Hi gang:
I’ve been heads down on a couple of projects on critical deadlines, and I’ve just got nuthin’ for today here on the blog for today, so…..so…..I’ve…well….uh….how about we make this “Bad Blog Friday?” (Whoops, too late—it already is).

Now, it’s entirely possible I’ll wake up in the morning and have something and post it, but I’m just totally beat right now, and I can barely form sentences, so have a great weekend and we’ll see you here on Monday, where hopefully I’ll be somewhat coherent.

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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. What ever happened to the Art Streiber guest blogger entry?

  2. Thanks for being entirely honest – not posting slop.

    See you Monday.

  3. Just tired of walking on your brand new wooden shoes!!???

  4. But…but…how am I supposed to…??? lol

    Scott, I think we can allow this one Friday off :o)

    Have a great weekend whatever you’re you’re up to,
    All the best,

  5. Excuse the repetition of “you’re” in my last entry; couldn’t see what I was doing through the tears..lol


  6. So you are realy blogging by yourself? ;-)
    have a good we and cu you on the flip side.
    Ingoman @Munich

    • Hi Ingoman:
      I write all the posts myself, except for:

      (1) The guest blog on Wednesday, and
      (2) When my digital tech and studio manager Brad Moore announces an upcoming Guest Blog for me, but he posts those under his name (it usually starts with “Brad here….” so you know right away it’s him.

      Other than that—I write all the blog posts myself, and most of the time I really enjoy it, but every once in a while you run out of stuff, and today is a perfect example. I had topics I could write about, but none that were short enough for me to just bang out, so I’m saving those for next week. :)


      • Jetlag ? I’m suprised one of the great photo companies that you endorse all the time hasn’t given (or tried to) a discount for Friday. I own a business and I would be glad to get my product on here (mine is a restaurant, anyone who knows me mention this blog for a discount). Hey if Nikon is wathcing, give us a big glass discount, I will by one today!

      • Just a thought – Photo Friday. Don’t have a topic? Share a photo and let folks discuss it.

      • I do like it when he begins with “Brad here…” That way I can adjust the voice in my head so I don’t read Brad’s words in Scott’s voice.

      • William and Anita, look how many posts he gets when he has nothing to add! (must be nice)

  7. Yeah, that’s my name. You think about that, I do sometimes. So anyway, I was wondering if you noticed the picture associated with this post. It just looks more
    like a fantastic photo because of
    God, not because of the “skills” of
    the photog. Just sayin’

    peace out

  8. And I know they are random photos…. or are they?

  9. I wonder is it me or did some else face this too. In my google reader I got the Wednesday guest post again. As unread. It came up with today’s post.

    Any guess why.

  10. U 2 Scott !! See Ya Monday!! Have a great relaxing weekend !

  11. Maybe you’ll have a vision in during the night.


  12. I know the feeling. You can always re-run a previous blog entry. Best of Scott Friday’s or something. :)

  13. Scott, if there ever was anybody on the planet that needs to take a break from their rigorous routine, it would be you.

  14. Oh well, guess I’ll just go and take a class on Kelby training instead.

  15. Anyone interested in stepping up to be guest blogger for the day?

  16. Hi Gang:
    OK, I got up this morning, had a big cup of coffee, and I just put up a post about D-Town TV.

    Thanks for hanging in there with me, and have a great Friday! :)


  17. Even the best fishermen come up empty once in a while!
    But, its Lent, I guess I have to give up Scott Kelby’s blog for a day. :-)

  18. Thanks for the D-Town post. Have enjoyed it from the beginning. Oh, and if you are looking for something to do. I got a fresh post of on my blog this morning. Have a great weekend!

  19. Best “Bad Blog Friday” ever good save with the D-Town info. Hope you had a chance to enjoy your trip. I’ve been keeping up with Jeff’s blog it looks like it was a blast.

  20. I love that when you have nothing, you just say it! It makes me feel a lot better for the days I have nothing to say….Rock On!!

  21. That’s cool, Scott. I have enough trouble keeping my blog updated on a WEEKLY basis. LOL

    Have a great weekend,

  22. Nuttin’ Friday… Hmmm. The wheels are turning.

  23. Did you pre-order your iPad at 8:30am this morning?

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