Lightroom 4 Crash Course App
Want to take the Lightroom 4 Crash Course with you wherever you go? Grab the app from the iTunes store and you can have it on your iPad and iPhone! No need to be connected to the internet once you have it installed, and it’s like having Matt Kloskowski right there with you, letting you know about all the cool new features in Lightroom 4.

This and other Kelby Training apps are on sale for $4.99 today until around 3:00pm ET, so grab them now before they go back to their regular price of $9.99!

You can also leave a comment for your chance to win one of three promo codes for a free download!

Outdoor Lifestyle Photography
Join Erik Valind on the coast of Florida for his Outdoor Lifestyle Photography class! He’ll show you how to get amazing lifestyle photos using diffusers, reflectors, and strobes. He’ll also give you great tips on posing, composition, and choosing locations while working through the shoot.

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers Seminar Tour
This month, Scott Kelby is heading to Nashville, Philadelphia, and New York City to kick off his brand new Photoshop CS6 for Photographers seminar tour! You can get more info, more tour dates, and register over at

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free ticket to one of the three seminars listed above!

Accurate Color from Herb Paynter
The Accurate Color interactive iBook series from Herb Paynter is now on the iBookstore in four editions: Text, Narrated Text, Audio Video Text, and finally, a Full HD videobook. A little something for everyone.

Preparing images for presentation of any sort must address several key issues: the medium’s ability to portray the desired visual message, and the effective adjustment of the image’s tones and colors to best utilize that medium’s spectral qualities.

Here are codes for four lucky people to download this iBook for free!
7NA4R93PKWRM- Accurate Color AudioVideoTextBook
J7TMYXJ343EX- Accurate Color AudioTextBook
JE9PL6H37P4H- Accurate Color VideoTextBook
9JN3FH4HMRMT- Accurate Color Interactive TextBook

Last Week’s Winners
Joe McNally’s One Light, Two Light Seminar
– Rene G

Going Pro DVD with Scott Bourne & Skip Cohen
– Kenny Kinter

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  1. Awesome, must get LR App!

  2. Bags are packed to see Scott in Nashville!! Hit me up with a ticket!!!

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  19. Please count me in.  I know that Matt’s LR4 app would be a great companion to Scott’s book!

  20. This app would help me so much in teaching other South Africans who want to give Lightroom a go. Such a great program, my photos explode on screen!

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    Scott Temple

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    Stephanie Binney

  32. Hook me up!

  33. Downloaded LR4 crash course this morning. Like Scott said, it’s like Matt followed me home from his LR4 tour stop in Boston. This stuff is not only educational – it’s INSPIRING. Rock on, guys!

  34. I am going to get the LR app for sure! Thanks

  35. Brad, any chance you guys will do the apps in an Android format? Not everyone has taken a byte of the Apple!!

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    I attended One Light, Two Light yesterday.  It was great fun and I learned a heck of a lot from Joe McNally.  Will the Lightroom or CS6 seminar be coming this way?

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  62. Disappointed photoshop cs6 crash course is no longer available on iTunes although it was posted 7/5. Bummer.

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  64. I watched Erik’s Outdoor Photography lessons on Kelby Training today.  Excellent production. 

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