It’s Guest Blog Wed, er… THURSday featuring DuckDuck Collective!


First off, it is an honor to be featured on such a great photography blog. As long-time readers, we’ve often enjoyed reading the “Weekly Guest Blogger” feature so it’s a bit surreal to be taking part.

About a year ago, we all came together (from various freelance backgrounds) with a strong desire to share our strengths in close community with one another. The idea behind us being a “collective” is that we believe that together we can create work at a higher caliber than we could as individuals.  We all fill different roles at different times, which is something that helps us grow individually and as a functioning unit. It is a spectacular feeling to share in both the struggles and triumphs with people who you not only consider artistic peers, but friends as well.

Here’s a video that walks through a recent shoot we did with the band Shapiro.

Click here to view on the iPad/iPhone.

And here’s the before and after of the image in the video:



For more from DuckDuck Collective, check out their website, blog, podcast, and follow them on Twitter.

  1. Thanks.
    For those of us progressing on shoots it’s great to see the different aspects of other peoples shoots, particularly
    – Post edit – makes it easier to understand what was done when seeing it in stages
    – Video – during the shoot but from behind/side of the camera.
    Will take a look at your blog/feed and probably subscribe.

    2nded about the dog – ha.

    1. Hey Toby,

      Any flares you see in our photos are naturally occurring, in that we don’t add them in Photoshop. We just use Canon L glass and point them at the sun (or light). We’ve found that when we use UV filters we get some interesting flares as well. And we usually don’t use lens hoods because we like the flares.

      Hope this helps. :)


  2. RC, where is Scott? Is he still raising the miniature horses? Hey, we miss him, ask him to come on back across that mini bridge and talk at us…..pointy…pointy.

  3. Hey this isn’t about this post, but I didn’t know how else to get through. You once mentioned this guy: and I loved his work. I would like to see him on guest blog Wednesday and talk about what he does. How much is real photography and how much is Photoshop, not that it matters. Where does that imagination come from? Thanks. Kevin

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