The Art of Photography: Peter Read Miller’s 30 Years with Sports Illustrated
Join Mia McCormick and world-renowned sports photographer, Peter Read Miller, as they sit down to discuss Peter's vast experience covering events for Sports Illustrated. During the course of their conversation Peter shares the story of how he got started shooting sports, the importance of networking across the industry, why capturing the peak of action is critical to creating a successful image, how to stay on your game over the long haul, and so much more!

You can check out this and all of Peter’s classes right here, and leave a comment for your chance to win a free rental of this class!

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  1. Would love to watch the Peter Read Miller class :)

  2. Would love to win a free rental of Peter Miller’s class :-) Have a great day , everyone …

  3. It would be awesome to win!!

  4. Shooting sports is what hooked me on photography. Baseball is still my favorite thing to shoot! This class would be a tremendous boost to my limited knowledge.

  5. Would be nice to win something. See you in TO, Scott. :)

  6. Thanks for all you do to educate us. A ticket to Matt’s LR seminar in Jacksonville would git great in my Christmas stocking. :-)

  7. Thanks for all you guys do to educate us. A ticket to Matt’s LR seminar in JAX would fit great in my Christmas stocking. :-)

  8. The Peter Read Miller class rental would be great.

  9. The ability to watch his class would go great with reading his book as I am starting now.

  10. Ok Scott, enough is enough already, I need to win a ticket to see Matt in Seattle! I know where you live, well not really but I know where the Kelby studio is and I am pretty sure that you live there :) I will hunt you down and when I find you, well lets just say….okay seriously I am not good at threats…LOL I just really want to go see Matt when he is out here in Seattle, I have my fingers crossed. Great stuff Scott I will for sure check out Peter’s book as I am the volun-told photography for all my sons sporting events :) Thanks as always. Your loyal minion Marcel.

  11. As semi-pro hockey shooter would love to hear what Peter says on the video :)

  12. Great stuff guys! And a great class by Peter Read Miller

  13. Learning is a great thing – throw me in the drawing please :)

  14. Would love to learn from Peter Read Miller. I love shooting sports.

  15. Throw me in the draw for a rental class please.

  16. Sports and Portrait shooter – would love to win! Thanks for the great instruction!

  17. Brad, I’m very interested to hear more about Scott’s ‘move’ to Canon – can he do a post on shooting the D4 and 1Dx on the same day, using the D4/70-200 2.8 and 1Dx/400 2.8 the one half and then swapping lenses on the bodies for the 2nd half. Not to say x is better than y, more his experiences in using etc. That post will have the highest rating for the year

  18. would love to attend the San Diego seminar for free to learn how to Shoot like you!

  19. I attended Peter’s sports photography workshop in Atlanta a few weeks ago. What a fantastic week of fun!! I learned a bunch too!! Crop, Crop Crop!

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