New Classes at KelbyOne
It’s Fashion Month at and we have a lot of great classes on Fashion Photography from instructors like Lindsay Adler, Lou Freeman, and Joel Grimes! High Fashion Photography on a Budget by Lindsay Adler is a brand NEW class that will be releasing today. In this class, Lindsay shows you how to get the same looks that you might see in magazines or designer ads, but without breaking the bank.

Also, Dan Hughes from MacPhun Software stopped by and created a class called Dynamic Black & White Images Made Easy featuring Tonality Pro. Dan shows how to start with built-in presets, layer multiple presets together, apply custom settings, and a number of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this innovative software.

Keep an eye out on for both of these new classes today!

KelbyOne Live
Want to learn from Scott Kelby or Joel Grimes live in person? Check out these seminar tour dates to see if they’re coming to a city near you!

Shoot Like A Pro Tour with Scott Kelby
Mar 9 – Sacramento, CA

The Photographers Creative Revolution Tour with Joel Grimes
Feb 23 – Indianapolis, IN
Feb 25 – Atlanta, GA
Feb 27 – Arlington, TX
Mar 25 – Washington, DC
Mar 27 – Minneapolis, MN
Apr 17 – New York, NY
Apr 22 – San Antonio, TX
Apr 24 – Houston, TX

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free ticket to one of these events!

Last Week’s Winner
Lightroom 5 Book for Photographers
– Georgia M. Higgins

If that’s you, we’ll be in touch soon. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Put me in the running.. p.s. I used your discount code for my ticket to wppi ,, can’t wait to go

  2. Would love to see Joel Grimes in DC.

  3. Joel Grimes rocks! Wish Macphun would make a PC version.

  4. Joel Grimes’ work is amazing. Would love to win a ticket to his NYC tour stop

  5. Looking forward to learning from Joel in Atlanta.

  6. Would be awesome to attend the Joel Grimes Washington, DC tour event !

  7. Seeing Joel in Indy would be well worth the drive!

  8. Will the new B&W software ever be available for Windows?

  9. Joel Grimes in NYC would be great

  10. Joel Grimes in Washington would be great.

  11. So excited to see Joel Grimes in Mpls!

  12. Seeing Joel Grimes in Atlanta would be a great opportunity!

  13. Yes please. This is awesome and I would love to win!

  14. Would love to see Joel Grimes in Atlanta!

  15. I have waited a long time to be able to learn from Joel in Atlanta. Oh, please!!!! :)

  16. I never had the opportunity to attend a conference. Would love to take off of work and attend the NYC KelbyOne workshop

  17. This would be awesome to win. Joel in Texas.. ;)

  18. This would be my very first workshop and I would be thrilled to win. Joel is phenomenal! Joel Grimes in Indianapolis! :)

  19. I never wacable to attend

  20. Love watching and learning!!

  21. Joel is inspiring! A true creative!!

  22. Free or not I’ll be there!

  23. Love your work :)

  24. Would love to win a ticket to see Joel Grimes in Houston

  25. Joel Grimes is in my top 10 photographers. I’d love to take one of his classes.

  26. Would love to win!

  27. So stoked that Scott is coming to Sacramento. Just signed up. Would love to win Joel’s training at any of the TX stops

  28. Count me in for Joel!

  29. Have never been to a Joel Grimes seminar and hope to get a free ticket to his presentation in DC!

  30. I would love to see Joel in NY!

  31. Scott- would LOVE to see you in Minneapolis! Mpls! Reading not Moving though strong point today!

  32. Or Joel since Scott won’t be in Mpls. Reading is not my strong point today!

  33. Would love to step up my game with Joel, count me in!

  34. I am in Indianapolis!! I would be so incredibly grateful!

  35. I would love a trip to any of these places!

  36. I want to win a chance to see Joel here in DC.

  37. I’d love to attend the Joel Grimes workshop in DC. Sweet!

  38. Indy, here I come.

  39. I would be very grateful for an opportunity to witness this workshop in Arlington, TX

  40. Thanks to everyone at Kelbyone! I would be grateful for a chance to learn from Joel in person.

  41. Omg, this would be sweeeeet

  42. Scott,
    I’d really love to attend Joel’s workshop in DC.

  43. Yes! Fantastic photographers! I would love to go!

  44. Awesome! It will be great to attend the tour in NY!

  45. Yes! Yes! Yes!! I would Love to attend the Atlanta class!! My daughter and I just came back from the PhotoPro Expo in Northern Kentucky! It was a whirlwind of learning!! It was my first conference ever, and boy was I inspired and motivated. These classes are a must!!! Melanye Narcarti

  46. Rumor has it that Florida is pretty nice in the Winter. What nothing soon for Florida from you guys? What, you wouldn’t even think Ft. Myers could fill a class? Has to be some big city like Tampa or Miami. Well, we do have nice beaches. Fresh big Gulf shrimp to eat. Nah, you guys would hate it. Never mind.

  47. Wow how do you choose:) Both would be incredible and getting out of Cold Alberta for a little while would be great too.

  48. Good enough excuse to come to the States :-)

  49. I would love to attend “The Photographers Creative
    Revolution Tour with Joel Grimes” in Indianapolis! Would make a cold wintery day in Indiana so much more invitingL!

  50. I’ve seen instructional videos from both photographers, and they’re both great!

  51. I love photography! I know that it is imperative to invest in learning, especially if you want to thrive in a photography biz. I live in the metro-Atlanta area and have been looking a this for the last several days. I would love to attend!

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