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So I’m sitting in this burger restaurant in London, talking about Dave and Glyn’s past visits to Photoshop World in the states, and of course what topic comes up? Vanelli.

In describing Dave’s personal encounters with Vanelli during the conference, Dave unwittingly came up with not only the most accurate and spot-on description of Vanelli during a Photoshop world, but he easily earned the honor of being my official quote of the month.

Dave said, “Vanelli is like a bowling ball and all the attendees are bowling pins. He hits all the pins during the conference. No one escapes.”

It’s brilliant (only because it’s true).

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  1. So true!
    The day I met V. in PS World Orlando 09 was the same day we walked to our hotel rooms and found out we were next door neighbors.
    Vanelli is never a boring experience =)
    And yes, he got my cell……..

  2. What ever happened to the Ipad app for kelby training? It was having it’s final touches in April, then never anything else new. I’m dying to get it!!!! =)

    1. Hi Joe:
      Me, too! Converting thousands of video clips to this new format, and tieing it all into our server system and web site has taken dramatically longer than we ever thought, but we have the beta testing version now (in house), and it so rocks!!!!

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed it won’t be long now. :)


    1. ken, from one Ken to another: I just went to my first PSW and it was hard to get away from my business and I thought I would never get to go.. Well, it’s the best photographic experience of my life! To be with several thousand photogs who most I didn’t know, some I did and many I had heard of was well, cool and kick butt. Please try and go, I promise you will not be sorry. It was a once in a lifetime treat….so I bought my ticket for next year!!!

  3. Hey Scott,
    Dave is one very intelligent and nice guy, which I’m sure you know after your walk and visit today. And yes, Vanelli is the bowling ball he mentioned. I’m so glad that I have already booked my PSW stuff for next September. Mainly for what I learn, but I know I’ll get to see Vanelli, return hugs with that big bruiser, and just simply have a great time. In fact, “V” did something very special for me at the Westcott Expo booth that I was blown away by.
    Tell Dave I’m jealous that he gets to see you tomorrow for your seminar that I got to see in Arlington TX last winter.
    See ya buddy,

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