New to DSLR photography? Beginners Start Here.

Next week Kelby Training is launching our biggest online training initiative yet, and it’s all aimed at people brand new to DSLR photography. It’s called “Beginners Start Here” and it’s a complete custom-designed online training curriculum based on your brand of camera, your specific camera model, and what type of photography you’re interested in (portraits, landscapes, sports, travel, people, etc.).  You can see a little of it in action in the short video clip above.

We launch next Thursday with a free live Webcast packed full of cool photography tips and tricks for beginners, so if you know anybody just getting into this, make sure they tune in. Plus we’re giving away a Sony DSLR kit live to someone watching, and we’re giving away a free DSLR basics class to anyone who tunes in to the show, along with drawings for lots of other cool prizes. So, it’s a free show with loads of photo tips and prizes. What’s not to like? ;-)

Here’s the info (jot it down on your calendar now):

Who: Me, Matt, RC, Mia, Larry and friends live
What: Lots of cool photography tips for beginners, back-to-back for 90 minutes!
Where: Follow this link to register for free
When: Thursday night, June 6th starting at 7:00 pm ET (New York time)
Why: To show the type of stuff beginners will be learning through “Beginners Start Here” and to launch this new Beginners Curriculum with a bang!

Hope you can make it (and please tell everyone who calls you and bugs you with endless questions about their camera, that now there’s a place where they can learn all that stuff fast).  See you Thursday night.



  1. Great… I think I love this webcast already … but because I am living in the Netherlands and by that time it is 2:00 in the night I am not gonna make it… because I have to work early. Is there a replay of this webcast? I am gonna sign up for this anyway…

  2. Such a simple idea that I’m surprised you guys didn’t do this a long time ago! I’ve passed on this info to a couple of people I know. Have a great weekend!

  3. Scott you not want to re-schedule for 5pm NY time ;) Us europeans may be able to avoid the matchstick under the eye lids? I`ill catch this the following day, I think my photoshop experience surpasses my DSLR knowledge hence this would be a great thing for me

  4. I just shared your blog post to my Facebook timeline. I hope that you get at least one viewer from my friends. I love all of the stuff you do at Kelby Media Group and am glad I have my subscription to!

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