It’s Free Stuff Thursday!

Introducing Beginners Start Here on
Join Scott Kelby next Thursday, June 6 at 7:00pm ET for a live webcast where he will introduce the latest initiative from, Beginners Start Here. This is a program for beginners that starts them off with classes to learn the basics of their camera, then help them master their photographic interests!

Register for this free webcast right here and you’ll be entered for the chance to win a Sony A58 DSLR! Plus, on the day of the webcast, you’ll be able to get free 3-day rentals of the Canon, Nikon, and Sony DSLR Basics classes and take advantage of discounted subscriptions!

Capturing The Moments People Share with Cliff Mautner
Cliff Mautner is not only one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World, he’s also considered one of the most inspirational instructors as well! In the latest Art of Photography class on, Capturing The Moments People Share, Cliff sits down with Mia McCormick to discuss his approach to creating inspiring photographs that, well, capture the moments people share! Over the course of an hour, Cliff talks about getting started, finding beautiful light, capturing emotion, and staying out of the rut.

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free rental of this class!

Scott Kelby in Toronto This Weekend!
This Sunday, June 2, Scott Kelby will be the keynote speaker at Exposure Show presented by Henry’s Camera in Toronto, Ontario! Don’t just go on Sunday though… Make sure you also check out Dave Cross, Dixie Dixon, James Schmelzer, and all the other presenters the entire weekend, Friday through Sunday!

The best part? As far as I can tell, tickets are FREE when you sign up for the Henry’s newsletter! Or, if you just really don’t want to sign up, tickets are still only $20. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Kelby Training Live
Want to spend a day with RC Concepcion? Check out these seminar tours!

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers with RC Concepcion
June 12 - Nashville, TN
June 17 - Ottawa, ON
June 19 - Toronto, ON
June 21 - Calgary, AB
June 26 - New Orleans, LA

Leave a comment for your chance to win a ticket to one of these events!

The Digital Photography Book Part 1 – Second Edition
– KC
– David Gould
– Andrew Petti
– Gordon
– Katie

Kelby Training Live Ticket
– Kevin Bays

Hollywood Film Tools for Photographers Rental
– Cody Ash

That’s it for today. If you’re one of the winners, we’ll be in touch soon!

  1. Now I am a real amateur because I bought me a new Canon EOS D600 and read and watch like crazy and I love to watch the Capturing The Moments People Share class for free… Great Blog by the way… read this on a daily basis.

  2. You can get free tickets to the Toronto (actually Mississauga) Exposure show by visiting ant Henry’s retail store also. 1 ticket is good for 2 people !!
    Will see RC in Toronto, all ready booked…….

  3. Just when I think Kelby Training can’t get better, you know it out the box again Scott. I am loving the idea of a beginner course.

  4. Would love to get that free rental of Cliff Mautner’s “Capturing the moments people share”.

    And I’m already signed up for the free webinar. Can’t wait!

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