BREAKING NEWS: Grill “Photoshop’s Product Manager” Live!

If you ever wanted some one-on-one time with Adobe’s Principal Product Manager for Photoshop, well…today’s your day. We’re doing a special bonus LIVE episode of ‘The Grid” today and Bryan is our in-studio guest, taking your questions on the air about….well…anything!

Send your questions now (and during the show) via Twitter—just include the hashtag #grillbryan, or you can just post a question here. Hope you’ll join us for a history-making live event, today at 4:00 pm EDT, on “The Grid”

Here’s the link:

  1. Bryan, can we have a way to turn off anti-aliasing for Shapes in PS? When I use the Line Tool to draw a 1px line, I’d like for it to always be 1px instead of sometimes expanding to 2px. #grillbryan

    1. I can answer that, because it’s an easy way to get questions from our audience when they hashtag a tweet. =) Don’t worry though, there will also be a liveblog set up for your questions too. =)

  2. As it relates to performance, we rarely see PS take advantage of more than 4 cores. Granted PS is more reliant on the speed of the memory, but there are still many items that are glacially slow, namely the complex function of Open and Save. Why are these processes still single-threaded and slow? You have buried on the Adobe site, a plug-in that turns off compression in the file to speed things up, but it does not work for 8-bit files. There must be a better way when storage devices are no longer the gating factor.

    Speaking of 8-bit files, our clients would like to move to 16-bit or higher, but the vast majority of functions, namely filters, are still 8-bit-aware-only. Will it require an act of Congress to get the whole app 32-bit aware? When we ask Adobe employees in the past about this, the retort is usually “which functions need more than 8-bit support”. Our retort to their retort “ALL OF THEM”.

    Our clients would also like to see the return of the Contact Sheet II for 64-bit. They used it all of the time and you didn’t upgrade it for 64-bit.

    Lastly, in Bridge, our clients work in a workgroup environment. They need the ability to share Collections.

    As an added bonus, we would also like World Peace.

  3. Photoshop is great, I love it, the guys in the company are fantastic and helpful.

    But no discount in new zealand? They want to charge me $400 more than if I bought it online in the states for USD, for the same thing.

    Something smells here and you know what, it could be the greatest thing since sliced bread but you want to bet what the first thing is I am going to tell someone when we talk about photoshop

  4. Hi Bryan, Scott

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Could we possibly see a developer-friendly CSS layer styles feature in Photoshop? Imagine a layer styles modal specifically designed to offer CSS emulation and ideally provide style (code) output within Photoshop. This would be especially useful for buttons and styles, not positioning etc.

    Have you seen ? This is a lovely online CSS generator, based on a dialogue you’ll be familiar with. An issue with it is that cross-browser compatibility isn’t that strong. I’m sure you guys could figure that stuff out if you brought this approach into Photoshop – you’ve already got great tools for this.

    In perfect world, I’d ask my designers to use the ‘CSS layer styles’ in Photies, so they’d be able to (dare I say it *restricted to*) design within the properties that my front-end devs are able to deploy. The front-end devs could open the PSDs and copy the styles directly, via code – or at least see exactly which properties had been edited.

    As so many web designers use Photoshop, and so many front-end developers by necessity open PSDs to create templates, I find it odd that cross-platform/application compatibility features such as this aren’t ‘higher up the chain’ within Photoshop? It would drastically help developers who arduously translate UI design into workable styles :)

    Hope the grilling goes/went? well. Not quite sure if I’ve missed it as the time difference is a bit awkward to work out over here in New Zealand :) Thought I’d give this a shot anyway. It’s something that’s been bugging me for a while.

    Maybe there’s something I’m missing? Is this just too complex to address in the design stage of web development?


  5. Hi guys.
    I have a technical question. I used the Photoshop action function, but today I need to do something a little stress generated …
    I have to export the same image with 600 different texts. There is a way to bring these texts from a .txt, or have to do it manually?

    TNK A LOT!!!

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