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Photoshop User TV
Have you watched the latest episode of Photoshop User TV? You might want to if you haven’t, considering it might be the only episode that’s ever featured an Academy Award nominee!

Aaron Blaise, who animated characters for movies like The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and directed Brother Bear (which landed him the Oscar nomination), stopped by to show how he develops a character for the screen from sketch to finished image. He wowed Corey and Pete on set, and is wowing viewers as well!
Trying to figure out how to work your iPad into your photography workflow? Or maybe you want to create your own iPad app… Terry White’s latest classes on will help you figure out how to do both of these!

In Creating an iPad app in InDesign, Terry walks you through the surprisingly easy process of creating your very own iPad app from start to finish, including submitting it to the iTunes store!

Then, in Using the iPad in Your Photography Workflow, Terry shows you all the tools and apps he uses to shoot tethered, edit photos, get model releases, show his portfolio, and more!

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Kelby Training Live
There are only a couple of chances left to catch Kelby Training Live seminars this year, so make sure you take advantage of these two opportunities:

Lightroom 4 Live with Matt Kloskowski
Dec 10 – San Diego

One Light, Two Light with Joe McNally
Dec 17 – Houston

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TAP! 2013 Conference Ticket
– Martin G.

Lightroom 4 Live
– Dianne A

1-Month Subscription 
– Taz

  1. I would love to find out more info regarding the San Diego Lightroom 4 training. I just recently purchase it and am already wow-ed with what it can do! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  2. I’ve always been fascinated by animation, so this was a really great episode for me! I’ve been really interested in app development as well so I will definitely be checking out the app videos by Terry White too!

  3. Now that would make my Christmas…please Santa give this very good boy (at heart) a one month Kelby Training subscription. Great meeting Scott in London this year at his LSRI seminar

  4. That was great! Maybe you guys could collaborate with Aaron on some Kelby Training classes. “Mixing Photography with Illustration.” Very good. Really enjoyed that.

  5. I would love a 1-month membership to I own two kelbytraining books and the video lessons would be a great addition to my learning process!

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