How Do I Do That In Lightroom? eBook Giveaway!
You saw it announced here earlier this week… Now it’s time to give some away! Leave a comment for your chance to win one of three free How Do I Do That In Lightroom? eBooks from Scott Kelby!

What’s that? We have three free The Headshot by Peter Hurley eBooks as well? Great! Leave a comment for your chance to win one of these too!

Photoshop World
Photoshop World is right around the corner! If you’re in the Las Vegas area and want to swing on by, we’d love to see you. You can still get FREE Expo Only passes by visiting

Getting Your Best Footage And Editing in GoPro Studio with Mia McCormick
Take your GoPro capture skills to the next level with Mia McCormick! In this class Mia builds on her previous GoPro class to share tips and techniques for capturing the best still images and footage with your GoPro, and then how to use the free GoPro Studio software to create a finished video project. Mia starts off by covering some key considerations for making your camera setting decisions, as well as her favorite must-have accessories, before diving into showing you how to complete a project using GoPro Studio.

Edge Animate Basics with David LaFontaine
Get started using Edge Animate! Join David LaFontaine as he explain what Edge Animate is and why it is becoming so popular. You'll learn how to use the basic tools and controls, so that by end of class you'll know how to make a simple animated banner that includes text, sounds, and events triggered by user interaction. This class provides the perfect foundation for moving on to more advanced skills in the next class in this series.

KelbyOne Live
Want to learn from Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, RC Concepcion or Ben Willmore live in person? Check out these seminar tour dates to see if they're coming to a city near you!

Shoot Like A Pro: Reloaded with Scott Kelby
Sept 22 - Phoenix, AZ
Sept 28 - Austin, TX
Oct 16 - Washington, DC

The Moment It Clicks with Joe McNally
Aug 21 - Orlando, FL
Aug 24 - Miami, FL

Lightroom CC Power Tour with RC Concepcion
Aug 26 -  Charlotte, NC
Sept 16 - Arlington, TX
Sept 24 - Milwaukee, WI

Lightroom & Photoshop for Photographers Tour with Ben Willmore
Aug 4 - Kansas City, MO
Aug 6 - St. Louis, MO

These are just some of the upcoming dates for these seminar tours. You can find the full calendar of events right here, and leave a comment for your chance to win a free ticket to one of these events!

Last Week’s Winner
KelbyOne Live Ticket
– Cheryl Tadin

If that's you, we'll be in touch soon. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. would love to get a lightroom ebook. always looking for lightroom tips. thanks.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed your Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, and Digital Photography Books and Kelby One video training over the years. Keep up the great work!

  3. I’d love a ticket to the Shoot Like a Pro event!

  4. I have greatly improved in my photography and retouching since using some of Scott Kelby resources and the ‘online school’ called Kelby One is an MBA/PhD in being creative! Good work guys. Then Peter Hurley’s ‘The Headshot’ book is amazing. Just reading the excerpt but would love love looove to get the free ebook version.

  5. I would love the lightroom book! I have several of his books and love them all. I already have my ticket for the Phoenix Shoot Like a Pro and am looking forward to it.

  6. Would love to win the “How Do I Do That In Lightroom?” ebook. Thanks.

  7. I would love to win free e-books! KelbyOne rocks!

  8. Not picky about which one because either would be excellent! I can only hope and give it a try! Thanks for the chance to win them.

  9. Just had a look at the contents to your new book “How Do I Do That In Lightroom?”. Will make using Lightroom more easy than before as it looks so practical. I would love this Lightroom book.

  10. All you’re books are awesome – thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Have never used light room but would love to learn from one of my favorite photographer’s Scott Kelly. Hopefully someday I can go to one of his seminars !

  12. would love to add your book to my Kelby Collection…Great Resources! Thanks for the opportunity to try and win one!

  13. Wow I need that Lightroom book! Kelby books are the best – so easy to follow!

  14. I have got to beg for either of those 2 books. I’m typing this from my knees !!!!

  15. Good luck…

  16. Scott Kelby Rocks! Pick me! Peter Hurley?!? Great idea guys!

  17. As I grow older and LR gets more options, I get dumber since I have to look up the steps. And since my shebang needs work let go for the Hurley ebook that Ive also had on order for more than a year. Yes, I jumped on the LR ebook already. Who are you again?

  18. I have several of the Kelby books. This new one would be a great addition. BTW, when will a photography or lightroom training class head to Denver?

  19. This free stuff is awesome stuff! Both books from excellent photographers. So yes please!

  20. Love lightroom for a long time… still miss some of the UI of Aperture

  21. I have been thinking of getting Lightroom for a long, long time now. I currently use Photoshop, but want to shift to Lightroom and this book will be really helpful.

