Live From San Francisco, It’s “Short Blog-Post Monday”

Hi Gang, and greetings from sunny San Francisco! We arrived yesterday afternoon,; Matt grabbed a rental car and we headed down to Monterey to shoot along the coast at Big Sur.

The sunset was kind of sketchy — for a while it looked like it might be good (as seen above), but then this fog kind of rolled in off shore (they call it “marine layer”) and once the sun tucked behind it, it was not to be seen again. Still a lot of fun just shooting along the chilly, windy Garrapata State beach at Big Sur (shown above).

Today is set-up day for tomorrow’s launch of the “Google+ Photographers Conference” here at the Yerba Buena Center, but the conference kicks off later this afternoon with Photo Walks all over the city (I’m leading the one at Golden Gate State Park), and then we all meet-up at a gallery tomorrow night for a wine and cheese reception where we’ll be showcasing the work of some of our attendees, which will be on display in the gallery.

Lots of last minute details to get done, and it’ll be a busy day here. Hope I’ll be seeing you at my Photo Walk today, or at the keynote tomorrow, or in one of my four sessions (four sessions? Yikes!).

Hope you all have a great Monday!

  1. Dude – have fun. Make this conference the success it deserves to be and make it global !! Wish I could be there, amazing city, lived my time there a few years ago, to be there with you lot would be the icing on the cake !! Will be watching live ;0)

  2. If you feel a shake run East. :) I would love to visit there, I lived in Santa Barbara, can’t understand why we didn’t drive up there.

  3. Hey Scott, the gallery event is tonight, no? I’m bummed to miss it, but the good news is that I’ll be at Jeremy Cowart’s LifeFinder event today. Then joining you guys tomorrow and Wed, gonna be fun. Thanks for making it happen!!

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