Hey gang—just a quickie: We taped an episode of Photoshop User TV on the Expo Floor at Photoshop World, and the episode was sponsored by MPIX.com and we had Joe Dellesega from MPIX.com on as a guest, and we asked him (made him) give our viewers a special deal on the air.

You get 15% off of ALL prints using the promo code they gave live on the show, but the deal ends Wednesday at midnight CST.

You can watch the episode here (On the show how I use MPIX.com—I upload an image, and go through the whole process live), or you can cheat and just use the promo code he put out there, which is Promo Code PSW15.

Ask anybody who has used MPIX—and they’ll tell you—-they absolutely rock! (I was saying this to anyone who would listen way before they ever sponsored the show).

Anyway, here’s the link to MPIX, to the new PSUTV Episode (which includes a quick look around the show floor), and some cool giveaways and stuff. Now, go get some prints!

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