One Light, Two Light with Joe McNally in Philadelphia & Tampa
The magical unicorn of lighting, Joe McNally, is going to be in Philadelphia tomorrow, November 2, and Tampa on November 5 with his One Light, Two Light seminar! Whether you’re using small flash or studio lighting, Joe shows the amazing results you can get using just one or two lights. It’s not to late to sign up for these seminars, or you can leave a comment for a chance to win a free ticket! I’ll choose a winner for each this afternoon, so don’t wait to leave a comment.

Photoshop for Photographers with Scott Kelby in Boston
The miniature pony of Photoshop, Scott Kelby, is going to be in Boston on November 7 with his Photoshop for Photographers seminar! Scott shows photographers his famed 7-Point System for Camera Raw, 10 Portrait Retouching Techniques Every Photographer Needs To Know, Down & Dirty Tricks, Killer Tips, and ends the day showing how he finishes an image beginning to end.

If you want to know how to make your images look great quickly, sign up right here! Leave a comment for your chance to win a free ticket.

Conquering Midday Light with Lindsay Adler
Doing an on-location portrait shoot, and the only time your subject is available is the middle of the day? That’s every photographer’s worst nightmare. Well, thanks to Lindsay Adler’s latest class on Kelby Training, it doesn’t have to be anymore. In Conquering Midday Light, Lindsay shows you how to create great images even in the harshest of light. With just a couple of accessories and available light, you can still get images that you and your subject will both love.

Shortcut Sumo
Scott told you all about this on Tuesday, but it’s a free app and today is Free Stuff Thursday, so I’m mentioning it again! :-) Shortcut Sumo was designed to help you find all the shortcuts available in Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, along with some of The Photoshop Guys’ favorite shortcuts in a short video for each program.

[And, of course, they couldn’t just do something like “Hi, I’m Matt, and my favorite Lightroom shortcut is pressing D to switch to the Develop module.” because that would be lame and boring. So, let’s just say they decided to have fun with the videos :-)]

Right now, the Adobe Camera Raw module is available for free, the Photoshop module is available for $2.99, and Lightroom, Illustrator, and InDesign are on the way!

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers with Scott Kelby
– John Swarce

One Light, Two Light with Joe McNally
– Zach Winnie

Lightroom 4 Live with Matt Kloskowski
– Michael Scott (but only if you show up as Michael Scott…)

Kelby Training Book/DVD
– Maarten Mennes

That’s it for today. And if you’re in the US, don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour this weekend!

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  1. One Light, Two Light, I never win on Thursday night!

  2. Got my students all fired up about you being back in town! One girl was torn between buying a ticket or getting a hard drive to save her photo work. Saw her sad face in class today. She showed me her Lacie 500gb and asked another student to take notes for her “at Mr. Kelby’s show”

  3. I’d love to win either of those seminars

  4. Gotta Love Free Stuff Thursday!

  5. I expect to see a Scott vs RC Sumo wrestling event on next module. :)

  6. Love free stuff thursday! :)

  7. I live in the Boston area and would love to attend this seminar!

  8. Joe is the Man!! … Love free stuff Thursday and would lOOOOVEEEEE to win something on that glorious day… LOL (All joking aside; you guys are doing a great job with all the online and live training)

  9. However many lights…Joe McNally is awesome

  10. I’d stil love to go to listen to Joe McNally tell bad jokes for seven hours in Philly tomorrow!

  11. Joe is awesome! Wish I could see him in Tampa!

  12. Joe McNally in Philly? Yes please!!

  13. I was waiting for the three light four light seminar but if I had a ticket I could make the Tampa one light two light

  14. Joe in Tampa? Yes, please.

  15. I am already going to see Joe but I’d love to win a ticket and donate it to a friend who is struggling.

  16. I would love to have an excuse to use some frequent flier miles to come to Tampa!

  17. Put me down for some free stuff.

  18. I was hoping you were giving away free generators, for my power outage. Lol.

  19. I would love to attend these seminars but I need them to be available online.

  20. Any plans for joe to be in DC next year?

  21. Thanks for great stuff again guys! You keep me coming back everyday!!

  22. Love Free Stuff Thursday

  23. Please put my name in the hat to see living legend Joe McNally in Philly tomorrow. Thanks!

  24. Crossing my fingers!

  25. Look fwd to seeing Matt in TO on the 26th !

  26. Comment for Boston – …well, I have to take work off you see because I won this ticket to see the miniature pony of Photoshop in Boston.”

  27. I’d love to see Joe in Tampa, I seriously need help with lighting:) love free stuff Thursday.

  28. I would love to see Scott in Boston. I was hoping that he will be back to Boston and it’s too bad that Photoshop World is not anymore in Boston. I hope I will see him :).

  29. Will be attending seminar In Orlando. Joe can really help me with my lighting for location. Can’t wait!!

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