The Business Side of Zack Arias: Becoming a Successful Commercial Photographer's own Larry Becker is joined by Zack Arias, an editorial and commercial photographer based in Atlanta, for an honest and insightful discussion of Zack's path to becoming a professional photographer. Zack offers candid and real-world wisdom on topics ranging from getting started to finding the right people to help your business grow, and from striving to achieve that mythical work/family balance to his thoughts on gear, post-production and file delivery. Zack's ability to learn from his mistakes and harness his determination to succeed in a life behind the camera is an inspiration for anyone in the business of photography.

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Kelby Training Live
Want to spend a day with Scott KelbyMatt Kloskowski, or RC Concepcion? Check out these seminar tours!

Shoot Like A Pro with Scott Kelby
Feb 21 – Tampa, FL
Feb 24 – Atlanta, GA
Mar 12 – Phoenix, AZ
Mar 28 – Minneapolis, MN

Lightroom 5 Live with Matt Kloskowski
Dec 13 - Jacksonville, FL
Jan 23 - San Antonio, TX
Jan 31 - Covington, KY (Cincinnati Area)
Feb 5 – Richmond, VA

Photoshop for Photographers with RC Concepcion
Feb 19 – Lansing, MI
Feb 26 – Oklahoma City, OK
Mar 4 – New York, NY
Mar 26 – Arlington, TX

You can check out the full schedule for seminars through March! And don't forget, if you register for a seminar at least 14 days in advance, you can save $10 by using the code KTL10 at the checkout. And leave a comment for your chance to win a ticket to one of these events!

The Grid with Lindsay Adler
If you missed yesterday’s episode of The Grid, make sure you check it out as soon as it’s available today! Lindsay Adler joined Scott and Matt for an episode of blind critiques, and she rocked it! The focus of the critiques was on fashion, beauty, and portrait photography, and Lindsay gave some great feedback and tips for better posing, composition, and ideas for more interesting images. It’ll be up on YouTube and Kelby TV later today, so keep an eye out for it!

The 48 Shot Wedding with Mark Cleghorn
In this Manfrotto School of Xcellence webinar, Mark Cleghorn discusses his wedding photography, using a combination of images as well as 1 wedding to explain his 48 shot technique. Having been a wedding photographer for over 30 years but still loving everyone he shoots, Mark strives to add a bit of difference as well as a storytelling element to each wedding day. His 48 shot technique allows any photographer to cover a wedding in a realistic time period without the stress and time pressures. Mark also talks lighting, posing and album design.

It all happens this morning at 11am ET, so click right here to register!

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Peter Hurley Class Rental
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Kelby Training Live Ticket
– Martin Boling

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  1. Brad, I sure would love to win that Feb 24th date with Scott in Atlanta, I’m off on Monday. :)

  2. Love Zack Arias! I have his Q&A book and his real approach to writing and teaching photography really resonates.

  3. That Zack class is one of the classes I have been waiting for. He’s a great artist and I love his teaching style. I would love to win a rental of the class!

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  14. Loved “The Grid” last night with Lindsay, (Scott, I’m not a native speaker and I can spell Lindsay, I think Canadian customs had a reason to have you there after all). Fantastic critique and awesome, awesome insight into her photography and composition. I knew her work but I’ve actually ordered a couple of her books straight after the show.

  15. I would love to win a ticket to Scott Kelby’s seminar in Minneapolis!

  16. Would love to see Scott in Atlanta on Feb 24th!

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  18. The Business Side of Zack Arias

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