  22. I’ve been waiting for the Hurley book it seems like, forever. I gotta have a copy…pleaseeeee!

  23. The Lightroom book sounds great.

  24. An eBook would be great, my Kelby shelf is getting full.

  25. I have just begun exploring Lightroom and would love a book to learn more. Portraits are definitely something I would like to improve….
    Both would be a good addition to my photography learning library.

  26. It would be great to win :)

  27. Wow fantasti, i want it :-)

  28. It’d be great to win this book :-)

  29. That book looks great!

  30. Would love to win the eBook by Peter Hurley or your lightroom book.

  31. Would love to win one of these books. Preferably HDIDTIL :)

  32. I’d love a chance to win one of the e-books!

  33. I’d love a ticket to see RC when he comes to Boston!

  34. I’m loving the new How Do I Do That In Lightroom I bought earlier this week. So it’d be great to get a copy of The Headshot by Peter Hurley to read as well.

  35. I would really like to have a copy of how do I do that in Lightroom coming from the remotest capital city in the World Perth Western Australia we need all the help we can get.

  36. This is Perfect!
    My daughter Alyssa (9yrs old) has taken a real interest in photography. We’ve started her on the digital photography books but have been trying to figure out a great resource for her to use on lightroom!

  37. I could definitely put that How to do that in Lightroom book to good use. Any and all help getting up to speed with this program would be great!

  38. I’m currently reading “How to do that in Lightroom. It’s a good resource. It would be nice to have the new Peter Hurley book.

  39. It would be amazing to receive a copy of this book. Every book I have of Scott’s has been incredibly helpful so I know this would be a great resource.

  40. Awesome post” Would LOVE to win the Peter Hurley Book!

  41. Good idea because when you know Lightroom, always has a question you don’t find in any book

  42. I like the new approach. I agree with CHEMA, one has to scan the index trying to fit the right answer in most books.

  43. Just picked up CC Photography so would love your new book to sharpen my Lightroom skills.

  44. I would love to win a free ticket to Scott’s Austin seminar. Thanks for the great product.

  45. I just started using LR after using Photoshop for so many years. I am loving the Develop module; but there are so many new things to learn with the Library module. I really need a LR book, and one by Scott would be so helpful; since his style just makes learning so much easier.

  46. WOW, both books look awesome. Peter Hurley’s book looks shabanging and Scott’s book looks head banging…

  47. Would love a copy of the LR book – I just signed up for the CC Photography plan and this would be an awesome resource! Thanks!

  48. I would like either book

  49. I would love the LR Book. I have used Scott’s books to teach myself processing in both LR and PS in the past as well as his photography books. This book looks like a great resource to keep by the computer.

  50. Woo Hoo!! Free stuff!

  51. I would love to win Scott’s latest book. All his books are great.

  52. Would love either of the books!

  53. That would certainly help me take the next step!

  54. Great books either way.

  55. You guys do such great job keeping my skills growing, keep it up.

  56. Already bought your new lightroom book and it rocks!! “The headshot” would be a great addition to my collection!

  57. Love your stuff.

  58. Looks like more great tools. Thanks for the insight and education.

  59. Scott’s Shoot Like a Pro:Reloaded…whether I win it or whether I pay…I will be in DC on that day!

  60. There’s no book like a Kelby book! I think I own all of the LR books and winning one would keep my collection intact. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  61. Aw man….tough choice! Put me in for a copy of The Headshot!

  62. I purchased the Lightroom eBook already. I’d love to read the Peter Hurley book so sign me up please.

  63. Both books are great. please enter me for a copy of the new Lightroom Book. Thanks!

  64. Sha-Bang! Would love one!

  65. I gave most of Scott’s other books; this one sounds great!

  66. I would love either of the books or a chance at Ben’s Tour in Kansas City!

  67. I’d love to win “The Headshot” Thanks

  68. Scott’s lightroom book or Peter Hurley’s book would be an awesome win!

  69. The book would be awesome! Thanks, Scott!

  70. Yeah that. Either book would be great to win.

  71. Either book would be appreciated.

  72. I’m new to LR and would love a copy of “How Do I Do That” or of “The Headshot” (and won’t quip about having taken a few headshots in my rough-and-tumble youth).

  73. Seeing Scott in DC would be great!

  74. Would love to win a book!

  75. Either book would be a great learning tool. Thanks for all you do!

  76. I purchased your Lightroom book the other day. Looks fantastic. I feel like I’m pretty strong using Lightroom so I decided to start from the beginning to see what new ideas I can pick up or maybe some tips or tricks I’ve forgotten about.Then I think it will become a great reference tool. Would love to have Peter Hurley’s book.

