Hi Gang: Here’s just a quick collection of stuff I thought you find interesting (well, I thought they were interesting, anyway):

(1) I wish I had thought of this
I saw this (below) over on Digital Photography School and this is way cool! I love the portrait and I like how the photographer (Rey Vladyc Mangouta) got there even more (that behind-the-scenes shot is awesome!). Here’s the link to the article at DPS.

(2) Matt Hernandez is crushin’ it with his portrait series of McDonald’s All-Americans
You can see more of Matt’s series (and his other work) at this link. Super-diggin’ his work.

(3) “Around the World in 360° — I love how this photographer is living his life!
I know I’m not the first to share this video (below), but if you’ve already seen it, you probably want to watch it again — really fun and inspiring. Wish I had the guts to do what he’s doing when I was his age. Talk about “going for it!”

(4) Another “Matt” is making some awesome landscapes!
My buddy Matt Kloskowski was in Portland last week (just a few days before I got there for my seminar) and he took quite an amazing hike, which including hiking down a stream in a wet suite in freezing neck-deep water and traversing a huge Beaver dam to get the shot you see below (my favorite from shoot), but make sure you see his whole story and his other images. Very cool stuff (here’s the link). Also, congrats to Matt — this image on 500px.com make it up to the #1 spot the same day he posted it!

(5) This is a really fascinating Time Lapse called “India within – Mumbai & Bangalore”
I’m not really big on Time Lapse stuff, but when you see a really good one, they’re really good! Well done to photographer Pierre Ogeron (saw this originally on CBSnews.com).

Well, there ya go — just some cool stuff I ran across this weekend. Hope you enjoyed it, and here’s wishing you a better than average Monday. :)



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  1. In regards to 1), it is an excellent shot that turned out very well but I just wanted to point out that it is basically just a recreation of the attached shot by Joey Lawrence which he taught during this Creative Live course: http://www.creativelive.com/courses/commercial-portraiture-joeyl


  2. Awesome, now I’m on my way to follow my son on the Mt Mitchell bike run. They will ride 102 milies, 11,000 vertical feet in climbing to Mt Mitchell. About 2000 bicyclists will compete!

  3. Scott, you didn’t go out and get a wet suit to try and recreate Matt’s picture? A missed opportunity! :-)

    I had a great day shooting at the RI Air show yesterday (but I’d rather not talk about the long line to leave). The Blue Angels were awesome, and I think I shot about 1000 pictures altogether. I can’t wait to go through them!


  4. Hey Scott, some great stuff there! Where is your shot of the waterfall that you were at, at the shoot you were at last week.

  5. Awesome stuff. FYI, the beaver dam is actually a 50 foot log jam where the gorge opens up closer to the road. I have been in there when it is lower (check high water in parts) and it is no small feat to get back there to the falls. Kudos to Matt for going all the way!

  6. Scott , share your view on timelaps .. but some a really creating a mood & feeling for the place. As I know that you love Paris, attached is what a “normal / non pro guys ” has done .. he is all over the press here in Europe . Start with number IV from attached , order the croissant & enjoy :-)


  7. Here’s Joey L.’s original post where he explained the shots that Rey used as inspiration.

  8. Scott, as a stills photographer, how would you use one of these Go Pro cameras?

  9. Great work by Matt Hernandez. Nice find!

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