I’ve Never Done an Interview Like This!

When I was in San Francisco a few weeks back teaching during the grand opening of Adobe’s “Photoshop & You” pop-up store (link), I did something I hadn’t done before— an in-depth interview in front of a live studio audience (that surely took the pressure up a big notch).

The interview was for Ibarionex Perello’s “The Candid Frame” podcast (that Ibarionex above right), and I have to say, he asked me some of the most intriguing, thought-provoking questions I’ve ever been asked. I’ve already seen comments where some people are calling it my best interview ever, and if it is, it’s because Ibarionex asked some really compelling questions—ones that really made me reflect and my photography and my career.

He was incredibly engaging and thoughtful in his questions, and it was one of the most enjoyable, and never-wracking interviews I’ve even been in. If you’ve got a chance, I hope you can give it a listen. http://bit.ly/qd2UJO

  1. One thing that makes you a great teacher is that you seek out great teachers and learn from them. I can’t wait to see where your photography goes when you start following Joe McNally’s advice!

    This interview is highly recommended. Great conversation about business, inspiration, passion…lots to think about here.

  2. It was an excellent interview, but so are almost all of the Candid Frame interviews. Great podcast and Ibarionex really prepares for the interviews and asks stimulating questions. The most interesting thing I learned from this one is that Mrs. Kelby is really the one behind the curtain calling the shots. :-) Now I think I understand a little bit better how you are able to accomplish so much, but it still seems like there must be at least two Scott Kelbys writing the books, teaching the classes and taking the photos.

  3. Originally I was going to play this in the background while I trashed e-mail but I found myself riveted on the interview. Now I still have e-mail to trash but I’m grateful I took the time just to listen. And I know I’m going to listen to this interview again!

  4. Hi Scott!

    I really enjoyed this interview – found it really engaging and your answers and dialog were fun and insightful. You’re story telling nature of educating and explaining yourself are truly fun to listen to. Loved the advice, I am “barking up the right tree” and believe it’s in there, I’m just still nailing / working on the tech stuff (mastering the tools).

    And, well, I’ve wanted an iPad for ages but couldn’t afford – now, well I’ll just say, I’m soon going to just have to buy one! ;-)

    Manny’s stuff… -sigh- Why did I look???? ;-)

    Take care!


    ps. Ok, ok. Thanks for turning me/us on to Manny – awesome!

  5. Great interview! I typically can’t sit through a whole audio interview, but I’m certainly glad I held on with this one … there’s some great stuff here! So happy to see you discussing the business side of things in addition to the technical. From a business perspective, it was quite inspiring. I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the creative process, It’s not something I hear you, or anyone for that matter, talk about often enough. :)
    Also pretty excited for the new e-zine!
    Thank you for all that you do to help this industry!

  6. Great interview. Some phenomenal questions were asked. Equally great answers given.

    Here’s something funny I found from a Manny Librodo interview regarding his photography in 2003:

    “My photos are my experiments. I am not a professional photographer (and will never be) but it does not discount the fact that I can be very passionate in this form of art. Photography is much more of an instinct than a drive for me. I didn’t learn it in school but I do admire beautiful pictures as far back as I could remember. I took up this “hobby” quite seriously since November of 2002 when I bought a Nikon Coolpix 4500 MB. From then on, there is no turning back. And the experiments continue…BTW, many people comment that my forte is portraiture. I have a lot of this posted in my Treklens account. These are portraits of people that I know personally and those whom I would like to know.
    Please visit too my PBase Account. I have my pictures grouped there according to themes/places. Here it is:

    I’m Filipino and this guy is definitely an inspiration to me and other photographers worldwide.

    (Mr. Kelby: I’d love for you to comment on Manny’s remarks. Funny how his shooting career has blossomed in the 9 years since the interview I posted.)

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