Ken Got His Guitar (and The Springs of Hope Orphanage got $2,500)


Ken Toney, regular commenter here on the blog, won the raffle we did for the “Photoshop Guys Signature Guitar” and he sent me the shot above of the guitar, in its display case, hanging on the wall of his office (which is pretty sweet, by the way). Click on the photo for a larger view.

The raffle raised nearly $2,500 for the Springs of Hope Orphanage, and then we raised another $1,300+ from the off camera flash t-shirts (which are still available, in four stunning styles by the way), right here.

Also, we raised an additional $1,000 through this blog’s affiliate program with Think Tank Photo, (makers of the most awesome camera bags I’ve ever used) so if you’re thinking of buying any Think Tank gear (over $50), use this link and: (1) You’ll get a cool freebie from Think Tank (see below), and (2) 100% of the affiliate fee goes directly to the orphanage.

Here are the free Think Tank Goodies you get to choose from:

  • Cable Management 20 ($19.95) Link
  • Modular Pouch ($19.95)  Link
  • Pixel Pocket Rocket ($16.50) Link
  • Security Tag ($25.00)  Link

Anyway, all totally cool stuff, for a really important cause.

Thanks to Ken for sharing the photo, and thanks to you all for helping to support the great kids from the Spring of Hope Kenya Orphanage.

  1. Guess I’ll have to organize my office – Ken sets a high standard for “neat”. But, I went to the Cafe Press site and bought a t-shirt. Now I can go out and shoot some more images and forget the office clean-up! Right?

  2. Hey Ken,
    Congrats on having a spot on Scott’s blog with an awesome shot of your office. It is nice to see someone like yourself who can afford to spend some of his/her income to help others AND get rewarded with a one-of-a-kind object to show off to others. That must be very humbling for you. I know I would be humbled.
    See ya,

    1. Thanks Mike. My office was actually a mess and I did a quick straighten up for the photo. It was just about 10 years ago that I just had my camera bag in my closet and that was the way it was since I started shooting (about 1970). This is the office I made when we built our house in 1996 and it’s getting too small now. I’m REALLY proud of my new addition!

  3. Way to go Ken! Congratulations on the Guitar! It looks impressive on the wall! By the way, really cool office! I have a ways to go to match that! Well done!

    Scott, thanks for sharing your blog to support the orphanage! You are the man!


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