It’s Thursday, and I’m Feelin’ Pimpy!

Links from the pimpy video above:

> Frank Doorhof’s Behind-the-scenes story and video (link)

> Scott’s tour in Miami on Monday, then Denver, Portland, & LA (link)

> Photoshop World Conference & Expo (link)

> Matt’s Compositing Book in stock at Barnes & (link)

> Worldwide Photo Walk (link)

> My “Down & Dirty HDR tutorial on Google+ (link)

> Guest co-host on “PhotoFocus” Podcast with Scott Bourne (link)

> Scott’s Interview from the Adobe Store in San Francisco (link)

  1. hey Scott,
    I didn’t visit your blog in a while so I started with the interview post, thanks to the catchy title ;) and I really have to say I’m super impressed. I would have thought you’re über diplomatic and nice with everyone, but no – talking so honest about photography, post, talent and so on, much props!
    Also I read about your upcoming project on composing. Stoked as well you’re doing something like this! Composing the number one thing, it’s so tricky because you only got this one frame and I’m working on it every time I shoot. Can’t wait to see what the project is gonna be about. Actually this sounds so interesting, it’d be great to get to teach there just to be around with all these photogs and talk things through 360°. Let me know if you’ve got a spot for a greenhorn.
    cheers, Christian

  2. Man! I don’t know how you do it! Producing all of these events, teaching tours, blogs, and a huge conference all at the same time. I am so impressed.

    I couldn’t be happier with my NAPP membership.

  3. Hi Scott,
    I listened to the insightful interview on Scott Bourne’s Photofocus podcast and I have a supplement to your comment that you save all of your archived images as JPEGs.

    When I finish editing my selected images from a shoot in Lightroom, I Export several formats. First I save as DNG for archiving the original and as a bonus it embeds my Lightroom edits (instead of needing an XMP sidecar) so that I can return to it with a fresh copy of Lightroom and finish re-tweaking it if I need. Plus it embeds a JPEG (you pick the size) for other image programs to display.

    I then export the final JPEG images at quality 100 and 300DPI to use for printing. I also export out 500, 800, and 1024 pixel sized images at a lower quality (60-75) to use on web sites, emails, or on my iPad.

    With this workflow, I don’t need to go back to an image editing program when I want to use an image for a particular purpose. Oh and if it is for a client, I have Lightroom create a web gallery of my images that I put on my private web server and then send the link to the client.

    All the images (and web gallery folder) get saved out to separate folders and then I copy them to multiple places (external hard disks, DVDs and or other media).

    Just my two cents and hopes it helps someone.
    George Quiroga.

  4. Scott, signed up for my first photo walk this year in Little Rock, AR… I’m really looking forward to it. do you have any plans of doing any seminars in the mid south area at all? there is nothing and I mean nothing like this anywhere near here. Not even small workshops from working pros in the area. Would really love the opportunity to see your teaching live.

    thanks, I have no idea how you manage all this stuff. Great Work!!

    1. Hi Mike:
      We’ve never done a seminar in Arkansas (at least as far as I know), but I’m bring it up to the guy who does the scheduling and see what he thinks. Could be awesome (plus, I’d get to visit a state I’ve never been to). :)



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