….if anything at all offends you, because this video is packed with offensive…well…everything (from really, really bad curse words and Nazis, to Nazis yelling really bad curse words), but it’s after midnight, and I’m sitting in my hotel room in London, practicing for my seminar tomorrow morning, and a buddy sent me the link to this video, and I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face.

Now, it’s very late. I’ve only slept a few hours after flying all night, so it may be much funnier to me tonight than it will be to you at 8:00 am in the morning, so before you hit that play button, know that this video is wrong on every level, so ask yourself if you’re likely to be offended by really, really naughty words and Nazis before noon.

If that sounds like you, (and you know who you are), please don’t watch it. Plus, if after reading this, you watch it then post one of those “Mr. Kelby, I’m so disappointed in you, etc.” comments, I’m just going to delete it anyway since you’ve been forewarned. So, in closing; if you’re one of those “serious types,” I’m begging you, don’t watch it. But for everybody else, you will laugh your $#^&;% off!

Have a great Friday everybody, and I’ll be back home tomorrow! :)

Hitler finds out his Nikon D7000 is not shipping until November from nikonreviewcentral on Vimeo.

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  1. “I was really looking forward to making an unboxing video” :D :D

    Priceless video, Scott! I have seen this Hitler video a number of times with different subtitles, but this one was one of the best.

    I’m watching this early in the AM (just got home from the David Ziser tour seminar in Boston (Wow, was that terrific!!! Learned so much in so little time….well, 5 1/2 hours worth!)) and I had to stifle my laughter, so I didn’t wake up the family.

    Enjoy your time across the pond!


  2. Yet another go at this overused clip from Downfall.
    I can’t believe you haven’t seen the ones for the D3 etc etc etc. This is so old its not particularly funny anymore.

    Delete away!

    • Hi Rodney:
      I had seen previous ones using the same clip before, but this particular version was the one that really had me cracking up. The line about the Panasonic mini 4/3 being for children had me on the floor. Plus, all the stuff about Amazon prime, and Canada, and well…it was late at night when I saw it. :)


    • The overuse of Downfall is what makes some of these things funnier than they should be. You know what’s going to be happening in the scene. If the person doing the captions is on the ball, I’ll laugh. This one was one of the better Downfalls I’ve seen.

  3. Mr. Kelby, I’m so disappointed because you didnt post this video before… “Order me a Sony Alpha” Its so Funny… GREAT VIDEO…

    By the way… “I shoot a Canon, sorry my Führer”…

  4. Didn’t make me laugh at all as I was trying to understand what Hitler was saying. I could understand everybody else but, somehow, this tired old Nikon freak just escaped me;-).

  5. I loved it. I have been acting the same way waiting for my 24-120. Now that it has been shipped, I just sitting at the door staring at the street

  6. This was just as funny at 1:45am!!
    I think I even looked like him when my D700 got delayed!!

  7. This was just as funny at 1:45am!!
    I think I even looked like him when my D700 got delayed!!

  8. “Those are for children”…too funny. At times I was rolling, thanks for sharing.

  9. Common! In Russia we got video like this 3 years ago about Promo Rank…
    It’s funny but it is old joke.

  10. this may seem funny as long as you don’t speak any german.
    Order me a Sony …

  11. This is a great piece of direction and cinematography which has been over used – that being said I still find the sub-titled versions of this scene from Downfall funny;-)

  12. This is only funny for people who don’t speak German. For me as a native German speaker, who understands every word in this video, the subtitles are quite strange… ;-) But thanks for posting this, Scott! I haven’t seen this before.

  13. It was funny at least the first three thousand variations before this one.

  14. Haha…that’s very funny…

  15. Put your steel underwear on – the last time this went around the office several people got super offended and went nuts. I suspect with your audience the same reaction will occur.

  16. He should have just sprung for the Leica……..lol. Great way to start off the day……with a laugh!

  17. Fantastic! On my facebook page…been there…done that. I know…I need help…

  18. This is great. I have a friend ordering this camera now. I think she may put Hitler to shame.

  19. Hi Scott

    You did what you should have done. You warned people that they might be offended. We all know what Hitler did and what a horrible man he was. However humor is such an essential ingredient of life that is good to laugh as well.

