s actually Tuesday already here in Australia but I’m all over it. With the back ups all done yesterday, the portfolio tweaks have been done… Little tweaks but tweaks all the same.

    This time around I have just played around with my colour concert portfolio because that will leave me something to do next week.


    1. Dude!!! Awesome, awesome shots!!! Love your color concert work, and love the post processing! Really great looking site all around, and the images are on the money. Great job!!!! (and thanks for sharing those with me). :)

      1. Hey Scott. Thanks for taking the time to check out my work. I’m extremely happy to hear that you enjoyed looking through my pictures and really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to let me know.

        You’ve made my day.


  9. Hey Scott,
    Just updated my Squarespace portfolio on the weekend. In fact the update was the addition of a Football gallery.
    Funny story behind the photo on my homepage, which I took at the first home game two weeks ago. Being the game was midday the sun was really bright. So the sky ended up getting blown out. I later posted the image on Facebook and another photographer commented on how it reminded him of your images. I also had thought of the same after I saw the image on the back of my camera.

    1. Hey Alex — it’s funny he said that, because as soon as I saw that pic on your home page I thought, “Man, I really like that shot!” LOL!! :) Overall, lots of good stuff there. I have something I think could help you, but only if you want to hear it (I’m not posting an unsolicited critique), so let me know — it’s nothing bad, but I think it could make your port a lot stronger. :)

      1. Thanks Scott, I would be more than happy to read your critique, feel free to email when you have time.

        Thanks Again

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