One of the greatest photographers ever made is having his first solo gallery show, opening this week at the Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico and if you get a chance â” you have to see it in person. Here are the details:

Who: Joe McNally
What: A solo exhibition
Where: The Monroe Gallery: 112 Don Gaspar Ave, Santa Fe, NM (link)
When: October 3rd thru November 23rd
Why:  Because Joe is a photography students will study after we’re all gone.

Here’s a link to the gallery’s site with all the details. Hope you get the chance to see it in person.

I’m off to Orlando for my seminar there tomorrow â” looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of you there.

Have a better than average Tuesday. That’s all I can muster for a Tuesday. ;-)



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  1. Man, would I love to be out there. I was at a convention there about 6 months ago, it would be awesome to see Joe’s work!

  2. Hi Scott, thanks for a great blog, always interesting and inspirational.

    I think this line needs a quick edit: “Why: Because Joe is a photography students will study after we’re all gone”

  3. With all the great prints Joe has shot over the decades,I don’t know how you could choose what gets priority in the gallery! Congrats to Joe!

  4. Scott…esp. coming from a friend and fellow shooter like yourself, your words mean a lot to me. Many, many thanks, and I know you will knock it out of the park in Orlando!

  5. The gallery is far too small to display all the incredible images that Joe has taken. I also agree with Patrick – “how to choose?”.

    And Scott, you are right – Joe McNally is one of the greatest ever. And Isaac, you nailed it too. Beyond his creativity, dedication, expressiveness, and ability to communicate, he is one of the most open, caring and sharing photographers I’ve ever met.

    Thank you,

  6. As a student of Joe’s I agree; great photographer, great guy.

  7. Too bad one of the prizes for the photowalk isn’t tickets & airfare to see Joe’s work. *hint hint*

  8. Saw it on Monday and it’s great! The life size polaroids from his Faces of Ground Zero are truly amazing.

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