  77. Peter Hurley’s “The Headshot” eBook sounds great!

  78. This is the week to win. Best give-aways yet!

  79. I’d love to have the “how do I do that in LR” book or the Headshot book. I’m not picky. :)

  80. Winning that Lightroom book would be awesome; I just started using Lightroom to manage my photo-processing workflow!

  81. So excited for the The Moment It Clicks with Joe McNally here in Orlando! Would love to have one of the books too. #KnowledgeSponge

  82. So, how do I do that without the book?

  83. I have several of Scott’s books, excellent author and I would love to add this to my library.

  84. Wait, what. All I need to do is comment?

  85. I’d love to get Scott’s new book! Love his teaching and writing style!

  86. I would love to win either book! Thanks for doing this!!!

  87. So when I when I Do Do That I will know that I’ve Done Did That right because Scott’s a Definite Do It Right kinda guy, and if he Did Do It first all I’ve gotta Do is read his latest and become a Doer.

  88. The Lightroom book looks like it rocks. Would love to win a copy of it or the head shot book as well. Cannot wait to start reading and using the information in my workflows.

  89. I would not mind a free book… but I am just waiting for Scott to come to Austin for his RELOADED Tour. See you there!!!

  90. Me, me, me! Unabashed selfishness.

  91. Thanks for Free Stuff Thursdays!

  92. I would love to know how I do that in Lightroom!

  93. Can’t wait until #PSW15 but then get special BONUS follow-up with the SHOOT LIKE A PRO: RELOADED with @ScottKelby in #PHOENIX on 9/22

  94. I already bought the “How do I do that in LR?” book, but I’d love to win a free Headshot/Hurley book ;-)

  95. I have so much I need to learn. Trying to get my photography career off the ground. These e-books would be very beneficial.

  96. So much that I need to learn in Lightroom. Would love a copy of the book.

  97. Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birrrrthday to Me-eeee (on august 6th), Happy Birthday to me!

  98. It would be totally awesome to have a copy of either book. I currently have your Lightroom 5 book and use that as my “go to” reference manual.

  99. I’d love to win a copy of How Do I Do That In Lightroom!

  100. I would love either a copy of Das Headshot or How in the “HELL” do I do that in lightroom :)

  101. How do I, do that in Lightroom? I’m certain rhis book would help. -pete

  102. Need, need, need all the help I can get. Would love How Do I Do That In Lightroom! And loved The Grid yesterday.

  103. I would love to have the Lightroom book! You guys are awesome for doing these giveaways every week!

  104. Love to have a copy of the books!!! thanks!

  105. I never know if we’re supposed to leave witty, topical comments related to our preferred prize or a simple check-in to enter our name. Since I’m not witty, I’ll opt for the latter and hope that I can get a copy of the Headshot. If mentioning other prizes that I’d be interested in helps, the How Do I Do That in Lightroom book sounds dandy, too.

  106. I am so thankful that there are resources out there like these. Would love to have any one of them. Thank you.

  107. Always looking for another Lightroom book!

  108. Love free stuff Thursday and it is followed by Friday, sweet :)

  109. The giveaways are the best. Can’t wait to get the new Lightroom book. See you in Vegas!

  110. Am I too late to enter? Anyway I hope the tour makes more stops in Raleigh.

  111. Peter’s and Scott’s book! Please count me in :-)

  112. “I don’t always read books, but when I do, they’re written by Scott Kelby.”

  113. Scott’s new Lightroom book sounds amazing!

  114. I already took advantage of getting the Lightroom eBook as a Kelby One subscriber – excellent book!

    I would like the Peter Hurley eBook if my comment is one of the lucky ones chosen.

  115. The lightroom ebook would be awesome. Thanks.

  116. i never win anything. Could it be the case now ? ;-)

  117. Either of these books would be great additions to my photography collection. I’m a fan of both Scott and Peter!!!

  118. No way. You’re kidding right? A free copy of How Do I Do That in Lightroom if I leave a comment? But what could I say?

    Do I try to be funny, or serious? Such a dilemma!

    I mean I could really do with a copy of this amazing book, but I don’t want to sound too needy!

    I also have to make sure I don’t say too much, as I might exceed the character limit, resulting in me being unable to submit my comment, thereby ending my chances of winning the book.

    Then again, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, right?

    So here goes…

    Please can you choose me to win one of your How Do I Do That in Lightroom ebooks. Thank you.

  119. Woah! Coming to Houston, TX! I can’t wait!!!!

  120. I wonder how I would do *this* in Lightroom?

  121. Great idea for a book Scott!

  122. The new Scott Kelby Lightroom book please.

  123. How do I enter the “free stuff” draw? Am I entered just by commenting and telling you guys how awesome you are? Cuz you are. Awesome that is ;-)

  124. Would love to win this pick me and I can pick it up at the Lightroom Photoshop Seminar you guys are doing in Kansas City next Tuesday! Save you the shipping????

