One of this year’s best episodes of “The Grid” (and the start of my 12-days-of-Christmas giveaways)

This week we had New York-based fashion photographer Lindsay Adler as our in-studio guest on our free weekly photography talk show “The Grid”, and I gotta tell you — she gave some of the most clear, concise, helpful, and just downright “on-the-money” advice for fashion photographesr I’ve ever heard.

People are absolutely raving about this episode and if you’ve got a few minutes, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn — she totally rocked it! (you can watch the free rebroadcast above — just click the Play button).

Also, I start the show with the story of my “Canadian Border Fiasco,” (and it’s some story), so I hope you get to check it all out.

My 12-days-of-Christmas Giveaways Start Today
For the past couple of years I’ve been doing giveaways over on my Facebook and G+ pages each day leading up to Christmas, and I’m kicking it off (in reverse) today by giving away 12-copies of my just refreshed book, “The Digital Photography Book, Part 2.” All you have to do is stop by my Facebook or Google+ page starting at 8:00 am ET, leave a comment and you’re entered to win (We just pick random names as winners) and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are — we’ll ship your prize direct to you.

Here’s the link to my Facebook page and my G+ page. Good luck everybody (and don’t forget to check back each day for that day’s contest (tomorrow I’ll be giving away 11-gifts, then 10 the next day, and so on until Christmas Day).

Happy Holidays everyone!


P.S. I’ll be shooting the 49ers/Bucs game this weekend, and if I get any decent shots I’ll post them on FB and G+

  1. Well, on behalf of all Canadians, I am sorry you had to go through that nonsense. It’s appalling that an educator such as yourself had to experience the worst of our cross border services. One has my assume from this you may not want to travel back to Toronto, Buffalo is always an option for you in future. But I am hoping the powers that be from your organization will sort this out for you in future. And nice to meet you, Cheers, Iden Ford

  2. I bought Lindsay book “Shooting in Shi**y Light” and her lesson on how to use a **black** reflector to block vertical light combined with a white reflector to bring back only (frontal) light was the most valuable tip ever and it totally changed the quality of my portrait photography. I’m now totally into subrstractive lighting techniques for the dramatic light it creates and I wish there was more written about it!
    And yes, I can’t wait for Scott new book !!

  3. Sorry you had trouble at the border, but I’m afraid to say that it can happen the other way around as well where Canadians going to an event in the U.S. also have the misfortune of running into a dough-head who refused to budge.

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