OK, it’s here — I finally put together a book that readers have been asking me to do for years — one where I compile some of my favorite chapter intros from all my books into just one book of nothing but chapter intros.

These quirky chapter introductions have become a tradition in all my books and they’re there to give my readers a “mental” break from all the step-by-step tutorials and such. These offbeat intros have very little (OK, pretty much nothing) to do with what’s actually in the chapter itself — again, they are just totally there for fun and I hear from readers all the time who really dig them (and I hope you will, too because if not they’ll just really p@$& you off).

Fresh, hand-picked goodness on every page
Anyway, I hand-picked the intros (it really is nothing but intros — there is no other content whatsoever), and they’re all in this brand new book just being released today. Best of all, 100% of the profits from the book go directly to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya to help feed, educate clothe and care for some very wonderful children who really need our help.

Here’s a link to the eBook on Amazom.com for the Kindle.  (it’s only $9.99). Also coming any day now to the Apple iBooks Sore (it’s there awaiting approval now).

Hope you enjoy the book! You’ll really learn a lot (wink).

About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Hey Scott,

    Fantastic idea!! I can’t wait to for the iBook version! I’ve always enjoyed reading your intro and working through your books! Like you said in the video … all of sudden I’m laughing out loud and my wife is looking at me like i’m nuts! :-) It’s also a Great Way for me to help you with the Orphanage!

    Excellent idea!


  2. I remember many years ago reading these intros, the acknowledgment you put in thanking Jesus Christ is what brought me to NAPP and Kelby!

  3. What a great idea!
    I’ve got all of your Photography books – I’m a pro photographer and I didn’t buy them because I needed to learn anything. I bought them because I enjoy your writing style and they make me laugh (in a good way). I for one, will be buying this book.

  4. Are you sure the intro to Peter Hurley’s upcoming book can’t be found here? I’m truly surprised that an Android version of a Kelby work became available before the i version. I’ll be happy to donate to a great cause that you’ve allowed me to support in the past and now. Can’t wait for the chapter summary book to be released.

    Hey, Nikon, let Scott review the new Nikon D4s; maybe he’ll convert from Canon. Rumor has it he has a secret stash of Nikon gear.

  5. “Loose with money” LOL

  6. Just loose with money and want to help some kids… Thats pretty good. ;) Made me laugh. Good luck with the book.

  7. Will buy. Great idea from a great guy helping kids…. because he can.

    You make the world better Scott…. for a whole lot of reasons.

  8. Why didn’t you do this years ago? Great idea and for a great cause. But you know you’ll have to update this periodically as you write more books, don’t you? Now you have to convince Kalebra to write her own book on her life observations! :-)


  9. Hi Scott, Can’t wait till Apple approves it. I will buy it soon after. Be sure to let us know!

  10. Sweet, nice, cool… And whatever other young with it folks say!!!

  11. What is a Sore? You forgot the “t”.
    Also coming any day now to the Apple iBooks Sore (it’s there awaiting approval now).
    Good luck with the book and for all of you.

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