Hi. I'm Steven.

Although I was flattered to be asked to contribute this Wednesday, I nearly passed up the opportunity because I truly didn't know what I could offer that would be worth reading. I am a photographer, which is why I was considered in the first place, but I don't have much to say about gear or workflow.

Instead, if I could leave you with anything, I'd say: Everything matters. From my experience it's the most important thing to remember.

Big things like how you treat people or how you conduct your business are obvious, but little stuff is often overlooked. I've seen the smallest details come back around in huge ways and I've noticed that people notice more than you'd think.

Most, including myself a lot of times, get caught up with their normal routine and miss a lot because what they do “works” for them. I'd certainly rather continue to grow than exist in a routine that just "works" and I've found a lot of success in paying close attention to details.

Do everything you can do and then do something extra.


You can see more of Steven’s work at StevenTaylorPhoto.com, and follow him on his blog, Twitter, and Instagram.

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