It’s Photo Walk Friday! The Photo Walk is Tomorrow!!!!


It’s here!!! Tomorrow in more than 1,100 cities around the world my 3rd Annual World Wide Photo Walk kicks off, and by tomorrow night more than 31,000 photographers around the world will collectively have taken literally millions of photos as part of their local Photo Walks. Just “Wow!

Here are a few last minute Photo Walk tips to make your day a success:

(1) Walk Leaders: Make Sure You Watch my Leader’s Video
If you’re leading a Photo Walk, go to your Leader’s page on the Official Worldwide Photo Walk site and watch my video on how to make your walk a success. There’s some VERY important info in that video, so please make absolutely sure you watch it before your walk.

(2) Get a Group Shot Right at the Beginning
Somebody remember to take a group shot before you head out for your walk (it’ll be much harder to corral everybody after the shoot, so get one right before you head out). Send some to me, and I’ll post ’em on my blog next week.

(3) Don’t miss My Post This Past Tuesday about my Free live online seminar just for walkers!
Next Wednesday at 10:00 am EST I’ll be sharing my Lightroom editing workflow. We’ll email you the password to join my live session, and I’ll be taking your questions live no matter where you are in the world.

(4) This is The Gear I’m Taking on My Photo Walk
I’m walkin’ light this year. I’m going with a Nikon D-300s body with just one lens; the 70-300mm f/4.5 – f/5.6 VR lens. I’ll have my Hoodman Loupe with me; and I’ll be wearing my Rapid Strap camera strap (which I learned about on last year’s walk). It all goes in my Think Tank International Airport rolling bag.

(5) Don’t Forget to Wear Really Comfortable Shoes
You’ll be doing a lot of walking, so make sure you wear shoes that make your feet happy.

(6) Charge all your batteries tonight
Don’t forget to charge your camera batteries, clean your lenses (and sensor), and make sure you’ve got an empty memory card and a back-up.

(7) Go read Dave Cross’ “Photo Walk Ideas” article
If you’re looking for some great ideas, give Dave’s great article a quick read. It’ll increase your chances for a killer shot!

(8) The Most Important Thing Is….
That you all stay safe. Look out for each other on the walk. Drink plenty of water beforehand and during the walk. Keep an eye on your gear at all times. Don’t go into scary-looking areas, traipsing down deserted alleys, or anyplace that looks unsavory. Don’t get distracted by shooting—you don’t want to bump into, or trip over, anything. Get some great shots, and I’ll see you back here on Monday for a recap of the event.

A special thanks to our wonderful sponsors who made all of this happen, and to all the photographers around the world who volunteered to lead walks, and my humble thanks to you all for being a part of his historic photography event.

Can’t wait to see your shots!!!!!! :-)

All my best,


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