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Hey everyone, Brad here with the latest news:

Kelby TV is running a free photo contest from now until October 31, sponsored by Dell and Intel! The winner will receive a brand new Dell Precision M6500 laptop (the same laptop used in Photoshop Wars at Photoshop World)! Visit for all the details. (Voting is open to everyone, submissions open to U.S. residents)

Tomorrow is the day, London! Hundreds of photographers have already signed up for Scott’s Photoshop for Digital Photographers seminar in Islington tomorrow, but you can still show up and register at the door.

If you can’t make it to the seminar in London, Matt Kloskowski will be bringing the same seminar to the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle on November 18! You can get all the details and sign up right here.

Remember Scott’s report from Moab where he photographed the mountain biker at Slickrock Trail? Tom Bol‘s Photographing Adventure Sports class over on Kelby Training Online was filmed at the same location! He covers everything from portraits to getting unique action shots, so go check it out!

Would you like to spend a week at one of the most beautiful resorts in the world, learning from Joe McNally and Scott Kelby? Here’s your chance! There are only two spots left for The Hot Shoe Lighting Workshop in St. Lucia. You can see Scott’s report from last year’s workshop here and email Lynn here if you want to take part in what could be one of the most memorable experiences of your life (and I’m speaking from experience :) ).

If you’re a digital photographer and haven’t been watching DTown TV (featuring Scott and Matt), you’ve been missing out! Each episode has tips for shooting, getting the most bang for your buck, guest photographers, giveaways, and more. The latest episode features…

  • Scott with some tips for beginners on choosing which camera and lenses to buy
  • Larry Becker with his Cheap Shots segment in which he discusses cleaning dust out of the camera
  • Wedding photographer Cliff Mautner shares advice on shooting wedding processionals and recessionals
  • Matt shares a post processing tip about combining images to keep multiple subjects in focus when shooting portraits with a shallow depth of field

So drop by and check out the show! You can also subscribe to the podcast for free in iTunes.

Scott Bourne recently asked Scott Kelby to be a guest on his Photofocus podcast where they discussed Lightroom, shooting in harsh light, using bright backgrounds for portraits, photographing fall leaves, clam shell lighting, and a WHOLE bunch of other great topics. Click here to check out Episode 53 of Photofocus. (Scott was also the guest host on two previous episodes that can be found here and here)

Scott mentioned earlier this week that Moose Peterson’s new book Captured was in stock at Amazon, and now it’s in stock at Barnes & Noble! Click here to order your copy now.

  1. Hi Scott. I just wanna clarify something: here on your site it says any citizen of North America is eligible for the Kelby TV contest but on the guidelines form at it says only US residents are eligible. Can you clarify which one is right?


    Justin Feigelman

  2. Hi Scott. Could you clarify something for me about the contest? Here on this site you say it’s open to all North American residents. But on the eligibility form on the Kelby TV site it states that the contest is only open to US residents. Could you please tell me (us) which one is right?


  3. I read the guidelines about the photo contest and have a question about the World Wide Rights the Client gains over the winning photograph.

    I understand using the photo for advertising, promotion etc…. but its the word “Sell” that caught my eye. Does this mean the client can sell the winning photograph outside of the advertising use?

    Is the Client required to attach the photographers name to the winning photograph when they use it or sell it for any reason?

    No, I don’t plan on winning but I was curious..


  4. Not trying to be negative but I’ll pass on this contest as it requires granting an “exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to edit, publish, promote, produce, sell, and republish at any time in the future…” of any images entered. No thanks.

      1. RC, I appreciate your feedback to my feedback. I really do. And of course each photographer will have to make their own decision regarding the terms of entry and whether it is acceptable to them or not. However….

        The posting was intended as a WHY I’m not participating (not as a survey as to participating yes/no). I suppose in hindsight I could have just pointed out said rule but felt that you ( the contest holder) deserved to know what effect that it was having on one of your blog readers/customers.

        “I’m not participating in this contest because of rule xxx…” – sorry, I just don’t see that as negative.

      2. I don’t know RC, Robert’s comment seems fair. It seems like he might like to participate if it were not for licensing requirements in the contest rules which seem alarming. And his post here seems appropriate since it’s all too easy to look over the ‘fine print’. But doing so in this case could be significant. I doubt anyone would expect compensation, but it seems like the sponsors could get what they need without exclusivity, unlimited use and time rights. I’d love to hear what Reznicki and Greenberg would have to say about this from the photographer’s perspective. I’m no lawyer so maybe this is standard language for a photo contest. If so, I offer my humble apologies.

      3. Not trying to pile on here at all but it varies. Nikon’s current contest gives them rights to use the winning photos for promotion. Any submitted photos require a separate agreement to be reached for usage rights.

  5. ### amended comment ##

    Hey Dan/Robert:

    Figured i’d try again at the comment and give you an update. At the moment, the companies are in the process of looking over those rules and seeing what to change so they dont sound the way that they do. I’m just trying to point out that the Photo Contest is supposed to be a fun way to get people to upload pictures and judge.. and that there was no nefarious plot to steal your images. That’s what they have ad agencies for! :)


    1. No worries RC. Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade and I doubt that most people actually care about it. I also think that often times that language is boilerplate and is put in without thought to consequences. Best of luck with the contest no matter what the rules end up being. It should be fun to see the variety of work.

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