Join Me Tonight For “Connecting With Cuba”, A Free Online Photography Talk

Tonight I’m trying something I’ve never done before — a live online photography talk called “Connecting with Cuba” which is about my recent photo trip to Havana, Cuba (see yesterday’s blog for some shots from my photo book).

It’s free and everyone’s invited to join me live tonight at 6:00 pm ET as I talk about everything from the challenges of shooting in Cuba to my impressions of the Nikon D800 after my first serious shoot with the camera (along with my one major gripe with it).

My friend, photographer RC Concepcion will be interviewing me as part of the presentation, and I’ll be talking about lens selection, travel photography tips, how to get to visit Cuba yourself, the wonderful spirit of the people of Cuba, the music, the food, the images, my Lightroom post processing of the images from the trip and the frustration of being surrounded by such incredible subjects and scenery and not being able to capture it the way you want to (not because of any restrictions other than the limits of my talent). I’ll be taking your questions live on the air as well, so I hope you’ll join the discussion.

Here are the details:

When: Tonight LIVE from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm ET (world time zone converter)
Cost: Absolutely Free

I hope you can join me for, “Connecting with Cuba” tonight (and I hope you’ll help me spread the word as well). Many thanks and we’ll see you esta noche.

  1. Scott, hope you archive that, our photo club is meeting. I got some flack yesterday about my Cuba comment. Just to clarify to the reader that responded to my comment, when I talk about a country it is from a photographic view, not political. I have many friends who fled Cuba and the socialist regime. I still believe its a beautiful place to photograph, very nostalgic. I hope one day the country can be free and the people prosper from tourism!

    1. If this is an appology, I do not think it is necesary.

      I understand that there are a lot of strong feelings about Cuba, but I do not think that your comment should have been taken as it was by some. As I said this is not a site to give your political opinions. This is a site to celebrate great photography, where ever it may have been taken. I just hope that people don’t hijack the discussion tonight.

      1. I had the opportunity to photograph some missions work there about a year and a half ago. We made it to Havana for 1/2 a day. It is a photographer’s city for sure! I am looking forward to the interview!

      2. Thanks, I view a country as its people and place, not its government, we have problems with that even here. I know there are beautiful people/places even in the most dastardly ruled countries.

      3. There were 27 well deserved comments posted prior to mine a couple of days ago. A serious point raised by me was not out of order considering the nature of the subject. And we certainly don’t need to be lectured to by Ryan. 

  2. Scott.

    Would like to hear your impressions just wondering if you will be rebroadcasting or posting this chat for viewing later? Thanks!

  3. What a coincidence! I just returned from Cuba – my family immigrated from
    Cuba back in the late 60s and my parents never returned. I was born here
    in the US and had never met my only aunt and 2 cousins (& their
    children) so I finally made it over there a few weeks ago and stayed
    with them for a week. I am currently editing my photos and have half of them up on Flickr: found myself taking out my DSLR much less and instead using my Canon S95 point & shoot (which shoots in RAW) to stand out less, especially since I was walking around with my family and not with a tourist group. I am still happy with the results though.

  4. Do you guys plan ahead farther than one day? It’s often difficult to arrange to attend the many events you offer with one or two days notice.

  5. Hi Scott,

    I don’t know if I will be able to make tonight’s live-discussion, but if you care to address my questions either on the blog or tonight, I am interested in learning about any challenges you may have encountered while photographing in Cuba.  Did you have any concerns? Were there any incidents? And how did you prepare for this trip as far as security, or theft prevention?

  6. Great webcast Scott!!!  Thanks for sharing.  The images were GREAT.  But will you post the recipe for the psuedo-HDR you use in LR4 please???  Thanks!!

  7. Jim Jones, it is legal to go to Cuba on a cultural tour.  Try one. Scott explains this on the show if you watch the whole thing.  All of Havana is available for your close inspection. 

  8. I am so glad you have experienced Havana, Cuba, it is photographer’s paradise!!!! As I have been to Cuba many times and fell in love with the culture, people, and its history. Some of my best friends are Cubans. It made me look at life differently, as you can have
    little but still be happy. Money can’t buy happiness, Cubans embrace music and have love and affection. As for politics it’s a shame that US is stuck in all times with the embargo, time to move on even thought US supports Communist China and other middle east nations. Not fair politics!

  9. Would have loved to be on your call Scott, but had unavoidable plans.  Will there be a tape of the discussion?   Enjoyed being on the trip with you and can’t wait to see your pictures.

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