    I freely chose to watch the video and I now I freely choose my response to it. :)

    Thank you for sharing.

  20. Scott,
    I’ve never laughed so hard before 7:00 am! That was great!


  21. Absolutely hilarious!

  22. Theres an older awsome one about the iPad:


    For germans its hard not ignore the spoken words :)

  23. Out of the blue question (completely not related to this video, unless you want to use the Hitler thing as as a connection; but it is wise to not do that I think), but I need a good quality, online photo lab in Europe that will turn around the print fast, deliver to Germany and do 8 X 10 inch mounted prints. Reasonable prices would be nice. The site has gotta be in English as I am a stupid American, I guess.

    Scott do you or anyone have any suggestions? I have scoured the web, though it is entirely possible I am missing something.


    It was very hard for me to watch. Cause i understand what Hitler was saying:-)
    So i watched again without sound and…… it was….

    F U N N Y

    lg Calvin

  25. Hey! Where’s my ass?!? It was here just a minute ago! ;-)

  26. Well, not so funny if you speak German and understand all the real stuff they’re talking :P

  27. Mr. Kelby, I’m so proud of you…

  28. Yup, still funny at 8:45am EST. Loved it. So many great lines: “My Meet-Up with Stalin”. What really makes it funny is that it can apply to almost anything we order and can’t wait to get. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Mr Kelby, I am so disappointed, I already saw this video before I got to your blog. You do need to make a George W video doing the same thing. That would be funny.

  30. ” I pay $79 a year for Amazon Prime, that should be worth something.” is priceless. Very funny. I wonder that myself as an Amazon Prime customer. And Scott, you did right by the warning. There are folks that would be offended. But for the rest of us this is hilarious.

  31. I saw this yesterday, but thanks for sharing. As wrong as this video is, it is funny as hell.

  32. Thank you! I needed that. I must be tired too because I had tears from laughing so much.

  33. LOL. Very funny way to start the day. Thanks Scott!

  34. Loved it! Hadn’t seen it before. Favorite line was order me a Sony Alpha, as I own one because my D70 (Yeah, I know – that’s was a while back) broke twice in one month and I needed something for vacation.

  35. Scott,

    No offense here. I’ve seen this video used for several other things this year. The IPad one wasn’t bad, but not too funny. The 7D/5D II one really cracked me up. Maybe it’s because I’ve got my 5D and had a “reaction” over some of the 7D features. :)

    This was a pretty good version. Amazon and Canada got me too!

  36. I feel like I shouldn’t be laughing, but I can’t help it! Thanks for sharing! :)

  37. “I read NikonRumours.com every goddamn day”.

    Oh no, that sounds very familiar…… 8)

  38. As a guy living in probably the most PC city in the country (San Francisco), I was on the ground laughing. Keep ’em coming Scott!

  39. They’ve done lots of these. My favorites are when Hitler found out Michael Jackson died and when he found out Tebow announced he was coming back for his senior season.

  40. Loved it! Thanks for posting and the warning: don’t need my daughters to hear it.

    Again thanks for the hearty laugh!

  41. I know its been used over and over, but it is still funny.

  42. I made the mistake of watching this at work. It was really hard not to contain my laughter. OMG very to funny!

  43. If he really did read Nikon Rumors then he would know to get his ass to Best Buy…then again, with the Russians closing in he probably wouldn’t make it. :)


  44. Very funny, Scott, and thanks for sharing. This one is right up there with the other “Downfall” videos.

    Perhaps someone will make one with Barack or Nancy Pelosi or Barney Frank or Harry Reid. Now there’s a minefield of material.

    Ken, why do you watch something that comes with a warning that it might be offensive & then complain about it?

  45. Scott – just attended your seminar in London today. Fantastic. Thanks so much for coming over…enjoy Clapton next summer.

  46. Hey Scott –

    It’s too bad you have been put in the position of needing such an elaborate disclaimer just to post a video. Regardless, glad you did! :-)

    The “un-boxing video” comment – funny, a Mel Brooks feel!


  47. Hey Scott –

    It’s too bad you have been put in the position of needing such an elaborate disclaimer just to post a funny video. Regardless, glad you did! :-)

    The un-boxing video comment – funny, a Mel Brooks feel!


