Adobe Photoshop Creativity Seminar with Ben Willmore
The last KelbyOne Live seminar of the year is TOMORROW, December 12, in Phoenix with Ben Willmore! If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time. And if you want a chance to go for free, leave a comment here this morning, and we’ll pick a winner this afternoon!

DSLR Filmmaking: Camera Motion & Support with Adam Rohrmann
Attention aspiring filmmakers! There's a lot more to camera rigs than just providing support for your camera. In this class our very own filmmaker extraordinaire Adam Rohrmann takes you through the technical how-to aspects of six of the most common camera supports used in DSLR filmmaking, and then brings it all home in a series of lessons designed to give you a camera operator's-eye view of how each rig can be used to elicit a different emotion in your viewer through the production of a short film scripted for this class. Adam's practical approach gives you a real world perspective on how to use each rig, how to keep your subject locked in sharp focus, and the importance of using camera motion with attention to the emotional impact it has on your audience.

Moose Peterson Discusses Image Quality
And he’s not talking about megapixels. Check out this video where Moose shows a print he had made and talks about how the quality of a picture has less to do with megapixels and more about the craftsmanship behind the making of the image. And if you want to see the behind the scenes from the shoot where he made the image, you can see that right here.

New Fuji X-System eBook from Bill Fortney
The Fuji X-System User's Guide from Bill Fortney is a real guide to getting the most from this system. The guide features over 300 photographs spread over 200 pages with helpful information and tips for getting the most out of the fantastic System. The book also features work from today's top pros that are using the Fuji X-System! You can find out more and buy your copy right here. Leave a comment for your chance to win a free download!

Last Week’s Winner
KelbyOne Live Ticket
– 3lyssa

If that’s you, we’ll be in touch soon. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. OMG, that’s me!!! Thank you so much! I am extremely grateful for the opportunity! :-D

  2. I’d really loved to learn from Bill Fortney about the Fuji X-System.

  3. The X System book sounds great. Would love to win a download of that!

  4. Bill is a favorite I would love to get his book

  5. Bill Fortney is great! Would love his ebook. Thanks

  6. Thanks for the McNally ticket! I had a great time.

  7. I just started shooting with the Fuji system a couple months ago. I’d love to win Bill’s book and learn a few things. Thanks!

  8. Winning the Fuji X-System ebook would be much appreciated. Bill is a great instructor, an awesome photographer and a really down to earth person.

  9. Love the Fuji X system. Would love to learn more on how to get the most from it. Thanks!

  10. I loved Ben’s workshop when he hit Arlington, TX in September. If any of you live close at all, it is worth twice the price of admission. Great tips!!

  11. Would love to have Bill Fortney’s X-System ebook! I have heard such good things about the x-system cameras.

  12. Yup. Definitely commented on this.

  13. Adam Rohrmann video is great, I highly recommend watching!

  14. If you haven’t picked a winner yet, I’d love to go…and I’m not too far away from Phoenix.

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