It’s Here! My New Book “The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes” is in stock!

It arrived in bookstores sooner than we thought (yay!), and it’s here now, complete with bonus selective color image no one was expecting (and at no extra cost).

Here’s the link to it on (both Print and Kindle version are in stock) and the Nook eBook version is available now at  Barnes & and the print edition should be available there any minute.

What’s the book all about? Check out the video below. :)

Thanks to everybody around the world who has supported this book series from the start, and who enabled me to bring you this fifth part to the series. I’m really excited about the release, and hope you find it really helpful.



  1. Mine should be here tomorrow. This is the quintessential photo training book series. I suggest this series of books to every student I take on and to all other photographers. Even as an advanced photographer these books remind me of techniques and things that I may have known but forgot. I like these books also because they are easy to ready in Scott’s humorous way!

  2. Fingers XcrossedX that I learn how to put that sweet light spectrum’ish color wheel on the front of a lens like on the cover! Gifted the prior 4 to my brother last year at Christmas. They just got back from a mission trip to Zambia and he was showing me some pictures. Knowledge is power,… There were silky waterfall shots, and early a.m stuff, clearly he read them! Always appreciate the full disclosure style in which Scott and the other members of the Kelby team write. Can’t wait to pick this one up :)

    1. That effect looks like a colored layer (above the layer with the image of the camera) that has its blend mode set to Color. I tested it out just now (couldn’t resist >_<) and got this:

      1. Does that count as Selective Coloring too? ^_~ Wow! I had no idea the trend was coming back. Scott, you guys should come up with an excuse to make it actually popular again but maybe with a more updated twist? I dunno. Is there a way to make it not awful? LOL.

        Can’t wait to see the book!

  3. Hi Scott,

    I was wondering if you’ll be putting this book out as an e-book? I have a couple of your books that were made into e-books … and they are very handy when on the road or staying in strange hotels for many months.:-) This book sounds like something I would benefit from. Looking forward to getting it.


  4. Since I own 1 – 4 I figured I better round out the set and ordered it shortly after you announced it. Hope to see it in my mailbox this week. Thanks so much Scott for providing excellent tips and advice in a really fun format.

  5. Does this come with a complete guide to selective color styling? It’s gotta be making a comeback now that you are endorsing that look again.

  6. This book gave me a headache.

    Let me explain. It came in yesterday’s mail. I needed to visit the loo so I brought it with me, figuring I’d read one or two techniques while there. Turns out I was captivated and read the entire lighting section. When I got up, I found out my legs had fallen asleep and I slipped down to my knees, banging my head on the side of the vanity. Thus the headache.

    You really have to learn to be a less interesting writer.. For saftey’s sake, of course.

  7. Scott, wishing you good luck with your new book! Don’t worry about the whole selective color (non) issue. Keep it in perspective, it’s only 1 page in a big book, rich with incredible content.

  8. Just got it amazon and almost could’nt put it down -:)
    I was just wondering when you often talk about adding post-crop vignetting around -9 or -11 if you apply lens vignetting correction beforehand ?

  9. Pre-ordered the book when it was first announced and haven’t heard anything since. I’m surprised today to learn that it was released nearly two months ago…Hmmm…

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