….if anything at all offends you, because this video is packed with offensive…well…everything (from really, really bad curse words and Nazis, to Nazis yelling really bad curse words), but it’s after midnight, and I’m sitting in my hotel room in London, practicing for my seminar tomorrow morning, and a buddy sent me the link to this video, and I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face.

Now, it’s very late. I’ve only slept a few hours after flying all night, so it may be much funnier to me tonight than it will be to you at 8:00 am in the morning, so before you hit that play button, know that this video is wrong on every level, so ask yourself if you’re likely to be offended by really, really naughty words and Nazis before noon.

If that sounds like you, (and you know who you are), please don’t watch it. Plus, if after reading this, you watch it then post one of those “Mr. Kelby, I’m so disappointed in you, etc.” comments, I’m just going to delete it anyway since you’ve been forewarned. So, in closing; if you’re one of those “serious types,” I’m begging you, don’t watch it. But for everybody else, you will laugh your $#^&;% off!

Have a great Friday everybody, and I’ll be back home tomorrow! :)

Hitler finds out his Nikon D7000 is not shipping until November from nikonreviewcentral on Vimeo.

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