With my Blog readers, Dave Clayton and Glyn Dewis, on our way to a gourmet burger restaurant in Covent Garden. Then, off for a three-man photowalk. :)

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  1. man-oh-man how I want to be on that photo-walk ………

  2. Welcome to London Scott, keep an eye on Glyn and make sure that he does not eat all the pies/burgers, ask him to take care of my lens as well :-)

    See you tommorow at the workshop, have a great photowalk!

  3. Scott sorry the weather couldn’t have been better for your photowalk today but I’m sure messrs Dewis & Clayton will make for good company despite this dull weather. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  4. It actually looks like Glyn has eaten all the pies already in that picture :-)

  5. Hmm Rock Garden I presume? You’ll have to tell us where they take you tomorrow.

  6. Really looking forward to the seminar tomorrow Scott!

  7. Make sure Glyn is paying.. If the lunch queue isn’t massive I’ll call up for a hello tomorrow. 4am start to get there for 10 from here though, hope my clutch holds out for the airport drive!

  8. Dave and Glyn, you guys are bloody lucky! (is that really a bad word over there?) :)

  9. I’ve always wanted to shoot from the “London Eye”.

  10. Love the tube! Mind the gap!!! :-D

  11. Are photo walks legal in London?

  12. Great day; lots of laughs, delicious food, great conversation & great company :)

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