  48. LOL- I’m a Sony Alpha owner- so really loved the last line!! :)

  49. Hi, great video! I love the part when Hitler said that whoever shoots Canon, Sony, Pentax and Olympus leaves the room! :D

    And even the one with Panasonic …. for children :D

  50. i wish it was newly dubbed – would be more funny :)

  51. This one is indeed funny but the one they did with the D3x will put you on the Floor.

  52. Hilarious…I loved it! I’m a Sony Alpha shooter myself; if it’s good enough for him then it’s good enuff for me…lol.

  53. Scott,

    I too attended your seminar in London and thoroughly enjoyed it – a really great day. Thanks, and hope you enjoyed your trip to London.

    • Hi Christine: Actually, I had a blast. I spent the day before with some new friends, and everyone was incredibly gracious. It really made my trip a lot of fun. Hope to see you again in the future. :-)


  54. Mr. Kelby, I’m so disappointed in you — NOT!

    Great video, thanks for sharing!

  55. Mr. Kelby, I’m so disappointed in you.

    Sorry, someone had to do it ;-)

    Very funny, very well put together, too. Yet another reason to be a Canon shooter… we get to leave the room :D

    Safe travels, sir!


  56. “He won’t – those are for children.” almost fell out of my chair laughing. That was great. I’ve seen a few different versions of that video before, but this was the best

  57. Thanks for coming to London, Scott. It’s like watching a stand-up comic with just photographer’s and Photoshop jokes. I was the one at the back laughing the loudest!

    I’ve post some photos on my flickr account – care to see them :


    Next year, will you please bring your Lightroom tour to Blighty? Thanks a lot, mate!

  58. Hi Scott

    Hope you had a good journey back home! I was at your London seminar yesterday – you gave me some brilliant ideas to take forward, and I learned some clever things as well.

    Thanks for coming, Scott – come back to see us soon! If not, perhaps you could sent that Kloskowski bloke.

  59. Hi Scott,
    Just wanted to say thank you for bringing your seminar to the uk, I had a great time and learnt SO much. Can’t wait for the next one! :)

    and the video is probably the best version i’ve seen. funny stuff!

  60. If anyone follows you and has read the zainy and inane comments with which you lead off every chapter, they would know this is just an extension of your inner mind. I love it! It’s what make you unique and fun to have as a teacher. No fear.

  61. I almost peed my pants. It was great.

  62. Hi Scott,

    I attended your seminar in London last Friday. I was the weirdo who saw you in Islington High Street looking for Pret A Manger! Great to meet you! It was a long day for me starting at 5.00am and ending at 11.00pm when I got home!

    Superb day though, thoroughly enjoyed it and I am now loving all that NAPP content.

    Hope you had a good flight back.


  63. Hi Scott,

    great Video, cool idea, very funny :-)

    By the way, do you have any plans to come to Germany to hold a seminar?

    Greetings from Germany


  64. Scott, while I understood the aim of this parody, I did not find it hilariously funny. It simply came off as a clumsy, juvenile frat boy attempt at humor. Comedy should be left to those professionals who know how to craft material without the crutch of vulgar language. Woody Allen who often uses famous and infamous people in his routines has the aesthetic sensitivity to elicit true humor in a nuanced and intelligent way that was lacking in this effort.

  65. Sir Scott. That was great. The part about refreshing the web page and staying up late were my favorite parts

  66. I knew it. Thousands of people thought this was funny but there’s got to be ONE guy who has something negative to say. God bless the Internet.

  67. Good thing he hadn’t ordered an iPhone….

  68. Good thing he didn’t want an iPhone…

  69. Just because it’s a really old meme doesn’t mean it’s not funny. (depending on who you are, that statement was either honest and true, or snarky and sarcastic)

  70. I didn’t watch the video, but I totally agree with most people here: this blog definitely profits from all the funny stuff out there (like Nazis and other laughs). Way to go!

  71. lol I thought it was hoot!

  72. That video made my day, hilarious!

  73. I laughed…I cried…I almost peed my $#^&;% pants!! Thanks, Scott.

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