Hi gang: it’s 1:56 am, and I’m in my hotel room after shooting the Miami Dolphins vs. Chicago Bears NFL Football game down in Miami tonight (big, big win for the Bears—they’re now 7-3, and I believe they’re 1/2 game up in their division—sweet!), and I’ve got to leave for the airport in….oh rats! 4 hours. :(

So, I’m hitting the sack right this minute. Although I’ll share some shots from the game next week, this was a record breaking shoot for me, because I broke my all time record of shots taken of the ground, my feet, other people’s feet, the turf, and stupid stuff like that when my 2nd camera body hits my leg as I’m running up and down the sidelines between plays, and it hits the shutter button (as seen above).

I’m proud to say, I have well over 100 shots like the ones you see above. Maybe even 200. A very proud moment indeed. ;-)

Besides the Bears game shots, I’ll share some images from a gig I shot last weekend—the Foster Grant 2010 Ironman World Championships triathalon. Lots of fun, and some truly amazing athletes.

That’s it from Miami. Hope everybody has a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday. :)

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