…but…Rick Sammon’s got one than one great tip in this 60-second video. Check it out below:

Those are some great tips! (Thanks, Rick!)

Here’s a link to Rick’s latest KelbyOne course.

If you could attend an incredible multi-day photography conference for free…

One that covers outdoor photography, travel, and wildlife photography, and you could either go in-person in New York City, or attend online, and it had incredible instructors, and you could go for free, wouldn’t you? Of course – how could you pass up that, right? Well, it’s happening.

It’s the OPTIC 2022 Conference produced by the folks at B&H Photo, and you can be there in person (I’m teaching two classes there on travel photography and Lightroom and Photoshop), or you can watch from home. Registration is free – you just have to let them know you’re coming. It starts eight days from today. RSVP at bhoptic.com – go sign up right now and I’ll see you there. :) 

Have a great weekend, everybody! :)


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