It’s Scott “Free Semi-Useful Not Super-Great Stuff From My Camera Closet” Daily Giveaway on Twitter

OK, that headline sounds actually better than what this is going to be—because what’s really going on here is that I have accumulated a bunch of stuff in my camera closet at home, and sadly much of it has never been used, so it’s just been collecting dust. So I thought each day for the next week or so (or until I run out of stuff) I’d give some of this junk (er…cool photography micro-accessories) away to people who follow me on Twitter.

To enter this lame excuse for a giveaway, just stop by my Twitter page (@scottkelby) and if you see something you want that I’m giving away that day, just leave me a Tweet that says something along the lines of “I want Scott’s stuff” (Ok, that actually sounds kind of naughty, but you know what I mean). Anyway, each day I’ll post that day’s camera closet giveaway on my Twitter page, then later in the day I’ll pick somebody at random to get that day’s stuff.

Plus, I’ll ship the gear/gadget/dead squirrel to you free anywhere in the world, as long as it’s in Florida (kidding—I’ll gladly ship it anywhere just to get it out of my house. I mean, I’m happy to ship it wherever you live).

Now, at the top of this post is an intriguing photo taken in my home office on a white piece of paper using available light with my iPhone camera (however, I did have to do a bit of post production to get it to look like decent). That thing at the top, with the Nikon logo on the thin plastic case is actually….

…a very cool set of small screwdrivers that fit perfectly in a zipper pocket in your camera bag! (I never said this stuff was expensive, but this is actually a pretty handy little set, especially if you’re a Nikon shooter, but even if you’re a Canon shooter, too). So, that’s today’ kick-off giveaway.

Lastly, if you’re thinking, “This stuff isn’t that great…” just remember….I told you so. ;-)

  1. Scott:

    Here’s hoping that you find that old 300mm lens is in the back of the closet, ’cause you never use that one anymore! It would look nice on the front of my D300! :P


  2. I have that exact same Nikon screwdriver set and it has served me faithfully for many years. Mine lives in a drawer in the kitchen and gets used by the whole family. It’s funny how often you need a tiny little screwdriver.

  3. I think the product shot would have looked better HDR and I am not real thrilled with your composition…and you call yourself a photographer! :D

    ps. I have seen Scott’s junk and it is not that impressive…really! :D

  4. Scott… you set yourself up for some great comments here….
    posting your “junk” and the first pic showing says “Nikon” !!!
    LOL !!! You’re making this too easy for Canon users!

  5. Hey Scott! I’m @instaimage Thanks a bunch, I think that little set’s pretty cool and I think it’s awesome I was the lucky one… however you picked…!! Maybe it’s Nevada Luck? :) Maybe I should hit the casino tomorrow!


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