  125. Hey you guys still rock! Would love to see Joe McNally in either Miami or Orlando. His work and teaching are inspiring. Happy Birthday Indra!!!

  126. I don’t need no stinkin’ free eBook on Lightroom. . . BRING it on, of course I do!:))

  127. I had pre-ordered Peter Hurley’s book when it was first announced, but due to delays, my pre-order was cancelled. Still want it!

  128. Scott, I am looking forward to the free copy of your new book.

  129. Scott or Perter I cannot decide I would like to get both books. Maybe I can get one for free.

  130. That new Lightroom book would be helpful. Thanks for your generosity.

  131. The Lightroom Book sounds great! Hope a class will come to Ohio soon.

  132. I’d be happy to win either book. I really would like to see how Scott put together and organized his book. So okay, if I have to choose then let it be Scott’s ‘How Do I Do That…’ book.

  133. I’m just getting into portraiture so that Peter Hurley book would help a lot!

  134. The Lightroom book would be a great addition to my Kelby library. Your books, videos, and website have taught me everything I know about photography. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  135. It’s my dog’s birthday today. She would love to review your new book, and she is the sharing type, and if I’m lucky, I might be able to look over her shoulder.

  136. I definitely need that book since Rocky Nook is the publisher… Love them and of course Scott!!

  137. I have been learning Lightroom thru the use of Scott’s Lightroom CC book….the new “How do I…” book seems like a great way to focus-in on specific techniques that I may use occasionally and can’t recall the details.

  138. i would love either book! Thank you for free Thursdays!

  139. Would love to add this to my collection! So happy with my first KelbyOne training last month!

  140. I’d like to get Scott’s new Lightroom book to see what tools/techniques I may be missing in LR CC.

  141. Winning a copy of the Lightroom book would make an awesome week even better!

  142. Oh, yeah….The Headshot, please! Shebang!!!

  143. I can’t wait to check this new Lightroom book out.
    Sounds fantastic!

  144. Yeah if could get Peter’s book, that would be great

  145. Free??? I’ve been buying Scott’s books for naught this long!

  146. Oh, does the “How Do I Do That In Lightroom?” book cover some of the Photoshop like techniques you can do? I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  147. It would be a lovely gift for my friend who’s just starting out in photography & has had Lightroom for only a few days.

  148. Anything by Scott is worth reading, worth owning and worth telling people you got for free.

  149. Always interested in new techniques to editing my photos better. “How Do I Do That In Lightroom” would be perhaps the holy grail for me. And winning a copy would be the bomb! :)

  150. A copy of Scott’s LR book would be dandy.

  151. Lightroom & headshots! Would love to learn more about both!

  152. Would be awesome to have a copy of How do I do that in Lightroom or The Headshot,

  153. Love free stuff Thursday!!!!! Would love a copy of either book. I’ m very new and “green” to photography and could gain a lot from the experts

  154. I like Scott’s books. Have acquired a bunch over the years. Would love to get the how do you do it in Lightroom.

  155. I already took a look at some of the free sample pages and already modified my importing with Smart Previews. Hadn’t considered that yet until I saw that sample page. If one page helps me out, I can’t imagine what the rest of the book will do!

  156. Hoping to win the new Lightroom book. Can always use more Lightroom knowledge.

  157. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  158. Looks like another interesting book!

  159. Hopefully, the content of the comment won’t affect whether you win. If it does, I have no chance.

  160. Love the Kelby books and resources! Would love either the Hurley or Kelby ebook.

  161. This time I really mean it, how DO I do that in Lightroom?

  162. Even those down under would like a copy of the Lightroom book. Fingers crossed

  163. I love your blog, very useful tips and techniques. Would love to win those books

  164. Would be great to have either book!

  165. You guys are the best! I’d love to have the new LR book!

  166. would love either book – please!!!

  167. The book sounds awesome Scott!

  168. Would like to have this ebook

  169. It would be awesome to win a free ticket to Scott’s KelbyOne Live in DC in October.

  170. Great! Was waiting for this kind of setup. That’s what i like about the digital photography books. You could make me very happy… ;-)

  171. I would like to have “How Do I Do That in Lightroom”, thanks!

  172. I love Scott’s books, especially the ones that are free. Thank you.

  173. I’ve already purchased Scott’s book, but I would love to win Peter’s! Thank you!

  174. Pick me, pick me. Love Scott’s books.

  175. Love the idea behind the new LR book. Can’t wait to check it out.

  176. How do you do that in Lightroom?

  177. I would love to win this.

  178. Count me in, always wanna read new Lightroom book by Scott!

  179. I’ll take either the Peter or Lightroom book, please.

  180. Either of those books would be terrific

  181. I want to learn from Scott in Phoenix! :D

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