I’ve Got Two Free Tickets To My New “Shoot Like a Pro” Tour

Hi Gang (and happy Tuesday)!

If you’re anywhere near Philadelphia or Chicago and you need to be at my new “Shoot Like a Pro” Tour but for whatever reason, you can’t afford to go, I’ve got two-tickets available for each city.

Just leave me a comment below, which city you want to attend, and I’ll pick two winners in each city tonight (and then I’ll see you there). For more info about my new tour, click here or if instead you want to watch my one minute and 52 second video explanation of what the tour is all about, then click here. 

See you out on the road (of course by that I mean out on tour, not actually standing in the road). ;-)



  1. I would love to go to the Philly location! I live in Richmond VA but will pay for airfare and a hotel. I love your tutorials and would love to learn from you! I’m doing an online mentoring class and it has been so helpful. In person would be even better!

  2. I’m a broke college student who’s taking his first photography course and absolutely loving it. I’d love a chance to learn from the master, so please pick me!

  3. I would love to be able to learn straight from you. I too am a college student who is earning a degree in photography. It wood be a dream come true to be able to go for sure!

  4. Scott – thank you for the offer. I have three lovely kids and a wonderful wife who need to be photographed better than what I can do now…. help?
    Philadelphia would be awesome.

  5. I would love to attend the Philadelphia seminar and I have yet to attend any photo seminars ever. I have your light it, shoot it, retouch it book and videos and would love to attend a live instructional session hosted by you.

  6. The tour sounds like a fantastic time. I have all four of your Digital Photography volumes, and they really are amazing. It’s not like the aurora borealis amazing, I mean your books don’t manifest in the sky like a colorful flame or anything. However they do shake with the powerful secrets they contain within themselves, like Jumanji. Yeah, you’re books are amazing like Jumanji.

  7. Chicago!

    I attended one of your Photoshop workshops way back in ’99. Those brief few hours transformed my skills greatly. I’m looking forward to this opportunity. Thanks!

  8. Chicago would be great. I live about 3 hours away. I think a day of intense photographic therapy / mind meld, is what I need right now. Thanks for the opportunity

  9. Your seminar … might be just what I need! “Shoot Like A Pro”… now that would be awesome! To receive the wild unabated admiration of family and friends as they clamor for my improved PRO level photography. That would be pro-tastic! And unlike anything pro free tickets would be a shot of pro awesomeness. Thanks for your generosity and consideration. Chicago

  10. Scott I would love to learn from you. I belong to a Camera Club that I have learned alot. But it would be so amazing to learn from you. That would be awesome to learn some things that I can give back to others. I would love the Chicago Shoot like a pro Tour. Thank You

  11. I’m looking forward to attending the Chicago seminar, Scott. (Please don’t enter me in this contest. I never thought I’d say that.) Do you recommend that attendees bring our cameras for this specific seminar?

  12. Hi Scott,

    Been reading almost your book tru our library but love to see you and attend your workshop. Just saw your tweet earlier and hoping to get a ticket on Chicago Workshop. Thanks!

    ~ ruel // James 1:17

  13. me! me! me! me! Just finished doing my “Travel photography with Scott” and would love the opportunity to actually do the class live. I’ll travel to Philly.

  14. Scott

    I am a senior itizen trying to keep up with all the technology. Thta is why I joined NAPP. I live near Chicgo and I could benefit from being able to attend your class and gain valuable new skills.

  15. Darn it!! I just got my DSLR as a 30th birthday present today – and as such, found and bought your Digital Photography Book and then found your blog today. Apparently I needed to be born one day earlier so that I would have been able to potentially go to your presentation!

  16. Darn it! I just got my first DSLR for my 30th birthday today – and then started my research on how to use it so I bought your Digital Photography book and found your blog. Apparently I needed to be born a day earlier so I could have asked for free tickets to the Chicago (where I live) show! Have a great presentation, though!

  17. Hi Scott, I’ve been a fan of your books and tutorials for many years and would love to see you in person. I’m outside of Chicago and sadly due to health issues and a lemon of a car that I own, can’t really afford the cost at this time. Even if I’m not choosen, Thanks for the opprotunity and I’ll see ya down the road. Johnny C

  18. Hey Scott, I’m hoping I’m not too late to get in on the free tickets to your Chicago seminar…. Would love to go and would have to take the megabus from Memphis to get there, but will do it in a heartbeat! Only need one ticket if one is still available… Thanks! Donna C.

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