Join me LIVE right now for my photo talk on my visit this week to Cuba

We are going LIVE right now with my talk on my recent photography visit to Havana, called “Connecting With Cuba.” It’s free and you can join in RIGHT NOW!!! :)

  1. Hi Scott,

    I’ve wanted to go to  Cuba for a long time. Your photos make me want to go even more. I really wish I could have watched this broadcast. Unfortunately, my internet connection is very slow and watching streaming content is next to impossible. You mentioned that you had one major gripe about the Nikon d800 which you used on this trip. It’s a camera I definitely plan on purchasing in the near future. Would it be too much to ask what your complaint about the camera is? I’m also asking anyone out there who watched the broadcast and who wouldn’t mind sharing the information. Thanks.

  2. Please can you broadcast the show again through Photoshop User Tv or The Grid?  I am a NZ fan and just couldn’t get up at 4am on a work morning to watch this.  Going to Cuba to photograph is my dream so to see this would be wonderful.

  3.  Great photographs but I find using Nikon cameras to be difficult as I have been using Canon cameras which – to me – seem much simpler and easier to use.

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